Durafit Solid 2.0 HP Reviews

Here we provide the detailed review of the Durafit Solid 2.0 HP Motorized Treadmill.

Exercising has an immense impact on our body. As we all know that when we keep exercising, the blood circulation in our body, the muscle toning, our bone weight, and everything starts working properly. But even when we understand the advantages of daily exercise, can we actually train our body every single day? Mostly, the answer is No! 

As we have a tight schedule, we cannot find time to go out and run or exercise as we want or even go to the gym. This, as a result, has increased the number of people who had to visit doctors on a frequent basis.

In order to make sure that you maintain proper health and exercise every single day, you definitely need to make some additional effort. Treadmills are obviously an apt choice for fitness lovers who want to lead a fit life with a healthy body.

There are different choices available for you in the market that has the capability to help you attain a proper healthy life. Durafit Solid is a new addition in the market that has been provided with some of the amazing features. One of the biggest advantages of this new machine is that it has been equipped with a sturdy 2.0HP which can go up to a peak of 4.0HP. This means even if you want to opt for the intense training, this treadmill will be able to do take that intensity without any wear and tear.

Having such a great ability to work, this treadmill can become a great choice for all the home users. With 120kgs of max user weight, you can buy this machine and stay assured that everyone will be able to take this workout.

There are many other features that have actually been integrated into the treadmill. There is no doubt that a treadmill is known for its features and with some of the amazing features integrated into this machine, this new Durafit Solid treadmill has become an apt choice.

Product Specifications

With end number of product features available in this machine, the new Durafit Solid has become a great inclusion in the family. You can definitely take this amazing robust treadmill for your use, but primarily you need to take the product features into account.

2.0HP Motor:

The treadmill has been designed with a strong motor of 2.0HP that can easily take even the intense exercises with ease. Moreover, in order to make sure that the treadmill will be able to easily take up the pro level exercises and high-speed running, the motor can level up to a power of 4.0HP, which is huge. This makes it a sturdy and robust machine for exercising.

50 x 19 Inches Running Area:

With a running surface of 50 x 19 inches, this treadmill has become a great inclusion for the home users. Usually, such a wider and longer running surface cannot be observed, but this treadmill has been provided with a broader surface. Since we tend to put longer strides while running, having a great running surface is a need.

1.8mm Belt Thickness:

In order to make the belt long-lasting, the thickness has been provided with 1.8mm. This thickness makes sure that even when you are an intense trainee; the treadmill will not face any wear or tear overtimes.

Friction Coating for making it Anti Slip:

The treadmill has been provided with proper friction coating. Since while running, in case you forget to wear a good shoe, it might result in slipping and damage. But for additional security, this belt has been given a friction coating. Hence even when you are wearing a normal shoe without the high-end friction, you can stay assured that you will not lose your control.

120Kgs of Max User Weight:

The treadmill has been integrated with a robust motor that has the ability to take a weight of 120kgs. This is an absolutely amazing weight capacity as it ensures to become a family treadmill. However, make sure you keep 25kgs as a buffer when you are doing intense running.

Great LCD Display:

With a wide LCD display, this treadmill offers users’ to get a complete view of speed, time, pulse rate, calories, and distance covered. Moreover, you don’t have to pause the exercise to read the information present on the screen. Such a big screen is an added benefit for the people.

48 Preset Programs:

With an outstanding range of preset programs integrated into the treadmill of 48 preset programs, this treadmill has set its own benchmark in the market. Here 24 programs are for the incline trainees and other 24 for people who are running without any incline.

1.0 – 16km/h Speed Range:

People who are training themselves for serious phases need to make sure that the treadmill that you are buying has a good range of speed. With 1.0 to 16km/h which is just huge, this treadmill ensures working out at the top speed. This treadmill has been provided with such amazing speed range is worth appreciating.

Hydraulic Folding:

Since people mostly live in a compact apartment, they mostly need a treadmill that can be folded. Keeping this in mind, the treadmill has been designed in a way that it can be easily folded. Presence of hydraulic folding ensures that one can easily fold this machine into half while storage thereby requires less storage space.


The treadmill is not only designed with some of the top features but also needs no installation after arrival. The reason is that 95% of the machine comes pre-installed, the rest can easily be done by anyone by following the manual. Also, it eliminates the need for expert installation.

Portable Treadmill:

As we have mentioned earlier, that people have limited space and therefore we cannot keep the treadmill to one point as it will eat the space from the living rooms. Unless you have a fixed room for keeping the fitness machine or exercising, portability is a must. This is why the treadmill is designed with wheels which make it easier to move from one place to another.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

Motor2.0HP and 4.0HP (Peak)
Running Surface50 x 19 Inches
Run Belt Thickness1.8mm
Max User Weight120kgs
DisplayWide LCD
Display ConsoleDistance, Calories, time, Speed, Pulse rate and preset programs
Preset Programs48 (24 for incline and 24 for non-incline)
Friction CoatingNo
Speed 1.0 – 16km/h
Shock AbsorptionGel Cushion ad Dura Spring Technology
Warrantythree years for motor and lifetime for frame
FoldableYes, Vertical hydraulic folding
PortableYes, with wheels
Installation95% of the machine comes pre-assembled and the rest can be done within 30 minutes
Emergency StopYes
Handrails ControlsYes

What Do We like

  • Great Quality: We just loved the built quality of this machine. The new machine might not seem strong from the picture, but once we started riding on it on the top of our speed, we were simply amazed to find its ability to stay constant in its position. No wobbling no trembling, it was like the constant one.
  • Do not take time to install: Like the other high-end treadmills that usually come with some of the high-end features takes huge time to install. We were simply surprised to find how the treadmill can easily be assembled into a complete one within half an hour. It took us time to unbox the machine because of great packaging and hardly a few minutes to assemble, which is quite justified.
  • A huge number of program options: Simply the best part of this treadmill is the number of preset programs. With 48 preset programs equally divided for incline workout and non-incline workout, users can now easily choose their programs. You will be surprised to find so many programs that you can opt for. A whole world of challenges.
  • Superb Shock Absorption System: The shock absorption system of this treadmill is worth appreciating. Even when you run at the top speeds, its shock absorption mechanism has been designed in a way that it is able to take the shock and keep your feet relaxed and comfortable.
  • Emergency stop: This treadmill has a great functional emergency stop. Since these high-end treadmills run at high speed, an emergency stop is mandatory. Even when the treadmill immediately stops, it’s designed in an extraordinary way that it does not stop all-of-a-sudden. It stops instantly but in a smooth pace to make sure you don’t fall off the surface.

What We Don’t Like

We can make sure that just like us you will also not be able to find one single drawback of this machine. We could not find any, and hopefully, other users will also be extremely very happy to have a treadmill like Durafit Solid for exercising at home.

Final Verdict:

With so many features available in this treadmill, the Durafit Solid can become an ideal inclusion for the home users. Whether it is the speed of this machine or it is the broader deck surface, this treadmill has actually got a huge demand in the market. Moreover, being portable and having the ability to fold, it becomes ideal for all the home users. This is one machine that can become a great choice for the families.

So, if you are looking for a robust machine that can be able to take your intense exercises, this Durafit Solid can be ideal equipment.


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