iBall CCTV 1080P 2.0MP IR Resolution Digital Camera Review

iBall is an Indian consumer electronics company headquarters in Mumbai. iBall mainly imports computer peripherals, smartphones, tablets, routers, and cameras. The iBall CCTV measuring 19.8*10.8*10.2 centimeter comes with a resolution of 1080 p. It has night vision and motion detection feature that ensures complete surveillance, even at night.

ADH Technology

The CCTV camera is equipped with ADH technology. ADH stands for Analog High Definition technology, which helps in capturing real-time photos and videos. This technology also helps in achieving the images in HD print.

Infrared Lens

The camera includes an infrared lens, which ensures that it can easily capture high-quality images at night. It can easily capture images up to a range of 30 meters.

30 LEDs

This security camera consists of 30 LEDs, which helps in capturing high-quality pictures and videos at night. The LEDs enable the camera to capture clear images, focusing on minute details.


It has the resolution of the 2.0 megapixel(1080p), which means it can record clear video with high quality.

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What Do We like

Video System

The camera is equipped with the feature of video recording. It can easily record videos of the motion taking place during day and night. The video is recorded in high-resolution so that all the little things can be easily viewed.

Water Resistant

This camera is water-resistant with an IP66 rating. Hence, it can capture pictures, even when it is heavily raining. It will remain busy in capturing the videos and images when the weather is not ideal.

Motion Detection

It consists of motion detection technology, which helps in capturing all types of motion occurring in the range of the camera. It alerts the user through a notification on his or her phone in case of movement.

No WiFi Needed

The CCTV camera does not need any wifi connection for its operation, which means it can work with the help of cables. So, there is no problem with connectivity.

What We Don’t Like

No Wide Angle

The camera does not have a wide-angle view for recording o a wider area for more security.


The camera is designed perfectly, making it easy to install in houses, companies, etc. It can easily rotate horizontally and vertically for extensive coverage of the area. With its video-recording feature, it is capable of recording high-quality videos throughout the day and night.

The water-resistant technology ensures that the camera can capture images and videos when its raining. The camera also consists of an infrared lens, which ensures that the image can be easily captured at night up to the range of 30 meters.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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