Shinco 124 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV S50QHDR10 Review

Shinco, a Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronics, has come forward with a wide range of smart TVs that make our lives easier. The Shinco 49” 4K UHD Smart LED TV S50QHDR10 is a 2018 model that is available in a sophisticated and stylish black body finish. 

It comes with an A+ Panel and a 4K UHD Display that allows you to enjoy watching your favorite movies, TV shows and more in rich, vibrant colors and in-depth detailing. The audio of this TV also helps in achieving an immersive sound experience that adds to the viewing experience.

The smart TV is also powered by Android 7 that lets you smartly enjoy entertainment. It ensures that you obtain unlimited access to apps, movies, music, videos and more. The model also comes with its very own app that enables you to control the TV and set-top box with a single remote control. We now explain the features of this Shinco Smart TV model in detail.


49” 4 K UHD Display

The Shinco smart TV comes with a 49” LED screen with a 4K UHD display that ensures a resolution of 4 times more than the standard HD display. You get to watch your content in a full spectrum of color with detailed scenes. The millions of pixels together provide you with a stunning visual that leaves an everlasting impact. It also comes with a refresh rate of 60 Hertz and a response time of 8 Milliseconds.

Wide Color Gamut

The display is powered by Quantum luminist that fuses with Wide Color Gamut (WCG) (NTSC – 95%) that provides a more realistic, colorful and richer TV image. This happens because the feature enhances the greens, reds, and blues of the TV image, creating the best viewing experience.

Real Color Technology

Shinco uses its Real Color Technology to combine details, contrast, and colors of the image giving you the best picture quality. It provides a real skin tone to the characters ensuring a lifelike viewing experience.

Stylish Design with Slim Bezel

The TV model comes with a stylish black body finish with an ultra-slim bezel and a viewing angle of 178 degrees that ensures comfortable viewing even from the edge of the screen. The design when installed on the tabletop or the wall enhances the look of your living room.

Android 7.0

The TV has an operating system of Android 7.0 that gives you unlimited access to apps such as Hotstar, Netflix and YouTube. You can stream your favorite shows, movies, videos, sports and more so that you enjoy unlimited entertainment from different genres in a broader screen with UHD display.

Built-In Soundbar Audio Technology

The TV has an audio wattage of 20 watts and comes with an in-built soundbar that is powered by an enhanced bass feature and boosted tweeters. This produces sound with a surround effect that lets you enjoy your TV viewing with the best audio experience.

Air Click remote

The TV comes with an Air Click Remote that offers dual functionality. It is designed to control your smart TV with ease from the comfort of your couch.

Connectivity Ports

The 3 HDMI ports help you to connect the TV to the set-top box, Blu Ray player or consoles while the 2 USB ports allow you to watch stored movies or videos by connecting the portable hard devices and pen drives. It also comes with a TFT card input to access your music and videos or images. The soundbars can be connected using the optical output.

1 Year Standard Warranty

The model comes with a 1-year standard warranty from Shinco. It is also applicable for easy replacement or refund if any damage or defect is found within ten days of purchase.

We now look into the specifications of the Smart TV:

Screen Size49” or 124 cm
Resolution4 K UHD (3840 x 2160 Pixels)
Display TechnologyWide Color gamut, HDR 10, Real Color Technology, Quantum Luminit
Operating SystemAndroid 7.0 Nougat
Sound20-watt output, In-Built Soundbar Audio Technology
Smart ControlsSensy TV Guide App, Air Click Remote
Connectivity Ports3 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 TFT card Input and one optical output
RAM Size1 GB
Digital Storage8 GB
Refresh Rate60 Hertz
Response Time8 Milliseconds
Viewing Angle178 degree
Warranty1 Year

What We Like

  • Smart and Intelligent Processor for Unmatched Performance- You can easily browse and smoothly switch on this smart TV. It is powered by 8 GB ROM and 1 GB RAM that enables you to install and download apps with a simple click. This gives you access to unlimited content while also enhancing the TVs performance.
  • Stunning and Engulfing Visuals- The display of this TV is powered by HDR 10 that optimizes every frame, scene, and pixel giving you a colorful and superior contrast with in-depth detailing. You get to enjoy your favorite TV shows, series, movies, and videos in a more realistic manner in vivid colors. The image processing technology gives you an endless and engulfing visual treat.
  • Sensy TV Guide App- The Shinco Smart TV model comes with its very own Sensy TV Guide App that enables you to display all your watched and upcoming movies, TV series, videos, and music on the TV screen. You can also use this app to control both the TV as well a the set-top box. What’s more? The app lets you control the smart TV using voice command.
  • BIS Certified- The TV is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) which is a National Standard body of India that marks and certifies the quality of the different goods. Thus, you don’t have to worry about its durability and quality while buying this smart TV.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not a Gaming TV- As per a user, this  TV does not come with an official play store from which you can download various games. Hence, it is not suitable for gamers because of the lack of availability of games.
  • Lags a lot- Performance might be a bit of concern as the TV was found to lag a lot in between apps or while streaming videos on YouTube.


If you are looking for a 4K UHD display smart TV with the best picture quality, then this TV is an ideal option. It ensures a realistic touch with stunning visuals that come with in-depth detailing and vivid colors.

It has its own set of cons; however, the smart features including the Android 7.0 that intelligently provides unlimited entertainment makes it a recommended option.

Anaida Sutherland

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