Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphone Review

Sony is a leading company that manufactures electronic products, telecommunications equipment, films, video games. The company owns the largest music entertainment business in the world.

Sony XB950B1 headphones have a 40mm driver unit to provide the best audio experience ever. It consists of the built-in mic which makes it easy to take calls while enjoying music.

The headphones have a very classic look. This headphone is wireless and can be connected via Bluetooth with NFC one-touch pairing. Through headphones connect app you can adjust levels of bass and set the perfect sound.


High-Quality Bass

This headphone contains an extra bass feature which suggests that the user can feel more than just a beat. The extra bass facility increases the all low-end frequencies for deep power on every track.


This headphone provides a wireless facility. The user can directly connect the headphone with Bluetooth and enjoy the music without facing the problem of the tangling of wires.


The headphone has long-lasting battery life. It provides 18 hrs of non-stop entertainment so that you never feel bored.

Headphone Connect App

Through the Sony Headphones Connect App, you can set the perfect sound for every music. It lets you adjust the levels of bass and gives you preset for outdoor, arena, hall or club-style sound.

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What Do We like

Easily Fitted

The headphones are very easily fitted. They are very comfortable. The earpads provide greater comfort to the user. The headphones are best for the user who is fond of music.

Perfect Sound Quality

The headphones have the perfect sound quality as it consists of the 40mm driver unit which provides a clear sound. The user can enjoy the sound of the music with perfect beats. The headphones bring life to the music.

Choice of Colours

Three color options, black, red or blue are available to best suit your style.

Audio Cord

It also comes with an audio cord that allows the user having a phone without Bluetooth to listen through this audio cord.

In-Built Mic

This headphone has a built-in mic so that you can take calls effortlessly while enjoying music.

What We Don’t Like

Poor Noise Cancellation

This headphone does not have good noise cancellation.  


The Sony earphones have the perfect design and the classic look. The headphones are very comfortable. The earpads are oval in shape and can easily fit on the ears.

The headphone isproved to have high-quality bass as it has Extra Bass technology. The headphones are wireless and very long-lasting. The user can enjoy their music for at least 18 hours without facing any interruption.

Bass levels and perfect sound can be adjusted easily through the Sony headphones connect app. It also comes with an audio cord to listen through the wire.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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