Sunflame Gas Stoves

Sunflame Enterprises is an Indian company that has been in operation for over three decades. It is renowned for providing high-quality kitchen home appliances aimed at giving you a hassle-free life.

The kitchen appliances are equipped with the latest technology enabling you to enjoy meal preparations. If you are looking for modern kitchen appliances that will brighten your kitchen, then Sunflame is your company of choice.

The company’s product range includes cooktops, chimneys, cookware, pressure cookers, and other small appliances like toasters making it your number one choice in kitchen appliances.

Sunflame offers a wide variety of high-quality induction cooktops like 4-burner, 2-burner, and 3-burner. Before you invest in one, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right purchase.

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Sunflame Electric and Gas Cooktops

Sunflame cooktops are equipped with the latest technology that will make you look forward to meal preparations. Some of the specifications that are unique to Sunflame cooktops include:


Life has become very fast, and therefore you want to spend as little time as possible preparing a meal. Sunflame cooktops are designed to ensure you save time. If you need to place multiple pans and pots at the same time, it is possible with Sunflame cooktops.

The euro-coated pan supports are designed to carry heavy dishes easily. The layout is also spacious ensuring that you are not only getting a sleek and stylish cooktop but also a functional one.


Being an Indian company and having been in business for several decades, Sunflame has solutions for the Indian cooking style. The brass banners allow you to cook for longer hours at high temperatures.

The burners are also stain-resistant, making it a perfect choice for your kitchen.

Glass Top

The cooktops have toughened shatter-proof glass tops and are made of a material that imparts a lot of strength, which prevents small damages. All these make your cooktop last longer.

Drip Trays

Cleaning up a messy cooktop after several hours of cooking is not an enjoyable task. A good cooktop should ensure you can clean up easily.

Sunflame cooktops have stainless steel drip trays, which make it easier to clean. Any spillage from the food is contained in the stainless drip trays. Once you are done with cooking, you will simply lift the trays and clean them like you would any other pan.

Pan Support

The cooktops are infused with a powder coating technology making sure you enjoy cooking with a pan that does not keep moving. The coating also enables the cooktop to last longer.


The control knobs on a cooktop are sometimes ignored, but it is an important feature that Sunflame has taken seriously. The knobs are stylish and sleek with a stainless-steel finish that allows you to adjust the flames easily.

This ensures you can easily make a meal using the exact flame that you want. 

The USP of Sunflame

Sunflame uses the highest form of technology and innovation, with the end result being high quality and high-performance kitchen appliances that make your life easier. 

The USP of Sunflame is in ensuring it leaves nothing to chance, including the smallest details in its products. The company also gives you a variety of products to choose from, ensuring you do not miss out on anything. 

The company has dealers and service centers in many places across India, which ensures you have enough support in case of any queries.


Sunflame cooktops will upgrade your kitchen and give it a modern look. 

With lots of varieties to choose from, you will find a cooktop that will fit your budget and specifications.

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