Cooktops under INR 2000

When it comes to having a fantastic kitchen the first thing you need is the latest and reliable cooktop. From the range of cooktops offered by different brands at different price ranges, some of the most common are to opt for cooktops at the least price.

Therefore, rather than checking out the prey cooktops in the market today, we will have a look at the most reasonably priced cooktops which are under INR 2000  currently available in the market.

Fortunately, You will find a huge range of gas stoves under this range available in the market. If you are thinking that the features might not suffice you then let us have a look at the features that you can find in the cooktops available in the market under INR 2000.

Many brands like Cello, Inalsa, Prestige, Sunflame, etc. offer high-quality burner gas stoves under this range. Before you invest in one, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right purchase.

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Features to expect in the cooktops under Rs 2000

Menu Option

These cooktops are integrated with features that ensure easy cooking of the Indian dishes. The Indian menu included in the cooktops helps you to cook some of the highly authentic Indian menus like idli, dosa, chapatti, and much more just by touching a button. The heat functioning is automatically maintained for the preparations and served in the best manner.

Pause Functioning

Most of the cooktops available at this range have been integrated with the pause and timer functioning which adds to the convenience of the chef or the person who is cooking.

The machine can be switched off on a temporary basis just to make sure you are able to do whatever you were doing along with resume the cooking on the same temperature once again.

Power Saving Technology

Most of the people feel that since these are the electric cooktops, this might take half of the bills. But the reality is, they are a lot different. These cooktops are included with a power-saving technology that has the ability to save a lot of power.

Therefore when you are talking about power consumption, then you can stay assured that it can reduce power consumption to a huge extent. These are being designed in a manner that the cooktops can adjust the power depending on the vessel size.

Proper Cooling System

We all know that machines need to maintain the cool otherwise it can lose their efficiency. The aerodynamic cooling system present in the cooktops ensures maintaining the cool of the cooktops and ensures keeping the engine operated at the optimum condition to get the best performance and stay durable in the course of time.

Even the fan works after the program have been switched off just to make sure that the appliance cools easily.

Very Intelligent

The cooktops offer great control. The integration of intelligent technology in the system ensures adjusting the power along with the temperature as per the foods and preparation.

The machine starts switching off automatically without the need for paying attention every time.

Auto Switch off 

The best part about these appliances is that not only they are designed to offer the maximum output to the people, but they also it has been designed to offer maximum security to people.

Therefore when the cooktops go to the higher temperature like many of us do this accidentally leading to a hazard can be easily taken care of by the induction itself. It can switch off on its own when it detects unbelievably high temperatures.


So, these are some of the features that you can easily find in the cooktops available under INR 2000. Even when these sound to be very affordable the tons of features integrated into it ensures offering the best cooking output. So whatever you want to cook, these cooktops can easily do that for you.

Most of the brands offer amazing cooktops available at this range that are integrated with tons of features. These features are designed to keep cooking safety. Now you can also have a look at our assortment and make your selection. We have some of the amazing appliances at this price structure.