Sennheiser Momentum Free In-Ear Wireless Earphone Review

Sennheiser electronic is a German privately-held audio company. Sennheiser is one of the best companies that produces headphones, speakers, microphones, aviation headphones, etc.

Sennheiser Momentum Free headphone is a very lightweight and comfortable one to wear. You’ll hardly feel you’re wearing anything at all.

The multi-function controls on the headphones let you do things handsfree, and it comes with ear pads. Also, you get to listen to the ultimate Sennheiser Signature sound.



The earpads on these Sennheiser headphones are very soft. You can listen to music for 2-3 hours long, and it won’t hurt or irritate your ear at all. If you’re into music big time, then this is the right purchase for you.

Knot Control

The Sennheiser Neckband headphone has a knot control. With this knot, you can choose the wire size of the earphones that are attached to the neckband. You can now select how much wire you need.

Multi-Function Controls

The control buttons are multifunctional in this headphone. The buttons give a premium touch. They are strategically placed and easily functional. You can use volume up or down, change the track, and even take calls.


There is a built-in microphone in this Sennheiser headphones. It is of excellent quality. It has high sensitivity and is perfect for you to have the ultimate experience. It transmits the audio properly to the person you’re talking to

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What Do We like

Signature Sennheiser Sound

The audio output of Sennheiser Signature Sound is of High Definition and pretty loud and clear. No difference in audio quality even if you’re listening at high volume. No distorted sounds at all. It will allow you to feel an enriched experience that you haven’t experienced before.

Cutting Edge Technology

This headset comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology, which is pretty advanced. It also has AAC codec support and Qualcomm aptX support. When these two combine, they deliver authentic hi-fi sound. This technology also helps the audio-video sync while playing online videos.

Ear Pads

This headphone comes with four different sizes of ear pads for your perfect fit. They are very comfortable and of great quality. For every person out there, we have the perfect size of your ears so that you can keep listening without any discomfort.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Cancellation

There is no Noise cancellation on this headphone (Passive and Isolation both). The silicon cone tries to isolate the music but not enough. Bit messy while talking and listening to music in a crowded place.

Battery Life

 The battery life of this headphone is only 6 hours. It also takes about an hour and forty minutes to charge fully. This is a very low time for a wireless headphone. You don’t wanna charge your headset every once in a while.


This headphone from Sennheiser is good. But there are some conditions that you have to keep in mind. No music in crowded places and not much battery life. If you’re satisfied with these two conditions, then you might consider this. Because the rest of the features are cutting edge tech.

Sound and bass quality is absolutely amazing; the ear pads are very comforting. Think it through before buying.

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Komal Pandey

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