Sony Cameras

Sony Corporation is a very familiar brand to the Indians. Most of the houses in India will have or used at least one Sony product.

Ranging from music systems to televisions to cameras, the brand is very popular in India and there are various reasons why the Indians have fallen in love with this brand. When it comes to certain product lines such as cameras, many people blindly go for Sony because of their past experience with the brand. 

Sony offers different types of cameras that you can choose from. Also, before you invest in one, make sure to look through the essential points that will help you make an informed purchase.

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How Does Sony Fair As A Camera Brand?

Sony is a Japanese brand founded in 1946. Since then the brand has grown. The brand has an undeniably strong presence in India.

Sony cameras are highly preferred by the Indian customers even today because the brand was one of the first cameras to flood the Indian market with its point and shoot cameras when the digital cameras were becoming popular.

As the brand already has studied the Indian market through its Television segment, it had an upper hand when it comes to selling its entry-level digital cameras. Sony is preferred for the following positive factors in India.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find something that best fits your requirements.

  • The stylish design of the Sony cameras attract customers
  • The most compact digital cameras in the industry are from Sony
  • Very reasonably priced when compared to the long list of product features
  • Uses highly reliable technology which makes the cameras very dependable
  • Good quality, high contrast display that makes it easy to work with even in a bright daylight environment.
  • Long battery life even for point and shoot models
  • Very reliable service network across the country

Sony USP

Sony stands for Quality and Innovation. If it were not for these two factors that characterize Sony, the brand would not have been as popular as it is today. This trait is seen in all the product lines of Sony and not only with its cameras and that is why the brand popularity soared high when they first introduced digital cameras in India.

The brand does not limit targeting only the high-end customers, but it also focuses on entry-level customers who form a major percentage of the sale volume in India. They have a very impressive pricing model while offering excellent value for money with their advanced list of features.


Sony cameras are well received in India. The brand’s strength is only growing stronger day by day. The company is considered highly reliable because of its dependable service network.

In India, no brand can become popular without having a good local service network. Sony has understood the Indian mind well and has worked on improving its service network.

Added to that, the brand regularly launches new models. Customers stand to gain in terms of quality, price, and also the standard of post-sales service offered by the brand. All these make Sony Cameras an obvious choice for most entry-level customers in India.