Sony MDR-XB950B1/B Over Ear Wireless Headphone Review

Listen to your favorite songs anytime, anywhere with the Sony XB950B1  headset. It has a longer battery life and a lightweight design. Also, you cannot miss the sound quality and extra bass that it offers. You need not worry about the connectivity issues as it will connect in a fraction of seconds. The added controls with a mic give easy access to play pause and answer calls without touching the phone.


Lightweight design

The device is light in weight and features an attractive design. Unlike other products, it won’t cause you discomfort after some time of usage.

Excellent battery life

The product has an extended battery life of 18 hours in regular use. This means it won’t need to be charged repeatedely.

Exceptional connectivity

The device is easily paired with other devices and has a stronger connectivity network. Hence, you do not need to wait for the product to connect as it will connect within seconds.

Added controls with mic

The device has control options on it- play, pause, and call handling, which makes your task even easier. You do not need to touch your phone every time you have to adjust volume or answer calls.


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What Do We like

Wireless device

The product is wireless, which means it has Bluetooth connectivity. You can go around anywhere in the house without skipping your favorite part of the lyrics.

High battery performance

The product has a battery life of 18 hours, which means it does not need any charging. Hence, it can be used for a more extended period.

Sound clarity

The company is trusted for the kind of sound quality it adds to its products. The product also has an extra bass feature, which helps you to zone out from the rest of the surroundings and listen to your favorite songs.

High-frequency response

The product’ s frequency ranges from 3 Hz to 2800 Hz, which means that the device does not lose its connectivity.

What We Don’t Like

Takes too long to be fully charged

The device runs on a battery. Hence, the battery takes a lot of time before it is completely charged. So you have to ensure that the product is charged completely.


Except for the longer charging time, the product is excellent and attractive to the eye. The long-lasting battery enables you to carry it for unplanned road trips or long journeys. The sound quality is also good, and the added controls with mic will make your work easier as you do not have to touch your device every time. It is light-weight and does not cause discomfort after a certain period of time. Hence, it makes it worth buying.

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Aarohi Rodi

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