Sricam Waterproof Security Camera CCTV Review

Sricam is a leading manufacturer of security exams, IP cameras. infrared camera, gun-type camera for residence and business areas. This waterproof outdoor security camera comes with features that one may need.

It is a 1080p HD recording device, with the automatic motion detection system, night vision works perfectly in it, water and dustproof as well and micro sd card is supported. Let’s know more about all of the features and cons to know more about the product.


1080p HD recording

The CCTV camera is equipped with 1/4? CMOS sensor and it is a 2MP HD 1080p video recording camera. This captures crystal clear images both in daylight and night time. Also, it will record videos flawlessly and save them to the micro sd card.


A waterproof CCTV camera means you can install it outside of the house and be free even in rainy seasons. This device is IP66 rated water and dustproof so no matter you install this inside of your home or outside of your home, it would perform flawlessly throughout all the seasons.


Storage is the most essential thing when it comes to security cameras. They record everything 24/7. That requires a lot of space. Since this camera does not come with any of their memory, Sricam made sure to build them in a way that they will support micro sd cards of up to 128gb which is more than enough space. Even with 1080p recording for 24/7 and image capturing, it will wake at least 15-18 days to become the memory card full.

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What Do We like

Motion sensor

The advanced technology of motion sensing is built-in this device. If there is any kind of movement in or outside of the house which is unusual, it will detect the motion and send you an email immediately along with the image that this device took while it detected the activity. No matter wherever you are, you’ll be aware of the situation.

Night vision

The night vision mode of this CCTV camera is something you can rely on. The infrared LED helps to brighten the video that it records in total darkness. This device can capture images or record videos that will be visible in total darkness at a distance of up to 50 feet. This is an insanely good feature and is very useful if you are using it for outdoor purposes.

Remote connectivity

We live in the era of technology, where you can control your air conditioner and tv with your mobile phone instead of the remote. This CCTV has also the feature to be controlled remotely once connected to a stable internet connection. You have to install the “SRICAM” app on your android or iPhone and then go through the quick setup. Once you’re done doing that, you can watch the live feed and control the CCTV camera from anywhere in the world.

Tilting or panning

No CCTV camera can record the full area without tilting its face. This 1080p CCTV camera tilts horizontally as well as vertically to cover the whole area and record everything. It can tilt about 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically so you don’t miss out on any viewing angle.

What We Don’t Like


CCTV cameras below this price range have to offer audio recording and some even offer two-way audio transmission whereas this device does not have any of them. Recording without your videos might not be something you are looking for, so make sure to keep this point in your mind before you buy this.


Sricam manufactures great products with lots of features at a very low price range. Some products though not have all the features people may want. The audio feature is one of the most important features for a CCTV camera as well as the motion tracking hardware. The rest of the features like 1080p recording or the device being waterproof is undoubtedly good at this price range. If the cons are something you did not need anyways then this is a very good choice for you. GO for it undoubtedly and you won’t regret the purchase.

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Koushik Mondal

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