Four Burner Gas Stoves

 When it comes to cooking, we cannot think about anything else other than making use of the gas stoves. There is a range of options available in the market from which you can choose as per your needs and budget.

Even when this is one of the rare choices made by the people, four-burner gas stoves available in the market is considered as one of the rarest choices made by the people. These gas stoves are made in a range of designs that make it a great choice for the people.  

Most of the gas stoves with four burners come with the drip trays along with made in a spill-proof design so that you are able to clean easily and maintain the hygiene.

However, there is always a need for knowing the features of the four burners prior to choosing them. Therefore, if you are buying for the first time and are perplexed deciding the features of these burners, then this can be helpful for you.

Many brands like Bajaj, Inalsa, Prestige, Sunflame, etc. offer high-quality four-burner gas stoves. Before you invest in one, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right purchase.

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Features to expect from a four-burner gas stove

Different Ignition Type

Most of the four-burner gas stoves are included with different types of ignition type. This again becomes helpful for the users as it offers choices to the people. Depending on your usage, you can choose a type.

Generally, the auto-ignition is not chosen by the owners of the home because not everyone is comfortable. These are the types that do not include any lighter for lighting it.

Manual ignition is the type of ignition that is found in most of the Indian homes. This is connected with the cylinder and requires a lighter after turning the knob to light it.

Even when Auto-ignition is a lot safer, most families prefer manual ignition for their homes.

Drip trays

These types of gas stoves come with the drip trays that are present to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the place. Since while we are cooking, the chances are much higher to get the oil or veggies drip out of the utensils, and the presence of the drip trays ensures keeping the kitchen countertop clean by picking the fall overs.

These trays can be cleaned very easily thereby preventing bugs. Being fixed they are present just to maintain the hygiene of the place. Since it is a place where your food is prepared, cleanliness is of utmost importance.

Moreover making use of the stainless steel material ensures its tidiness.

Proper spacing

When you are choosing four-burner gas stoves, you need to be very precise about the spacing of the gas stoves. You can easily choose any type of gas stoves like oval, rectangular, or square, but it all depends on the space. If you are always into making food for a huge family, you are likely to make use of large utensils, which means more spacing is required.

Generally, these stoves are designed to keep the spacing perfect however if you think space is not enough make sure you check in detail. All you need is to make sure that it does not look congested.

Sturdy body

There is always a need for making the gas stove sturdy just to make sure that it is able to take the large-sized and high weighted utensils. Most of the gas stoves are made with stainless steel just to make sure that it gets the ability to take the weight and not damage with water.

As most of the material tends to react with water and start getting rust, which stainless steel will not and therefore can be a great choice for people.

These are made keeping in mind about the longevity and therefore they are designed making use of the sturdy material.

Brass burner

Burners are a necessity for any gas stoves and it is also a need for making them long-lasting. They need to take the ignition for extended hours. Brass is said to be the best material for a burner as these materials have the ability to take extended hours of ignition.

Besides, these materials are highly durable and long-lasting. It offers the right amount of flames required for cooking and does not have any damage to the quality of the materials. A good quality burner will never lose its originality irrespective of the times it has been used.


So these are some of the most common qualities or you can say features found in the gas stoves. Even when the market has endless choices on the type of stoves, gas stoves are still ruling the market.

They can be easily turned on and due to the regulator present, it ensures uniform cooking by keeping the taste just the way you want. Most of the known brands offer these types of gas ovens that offer extended hours of work just to make sure that you get the best from their products.

You can now also have a look at our assortment to purchase your chosen product. We offer some of the best quality products at the most reasonable price in the market. So just get a hold of it and start looking with the need for changing every year.