Headphones Under INR 10,000

Buying the best headphones under rs 10,000 seems a luxury for many users as most of the users in India opt for the non-branded, and cheaper headphones.

But in recent years, the Indian headphone market has seen a considerable shift in the mindset of users, and there is a promising demand for high-end, well optimized, branded headphones.

No wonder many companies are launching high-end headphones in India to keep up with the increasing demand of the market. Headphones above 5000 typically come with several quality features like superior bass, powerful drives, and ample loudness.

Many brands offer good quality headphones under 10000 like Sony, JBL, Skullcandy, etc. Before you spend money on buying any headphones and regret it, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right buy.

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Who needs these headphones

As these headphones fall under the mid-range price, those who are on the hunt for better quality, good sound, and fairly priced headphones then these headphones are what you need to consider.

These headphones have good sound quality, better noise cancellation, better comfort than that of low-price-range headphones. 

Thus, these are a good pick for artists, sound engineers, casual music listeners, and travelers who love to buy on the budget.

What to Expect

For those who love high-end headphones but also want to save some money, then buying headphones under 10,000 rs can be a good fit.

The headphones above 5000 rs usually have the following features 

Great Built 

You can expect these headphones to come with a quality built and elegant design. Most of the headphones under 10,000 have metal compounds and made with durable plastic.


Comfort plays a significant role while choosing headphones. In this price range, you should be assured that most products come with a comfortable design that doesn’t burn your ear even after prolonged use.

 Better sound quality 

Usually, these headphones have better sound quality, but if you are looking for top-notch quality, then either go for wired headphones, or you might need to increase your budget.

These headphones are suitable for casual listening, and if you go for cans, then they are useful for studio monitoring.

All type of headphones 

This price range covers a variety of headphone types. 

Whether you are looking for wired, wireless, cans, over-ear, or on-ear headphones, with the budget above the 5000 rs, you can almost buy any types of headphones.

Noise cancellation 

Several brands in this range provide superior noise cancellation, which helps the user to concentrate on the music rather than getting distracted by the ambient environmental noise.

Battery life 

Headphones in this range tend to have better battery life ranging from a few hours to 30 hours. For example, JBL live 650BTNC headphones, which falls just under 10000rs has a battery life of 30 hours.


Like most of the other electronic products, headphones also come with warranty assurance from the seller. Though the warranty period varies from brand to brand, most of them provide approximately 1-year warranty.

Headphones like Ultrasone performance 820 comes with the whopping five years warranty.

Smart features 

This range of headphones comes with wired and wireless options and can synchronize with smart devices. They have microphones and speakers which allow users to use voice commands to communicate with smart home devices like Alexa, Siri, etc.

Though in this price range, we couldn’t find the headphone that can track the fitness stats of the users, some high-end headphones have the capability to works as a fitness tracker.

FeaturesUnder 5000Under 10,000
Noise CancellationGoodBetter than that of under 5000
Built qualityGood quality. Mostly earphone and has a metallic bodyMade with durable material and has sturdy quality.
Sound qualityBalanced soundGreat bass & Incredible sound
FormsEarphones have better quality than headphones in the categoryThis category has an incredible quality of headphones


Overall, with the budget under 10000 rs, you can buy a durable, sturdy headphone with an elegant design that can have the incredible sound quality and better bass experience.

Though with this price range, you can’t buy high-end headphones, they can be an excellent choice for those who love to have better quality headphones yet are tight on budget.