Bajaj Cooktops

Bajaj Electricals is a globally known and trusted company which deals with a range of products that include consumer products. The company has branches in 20 different parts of India and 500 customer care centers.

The company aims at continuously exploring and developing products using new technology and ideas, ensuring that the customer gets a modern product.

Bajaj offers a wide variety of high-quality induction cooktops at an affordable price range. Before you invest in one, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right purchase.

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Bajaj Electrical and Gas Cooktops

A cooking appliance is one of the most essential items in the kitchen. The appliance should not only offer you the most essential service, which is cooking but should also enhance the look of your kitchen since it is the focal point. Bajaj cooktops give you everything that you are looking for in a cooktop and have these features.


Bajaj offers cooktops with between 2 to 4 burners ensuring that you can make from 2 up to 4 meals at the same time helping you save on time.

Glass Tops

The cooktops have not only toughened glass tops but also designer ones. Your kitchen will be transformed instantly when you purchase cooktops by Bajaj.

Drip Trays

Nobody wants to scrub and clean off heavily greased and messy cooktops after a long day of work and an even longer one in the kitchen. The cooktops have stainless steel drip trays that make it easier to clean up after use.

The cooktops also have taller legs to enable you to clean underneath easily.

The body

The body of a cooktop will tell you if your appliance will last longer. Bajaj cooktops are made of stainless-steel body ensuring there are durability and ease cleaning, which makes your cooktop look new for longer. 

The Top

It is useless to have a four-burner gas and not be able to use all of them at the same time due to the size of your pots. Bajaj’s cooktops have an extra-wide top which enables you to use all the burners regardless of the size of your cooking vessels.  

Other unique features include

  • Aluminum Die-cast mixing to give you safety and longer-lasting cooktop.
  • 360-degree central swivel nozzle.
  • High-temperature resistant coated.
  • The knobs are easy to turn to enable you to reduce or increase the flame while cooking.
  • Centralized flame for even distribution of heat into the cookware, thereby ensuring food is cooked faster and evenly.

The USP of Bajaj

One of the core values of Bajaj is “to proactively anticipate internal and external customer needs and relentlessly work towards exceeding their expectations”.

It is, therefore, safe to say that Bajaj uses research and connects with the consumer before introducing a new product in the market. Therefore, all its products are built to fulfill a need which is the USP of Bajaj.

Once the needs are fulfilled, with hundreds of outlets available to handle customer needs, you are assured of personalized service, which is a unique selling point of Bajaj.


Bajaj has affordable cooktops that are readily available. The cooktops come in many sizes and colors, ensuring you get the right product that will meet your needs and friendly pocket.

Choose Bajaj, and you will be assured of getting free customer care services even at home by just dialing a number.

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