Boat Headphones

Boat, a relatively new brand, started in 2016 in India, and it deals exclusively with consumer electronics.

Though they began with a wide range of products like headphones, earphones, premium cables, and chargers, as per the information provided on their website, lately, they got the traction in the audio electronics section.

The boAt headphones are primarily aimed towards the millennials, which is a primary reason they are fashionable, affordable, and durable. Boat understands the requirement of its target audience perfectly, which reflects in their community portal, which reached more than a million within two years.

The boat makes almost everything when it comes to headphones. From the cabled earphones to the wireless, Bluetooth enabled over-headphone, they have everything that a millennial can ask for!

The price of boat headphones ranges from a few hundred to several thousand rupees making the brand a perfect fit for every user as per their pockets.

The boat headphones are a perfect combination of styles, affordability, sturdiness, and, most importantly, excellent sound quality.

Before you purchase the headphones and regret it, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right buy.

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Features of boAt Headphones

Stylish design

The stylish design is a benchmark for every boAt product. Every headphone is crafted with great care and loaded with precise style using the polished metals that ensure longevity. Their ‘Hawk’ inspired earphones are a perfect example of the creativity of boat.

Comfortable fit

All boat headphones are designed to provide optimum comfort to the users. They snuggle with ear perfectly, and the earcups of on-ear headphones provide flexible wearing. Also, they are as light as 150g and can go up to the 200g as per the headphone model.

Built quality

Overall, the built quality of Boat headphones are good, and like many other brands, they use the polished metal and plush foam to build comfortable headphones. Flat cables are tangle-free, and the color stays long enough.

Sound quality

The boat headphones come with the best in class sound quality and are known for and extra bass.

The earphones usually come with a 10mm driver and 16-ohm resistance that enhance the audio quality, and most of the headphones have either passive or active noise cancellation.

Battery Backup

The boat comes with an average 8 hrs battery backup for playback while 100 hrs of stand by a backup. It Includes Li-polymer battery for most headphones and is rechargeable and can be recharged using micro USB charging. The battery charges fast and has enough standby time.

Aux wire compatible

Many of the boAt wireless and wired headphones are compatible with aux wire port so that users can enjoy the music even though there is poor connectivity

Other features

Like other headphone brands, boAt too comes with an in-built mic and an integrated control system. Depend on the headphone you are using, the drivers range from 10mm to 40mm to enhance the quality of sound.


Overall, boAt has put forward several quality headphones that win the market with the storm, making it a fast-growing consumer electronic dealing company.