Eveready Cooktops

Eveready has been in existence for over 100 years. The company started its operations in India by importing dry cell batteries and distributing them in the major cities. 

To save time and maximize on the logistics of importing, the company started its manufacturing facilities and is now able to distribute its products in the entire country.

Eveready offers a wide variety of high-quality induction cooktops like 4-burner, 2-burner, and 3-burner. Before you invest in one, make sure to consider the important points that will help you make the right purchase.

Eveready TGC 2B Glass Top Gas Stove Review

Eveready TGC 2B Glass Top Gas Stove Review

Evergreen is a company that excels in manufacturing high-quality products. Its production line includes kitchen stoves, water purifiers, irons, juicers, ...

Eveready has diversified over the years from manufacturing dry cell batteries to other products. Some of the products include

Breakfast preparation – toasters and sandwich makers

Cooking – Induction cookers, Gas Stoves, Roti makers

Food Preparation – Mixers, grinders, choppers

Brewing – Electric Kettles

Water heaters


Air purifiers

Eveready Gas and Electric Cooktops

Eveready has a variety of gas stoves from 2 burners up to 4 burners. The cooktops are made of high-quality material to ensure the company keeps its standards of manufacturing quality products. Some of the specifications you will find in the cooktops include:

Glass top

Eveready cooktops are made of toughened glass top which is highly durable. The glass top is rust-resistant giving your kitchen an elegant look. If you are looking for a cooktop that will last long, you will not go wrong with Eveready.


Are you looking for a cooktop that has highly efficient burners? Eveready cooktops come with heavy-duty brass burners that are highly efficient and consume less gas.

Pan Support

The pan supports are powder coated to give the cooktop sturdy finish standards, a consistent and reliable performance. The powder coating also ensures the pan does not chip off. Your cooktop will, therefore, serve you for a more extended period.

Gas Inlet

If you are concerned about the size of your kitchen and wondering where you will place your gas cylinder then worry no more since Eveready has you sorted.

The cooktop has a 360 degrees swivel type gas inlet that allows you to place your cylinder wherever you want in your kitchen hence enjoying a lot of conveniences. 


Being able to adjust the flame while cooking easily should be very easy to avoid the burning of food. Eveready cooktops have knobs that are not only easily adjustable but are also ergonomically designed to give you comfort and security.


Cleaning a messy cooking top after use is very taxing. You, therefore, need a cooktop that will make your work easier. Eveready cooktops have a spill-proof design enabling you to clean up quickly and faster. The cooktops also have a stainless-steel drip tray where all the spills gather and overflow, ensuring there is a high level of cleanliness in the kitchen at all times.

The USP of Eveready

Eveready is a household name in India. The company has been in operation for over 100 years and is known for manufacturing highly efficient products.

This has made the company very reliable and dependable. The Unique Selling Point of Eveready is in its longevity in the market and dependability. 

The company is known for penetrating existing markets and creating new customers through products that are of high quality. This has made the brand to gain trust and respect from consumers.


Eveready cooktops are versatile and exquisite. Whether you are looking for a two-burner or a four-burner, you are assured of a good quality product. Choose one from the range of choices available, and you will enhance your kitchen while you enjoy cooking.