MI Headphones

Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company, founded in 2010 by Lei Jun, took the lion’s share of the Indian electronic consumables market. Though they are popularly known for building quality smartphones, their headphones also have high quality and stylish look.

Almost all products from Xiaomi comes with the powerful specifications yet affordable to the large group of population. The same rule applies to the Xiaomi headphones; they are priced to fit the Indian market while keeping the value for money.

Xiaomi has a wide range of headphones to its arsenal, ranging from wired essential in-ear headphones to the super stylish, wireless, Bluetooth enabled “Redmi Airdots.” So, no matter which kind of headphones you are looking for, Xiaomi will provide you the right type of headphones.

Before you purchase the headphones and regret it, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right buy.

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Features of MI headphones

Stylish look

Xiaomi products always come with elegant design; the Xiaomi headphones are not an exception to this rule. These headphones are designed to keep the wow factor intact while keeping them durable and affordable.

Almost all MI headphones have an aluminum body which is often anodized for a sleek finish and has an elegant touch,

Quality built

There is one thing that is popular among the users of MI is that Xiaomi provides high-quality products and provides value for money with its quality built products.

MI headphones are crafted using the possibly best material like aluminum, military-grade fiber, and soft cushions for the oncer-ear headphones.

Sound quality

MI headphones have super extra bass and flaunt the powerful 10 to 40 mm responsive drivers that do not let the user to compromised on the amazing sound quality that it serves.

With 20 – 20000 Hz frequency response range and good impedance, and wide audio range together makes the sound pop and lets the users enjoy the variety of music.


MI headphones are built considering the utmost comfort for users. Mi in-ear headphones come in three sizes XS/S/L, which allow the user to wear that fits great for him/her. Also, they are made using quality silicon, which makes them soft and easy to wear for a long time.

The earpiece is crafted so precisely that the metal part of earbuds do not come in contact with skin as well as it seals off the ear canal to enhance the sound experience by creating passive noise cancellation.

The over-ear or on-ear headphones have soft cushioning pads that cover the ear and cut off the noise while not hampering the ear comfort. All in all, you can wear Mi headphones comfortably for a longer period as compared to other major headphones in the market.

Battery life

Mi headphones have an epic battery life that can run up to 20 hrs, which means users can listen to approximately 300 songs in a single charge. That’s a very good battery life to have any headphones.

Other features

Mi headphones come with other features like passive and active noise cancellation, tangle-free wires for in-ear headphones, anti-slip design, in-built mic, and one-touch play button.


Overall, Xiaomi headphones are very reasonably priced products that come with quality sound and great design.