Bajaj Vacco Electric Coil Hot Plate Review

Bajaj Vacco company offers a wide range of versatile kitchen products. It has the most excellent quality and minimalistic kitchen stoves in its collection. It also excels in manufacturing durable electrical appliances.

Bajaj Vacco Electric Coil Hot Plate is a 1250-watt hot plate stove which offers a variety of cooking experiences. This stove has been designed in a very compact size.

Heavy-Duty Steel Body

The body of this stove has been manufactured using heavy-duty steel. It is rustproof and provides longevity to the stove.

Shock Proof

It has been designed using advanced technology. It can withstand shocks easily. Its durability and performance remain undisturbed by shocks.

Rotary regulator switch

The control switch of this stove is designed in a rotary regulator shape. It rotates at three steps and can be turned on or off easily. This regulator is long-lasting and durable as well.

Multiple cooking Options

It can be used for a variety of cooking options. It supports any tawa pot, frying pan, or metal vessel for cooking. The users can enjoy the diverse cooking experience with this stove.

Powder Coated Design

The main body of the stove is powder-coated. It provides resistance against corrosion and increases the longevity of the stove

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What Do We like

Less Power Consumption

It consumes minimal power and generates maximum output. It is energy efficient and can facilitate a speedy cooking experience.

ISI Certified

It has been certified with an ISI mark on it. It shows that this stove meets all of the safety requirements and standards.

Durable Connecting Lead and Plug

The connecting lead and plug of this stove are durable and long-lasting. They remain unaffected by the heat of the stove, and their insulation provides a user-friendly experience as well.

Compatible with Clay cookware.

Although the grill of this stove supports metallic pans and griddles, it can be used for clay cookware as well. It provides a varied and diverse cooking experience.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Bajaj Vacco Electric Coil Hot Plate is one of the best cooking stoves in a very compact and minimalistic design. It offers longevity and durability. It supports a variety of cooking experiences. The users can enjoy cooking food on grills, pans, and even in clay cookware as well. It has a rustproof body, and the connecting lead is long-lasting. It comes with a one-year off-site warranty.

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