Elica Cooktops

Elica is an Indian company that has been in operation since 2010 and has a manufacturing unit in Pune, Maharashtra.

The operation is a state-of-the-art plant that is well equipped with all the necessary equipment to manufacture high-quality products that will revolutionize and modernize your home.

The company imports the materials from Italy and enjoys a lot of technical assistance from Italy as well, which ensures the products are well researched. 

The manufacturing plant can produce over 50 versions of kitchen appliances, including cooktops. Elica offers a wide variety of high-quality induction cooktops like 4-burner, 2-burner, and 3-burner. Before you invest in one, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right purchase.

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Elica Electric and gas cooktops

If you are a simple and stylish person who does not like complicated kitchen appliances, then Elica is your kind of company. At Elica you are assured of design, simplicity, and technology giving your kitchen that tasteful look.

The cooktops are available in both stainless steel and glass finish.

What are the specifications of Elica Cooktops?


You will be surprised how important the design of a cooktop is once you purchase one by Elica company. The cooktops’ burners are placed in an arc shape design which allows you to safely lift and stow your pots and pans easily. This is a very unique feature by Elica.


The cooktops have toughened glass tops and are made of stainless steel material. These two combinations blend well with your other kitchen appliances giving your kitchen a modern look. The toughened glass will also give your cooktops a long life.


The trays are easy to clean. You need not worry about the messy oil and grease that you will leave on the trays after cooking. The cooktops have a double drip tray, and you only need to lift the trays, (which are removable) clean them and put them back.


The burners are of high quality, giving a consistent flame. With these kinds of burners, you are assured of safety while cooking and saving time.

The knobs

Elica is all about style. The knobs are stylish and simple to use, ensuring you operate your cooktop smoothly, and you add class to your kitchen. 


Elica has not left anything to chance. The cooktops have stainless steel plates giving your appliance sturdiness, durability, and reliability. You can be sure with Elica; you will not be shopping for a cooktop soon.


The finishing standards of the cooktops are of high quality with Euro Coated Grid. This euro coated support not only gives your cooktop a durable finish but also protects the pan from chipping off when you are cooking keeping you safe in the kitchen.

The USP of Elica

Unlike many other companies that sell kitchen appliances, Elica prides itself on having a manufacturing unit in India.

It is therefore correct to say that Elica knows the Indian market and can make products that fulfill the exact need of the consumer, which is a USP of Erica. 

Sometimes there is a style in simplicity which explains why Elica products are stylish. The company prides itself on having cooktops that are functional, simple but stylish, ensuring you fulfill your cooking needs and modernize your kitchen, which is a unique selling point. 


If you are looking for style coupled with simplicity, buy Elica.  Choose from the range of cooktops available, and you will find one that meets your needs and budget.