Bajaj Popular Ultra Induction Cooker Review

Bajaj company manufactures a lot of high-quality kitchen products and electrical appliances. It has one of the best and most economical production lines in the market. Bajaj Popular Ultra Induction Cooker is a minimalistic cooktop with a durable and long-lasting body. This stove has seven pre-defined cooking menus and options. It is quite easy to use, and it can be carried away easily because of its minimalistic design.

7-Pre-set Menus

There are seven pre-set modes installed in this stove for ease of cooking. These are the pre-defined settings for cooker, soup, water, rice, milk, curry, idli, and deep fry cooking. The users don’t have to input the temperature controls every time manually.

Sleek Design

The design of this stove is elegant and minimalistic. It has a semi-polished crystal glass durable body. It can be operated conveniently with heavyweight cooking pans as well.

Tact-Switch Controls

The press control system integrated into this stove is only of its kind. It offers an easier and simplistic control experience. The cooking modes and temperatures can be easily controlled without any difficulty.

LED Display

This stove has an LED display integrated with it. It allows users to monitor the controls on display. It brings ease in functioning and operation because the users can see what the current mode of cooking is being used on the screen.

Wide Pan Surface Area

The top surface of the induction cooker has a wide area. It allows cooking food in large-sized pans quite easily.

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What Do We like

Lightweight and Compact Size

It has a very minimalistic and compact shape. The weight of this cooktop is negligible as compared to the rest of the stoves. It can be carried to any place for the portable cooking experience because it occupies minimum space.

Easy to use

There are no difficult features and controls in this stove. Any new user can easily use it. The control panel and touch bar system are user-friendly as well.

Minimal Maintenance

Since it has a very sleek and minimalistic design, it requires minimum cleaning and maintenance as well.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Bajaj Popular Ultra Induction Cooker comes with a beautiful design. It has a one-year warranty which is provided by the manufacturer. It is a power-saving machine because it consumes merely 1400 watts of power. The pre-defined cooking modes allow users to cook food more quickly.

They don’t have to input the temperature requirements manually. It is just a one button press cooking experience. This stove has a durable and long-lasting body that can withstand heavy cooking pans quite easily.


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