360 Degree Camera

If you are after just more than taking regular photos or shooting regular videos and offering the best experience to your audience, then a 360 Degree Camera is what you need.

These cameras will take your photography and videography experience to a whole new level. Let us try to understand what really these 360 Degree Cameras could do. 

There are a few types of 360-degree cameras available in the market. Also, before you invest in one, make sure to look through the essential points that will help you make an informed purchase.

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What is a 360 Degree Camera?

You would have already guessed what a 360 Degree Camera is from its name. Yes, you are right you will be able to capture everything around you completely in a single shot using this type of camera. These cameras capture all the angles all at once, which the regular cameras are not capable of doing.

A 360 Degree Camera uses multiple lenses to capture the images and the video which makes a 360-degree capture. You do not have to pan your camera to get your wide-angle photos when you make use of this type of camera. These cameras are also called as omnidirectional cameras.

Features of a 360 Degree Camera

View FinderNot applicable
Resolution640×480 / 1280×720 / 1920×1080
Connectivity PortHDMI /USB based on the brand and model
Connectivity OptionsWi-Fi / Wi-Fi Direct / Bluetooth / USB 
View Options360 Degree / Stretch View / Round View / Dual View / Panoramic View
SensorGyro, Accelerometer – Varies based on the brand and model 
Exposure ModesDual Lens Mode / Single Lens Mode / Video / Photo / Time Lapse / Video Looping / Landscape / HDR – Varies based on brand and model
Battery TypeRechargeable
Video ShootingAvailable – With Sharing Option 
CompatibilityA wide range of mobile phones and PCs
StorageExternal Memory Card
Auto FocusAvailable in all brands

Who Should Use A 360 Degree Camera?

A 360 Degree camera is used in mapping as in the case of Google maps and also for creating VR applications. If you are into VR application creation or if you want to provide your audience with an extraordinary video experience, you could use a 360 Degree Camera.

It is not necessary that only a professional should own this type of camera. Just about everyone could own a 360 Degree Camera as it is a lot of fun capturing videos and photos using these cameras.

If you are a person who travels a lot and continually share your whereabouts and what you are doing with your family and friends, then you would certainly love owning a 360 Degree Camera.


It is certainly not that hard to guess that owning a 360 Degree Camera would be a lot of fun. This type of camera has its own specialized uses as in the case of VR application development.

It does not mean that it is not suitable for someone who is not into VR. As these cameras are compatible with all the latest mobile phones and PCs you will be able to capture all your brilliant experiences and relive it anytime you like using your 360 Degree Camera.

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