Sony WFSP700N/P Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Sony Corporation is a multinational company. Its various business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services. It is a trusted brand and has been innovating products for the past many years.

Sony wireless Bluetooth in ear headphones is the world’s first truly noise cancellation headphones along with splash-proof design. It comes with cushioned fit sweat resistance wireless earbuds. It is your ideal partner in either in crowds for the all-natural sounding experience.

Bluetooth connection

It comes with Bluetooth technology which lets you experience wireless headphones fun. No more need to plug in wires to get hold of your favorite music.

Digital noise cancellation

It is the world’s truly first headphones that effectively comes with noise cancellation technology. It minimizes the distractions offered by surrounding and lets you enjoy the complete beats.

Ambient sound modes

It keeps you in the moment while you are moving. It amplifies the surrounding sounds, thus allows you to talk to your buddy even while listening to music.

Secure fit

The earbuds adjust itself according to the ear, also the silicon support makes sure they stay in place. Hence even if you run or workout, your headphones will not move hence save you from adjusting it every time.

Splash and sweat proof

It comes with IPX4 ratings, which means you enjoy the music without having to remove sweat from time to time.

Hands-free calling

It lets you make your call with just one click on the headphone.

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What Do We like

No more distractions from surrounding

The noise cancellation technology of these headphones saves us from surrounding noises and helps us to focus on the musical beats, especially while working out, you can concentrate on without the outdoor distractions.

Voice assistant

You have your personal assistant that can make a call, set a reminder, just by your verbal instructions. Thus, when in hurry you simply command to perform tasks, and it is done.

No more tangled wires

It is a wireless headphone, thus it saves your time from de-tangling those wire just to listen to your music. All you have to do is connect it to your Bluetooth and you are all set to go.

Splash and sweat proof

IPX4 technology enables it to be sweat and splash-proof. Thus, now you don’t have to worry about the sweat behind your ears while work-outs.

What We Don’t Like

Low battery life

Using fully charged headphones lasts only about 3 hours, which is too less. You have to charge it frequently in order to use it. Also, it’s battery life decreases over time.

Uses only left earbuds for voice calls

The right earbuds remain inactive while voice calls, which does not give a balanced call experience.


Sony wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones is a nice blend of technology. It comes with noise cancellation, secure fit, voice assistant, on the other hand, it has poor battery life and it quite expensive. It is not affordable for the large mass.

If you are looking solely for something which lets you enjoy the full beat of your music, it is true for you. But, if you need something just for music, then there are other products which are quite affordable.

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Ambareen Azam

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