Panasonic Lumix Digital Micro Camera Review

Panasonic company needs no introduction when it comes to manufacturing high-quality and durable products in the market. This company has been outperforming its competitors from all over the world through its innovative products. Panasonic Lumix Digital Micro comes in a stylish and elegant design. It has a 12.1 Megapixels resolution, which brings clarity during shooting distant objects.


MOS Sensor

There is a 12.1 MP Resolution Live MOS sensor installed in this camera. This sensor ensures that more information from the object in the form of light reaches the camera so it can capture the perfect image of the object.

LCD Display

The 3-inch, 460,000-dot LCD display installed in this camera brings versatile nature in it. This LCD helps to record the objects with clarity as it offers a detailed focus of the object during shooting.

Interchangeable Lens

This camera is compatible with micro four third small lenses. These lenses can be interchanged according to the requirement of the shooting. It helps users to apply suitable cameras according to the surrounding conditions for better shooting results.

Built-In Flash

There is a built-in flash on this camera. This helps to capture clear and realistic images in the low-light area. It also provides clarity for the photos in nighttime shooting mode. This flash doesn’t over-brighten the object and keeps reasonable clarity in its image.

Manual Focus

The touchscreen feature of the camera helps in manual focus facility. It allows users to locate the portion of the object with dark light so that more focus points are used to balance the brightness of the image.

High-Definition Video Recording

The videos recorded by this camera are of high-definitions. It helps with the capture frame with 1920 x 1080 pixels. The quality and clarity of the videos don’t get disturbed during fast operation as well.

Preset Features

There are eight preset My Color Modes installed in this camera. This feature helps users by offering convenience. It facilitates users, and they don’t have to change the settings manually over and over again.

Optical Zoom

The optical zoom feature of this camera helps to provide a clear picture of distant objects. It magnifies the information coming from the object and gives a clear image of the object without any blurry effects.

Minimum Shutter Speed

The minimum shutter speed of this camera is 1/4000 seconds. This speed helps to capture the realistic objects at quite a fast pace. It brings precision in the shooting experience by enhancing its efficiency.

Minimal Weight

The weight of this camera is merely 367 grams. It is a lightweight camera, that is why it can be carried away easily during traveling. It can also be adjusted into any sort of small handbag or purse.

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What Do We like

Compact Shape

The compact shape of this camera ensures convenience during shooting. The easy-grip exterior offers firm control of the camera. It has a unique and attractive design, as well.

Venus Engine Processor

There is a Venus Engine full High Definition Image processor installed in this camera. This processor helps to process the information incoming from the object in order to deliver the best possible results in the form of pictures.

Dust Reduction System

This camera has been designed using innovative technology. This technology helps to avoid any damage to the interior of the camera by the dust. The outer dust cannot reach the inner parts of the camera.

Stereo Sound

This camera is capable of recording stereo quality sound during video shooting. It even records the minor details of the audio files as well. There are no noise effects in its stereo sound quality recording system.

Expanded ISO Range

The expanded ISO range of this camera falls in the category of precision and accuracy. This range starts from 100 and ends at 6400. It helps to gather details of the objects in such a manner that clarity of the still images remains evident in the end results.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Panasonic Lumix Digital Micro, 4 Thirds Camera, comes with an elegant and sleek design. This camera offers unique grp with which the users can experience convenient photography. It helps to capture high-quality images using a touchscreen manual focus feature. The video quality of the camera falls in the category of high-definition results. It has a lightweight and compact shape which helps to carry it away during traveling quite easily.

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