Sony MDR-1000X Wireless Digital Headphones Review

Sony presents MDR-1000X, which never misses a beat headphone with smart assistance. This wireless Headphones with Hi-Res audio, so that you can focus on music in its purest form without any distraction. The product comes with compatibility to all tracks from compact disk to high-resolution audio. Ambient, noise – cancellation and immersive sound help to get dive into the music.

It has a driver unit of the 40mm so that you can get bass-boosted sound. It also has a 3.5mm jack cable with a supplied carrying pouch so that you can hump it for traveling. The supplied in-flight adapter will help you to listen to clear crystal music in a chaotic and noisy situation especially like trains. It has a tracking sensor for volume control, switches track and accepts or rejects the call.


Quick listen mode

The product has a function to turn down the music, call sound, and ringtone so that you can listen ambient sound easily such as train announcements, etc. it is designed to give personalized and important information to the user so that you can get it while listening music.

DSEE technology

This feature is to enhance the quality of a sound, as the most track that we use to listen is of compact disk digital audio which losses its quality as we compressed it in a smaller size. This feature will help you upscales your existing sound source to near high-resolution sound quality

Sensors and battery life

he product is lace with a touch sensor which will help control volume and change audio tracks when needed. You can easily activate various functions with simple touch such as quick listen mode, etc. the product has a battery life of 20 hours so that you can enjoy non-stop music.

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What Do We like

Hi-Res Audio compatibility

The various headphone available lacks this feature as it requires special skill. All high quality such as FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, and DSD are being supported by the headphone so that you can enjoy music as composed by the musician. This makes the customer feel the music by expanding its range and frequency.

Noise cancellation controller

The product is made in a way which will help to switch between various noise cancellation option according to the environment. Noise cancellation differs based on the outer noise so this device will help you to adjust it accordingly. The optimizer will help to let you choose among some pre-design set of choices

What We Don’t Like

Poor sound quality & not durable

The built of the headphones is not that great can be damaged easily.


Sony MDR-1000X has various characteristics such as Quick listen mode, DSEE technology, and Sensors and battery life make it a good choice for the customer looking for quality and innovative products. It has various advantages such as Hi-Res Audio compatibility and Noise cancellation controller so you can enjoy your musical journey

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