Cooktops under INR 10000

When it comes to upgrading your kitchen not only your need to change the entire design and utensils but also it involves changing and upgrading the cooktops as well.

If you have kept a good budget for your cooktop like under INR 10000, you can certainly find endless choices in the market. Most of the brands will claim to offer the best to you but understanding the best one is still a challenge for the buyers. This includes a range of features that need to be checked prior to choosing one. 

So to help you in making the right choice, today we will find out some of the most common features that you will find in these cooktops. Therefore, let us have a look at some of the basic features of the cooktops available under INR 10000.

Many brands like Cello, Inalsa, Prestige, Sunflame, etc. offer high-quality burner gas stoves under this range. Before you invest in one, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right purchase.

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Features you can expect in cooktops under INR 10000

Stunning and a compact design

One of the very first things that we need these days is a compact design. A design with is compact and looks stunning can easily be adjusted in any kitchen type irrespective of its looks.

Since we run out of space, compact design is something that can be a great inclusion. Hence most of the cooktops available are designed in a compact manner along with has an elegant design to complement the kitchen décor.

3 And 4 burners

This is the highest number of burners that you can find in a cooktop and can be a great choice for families with foodies. The best part is, not only at this range you will get 4 burners, but also you can choose to go for lesser if you want.

But the 4 burners ensure fast cooking if you have the ability to multitask.

Ergonomic Knob design

The ignition is done when you turn the known and hence there is always a need for smooth functioning of the knob. The amazing design of the knob along with smooth finish not only ensures easy control of the flame.

The knobs are designed in a manner that it can be functioned using two fingers as well.

Brass Burners

These burners are made with brass material just to make sure that it can easily take the heat produced by the burners. Besides, being resistant to corrosion, it ensures long-lasting.

The holes in the burners have a proper design which ensures proper distribution of the heat.

Proper pan support

The cooktops are being designed with

proper pan support that can easily hold the Indian utensils without the stress of falling off. Also, it ensures uniform heating of the food and thereby ensures a great taste.

For the electric Induction

Touch control

At this range, you can get the electric cooktops that can be controlled with a touch. These cannot only be accessed easily but these look outstanding in general.

All the controls are present on top of the electric cooktops and hence you can easily manage them while cooking.


These cooktops are being designed with features like a timer that ensures auto-stop features. Once you switch the timer on, you can easily do other work while the cooktop takes care of the cooking.

Temperature control

The buttons and touch present in these electric cooktops can be controlled very easily. Just by touching, you can increase and decrease the temperature so that you are able to prepare your dish.

Other safety features

Other than these, there are several other features included in these electric cooktops which include the LED light, magnetic bottom, and others to ensure cooking as you want.


At this price point, you can avail any type of cooktops as the market has a huge range of choices open for you, but above mentioned are some of the most common features that you can find in these cooktops. Therefore make sure you check the features prior to buying so that you can enjoy your investment.

Now you can also have a look at the collection we have as we stock some of the known brands of cooktops offered at the most affordable price. Consider checking with us and getting the best one from your investment.