Sricam SP019 CCTV Indoor Security Camera Review

Sricam manufactures mainly security exams, IP cameras. infrared camera for residence and business areas. Sricam SP019 is a 2MP wireless full high definition CCTV camera that has nothing but features only.

This SP020 indoor security camera is a pocket-friendly product from Sricam. It has motion detection, 1080p HD video recording, night vision, two-way audio and can rotate the camera as well. Let’s take a deep look at the product to know more about it.

1080p HD recording

Sricam is providing true 1080p HD recording in this device. The 1/4? CMOS sensors can capture crystal clear images as well as video recording. The 2MP camera will not disappoint you whether it is daytime or night time.


A 1080p camera records high definition videos and captures a bigger size of images. This device does not come with any built-in memory or any micro sd card is not provided with it, but it can support up to 128gb of micro sd cards. An hour of high definition video recording along with some pictures will take about 600-700 MB of space. So if you are using a 128gb micro sd card then always back it up every 15 days before it becomes full.

Easy installation

This CCTV installation is very easy. They are user-friendly to use, easy to install, and can be operated remotely as well.

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What Do We like

Two-way audio transmission

The speakers that are built-in the CCTV camera work both ways. Suppose if you install the camera into two different rooms then you will be able to hear the voices from the other room and using the same speaker you can also communicate with them as well. It is very easy and convenient to use.

Live view

If you have a pet we know you love him/her very much. This is a great way to keep an eye on your pet when you are not home. Using your smartphone you can connect it with your CCTV camera to control it remotely and also you can keep an eye by watching the live feed from the camera on your smartphone.

Audio quality

Most of the CCTV cameras are designed just to record the video and capture images. This CCTV from Sricam is engineered to capture the audio as well. Not only it captures the audio but also the seamless audio transmission helps you in communicating. The noise cancellation feature removes any background noise, focusing on your voice only.

Push notifications

The CCTV camera has an automatic motion detector like any other security cameras. When and if it detects any kind of motion, it will immediately send you an email along with the captured image to let you know what’s happening. This feature will come handy at times.

Freely rotate or zoom

This indoor security CCTV camera will let you control it fully. It can be tilted about 355 degrees horizontally and around 90 degrees vertically which is more than enough for indoor purposes. Also, you can zoom in from your smartphone if you want to see something from a closer distance.

Night vision mode

This CCTV camera has 11 infrared LED’s, which is more than many premium security cameras. In the morning they don’t have any function, but at night time using this night vision mode this device can capture a picture in total darkness up to 30 feet of distance. The image will be crystal clear and will be visible for you to understand.

Motion detector

This device has the motion sensor hardware built-in. It will detect any kind of movements around the house and capture an image immediately. Then with its push notification settings, it will send you an email along with the taken picture.

What We Don’t Like

High speed internet

Most of the CCTV from Sricam requires high-speed internet. If you do not have access to high-speed internet connection then we are sorry to say this but this is not your product to go for. It will not function properly without a stable and high-speed connection.


Sricam is one of those companies that makes products that have lots of features but at a reasonable price so everyone can afford it. Like this CCTV security indoor camera has it all, starting from 1080p recording to two-way audio transmission, night vision mode can be rotated, installation is easy and has a motion detector as well. This is worth buying and good value for money.

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Koushik Mondal

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