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Sony Bravia 123.2 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV KD-49X7002F (Black) (2018 model) Review

The Sony Bravia Smart TV KD-49X7002F is a spectacular smart TV model brought to us by Sony which is one of the leading electronic companies around the world. It is designed using a blend of technology and innovation to bring us closer to entertainment at the comfort of our homes.

This model comes with a full viewing screen of 49,” and a 4 K UHD LED Display that gifts you and your family with the best visual experience. The smart TV is designed to include a narrow, slim frame with a durable build that will blend in perfectly with the modern aesthetics of your living room.

The stunning visuals and terrific audio of this model are teamed with some smart features that provide you with unlimited access to your favorite content. It also gives you the best gaming experience ensuring that the drama and thrill of the game are brought to life.

Thus, this high end-television is something you definitely might want to consider. We explain the features, pros, and cons of this model in details in the following sections. This will help you make the right decision related to the purchase of this Sony Bravia Smart TV.

Features of Sony Bravia 123.2 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV

49” Ultra HD Resolution

This model comes with a 49” LED screen with an Ultra HD resolution that is four times the standard resolution of the conventional TV. You obtain clarity of image along with adjusted contrast and colors. The picture is well highlighted with details and texture ensuring that you get a lifelike viewing experience.

4 K X-Reality Pro

It comes with a 4 K X-Reality Pro picture processing technology that enhances every scene to ensure natural and clear picture quality. The scenes are analyzed with there own database to enhance the texture, contrast and also provide beautiful natural color to it. It ensures that you experience a detailed image for a realistic view.

Bass Reflex Speaker

The bass reflex speaker of the model is like a compact box that produces a rich, powerful sound combined with low and high notes. You can hear every detail of the movie, sport or music with clarity and separation.

Narrow Frame with Aluminium Finish

The TV model is designed to include a slim and narrow frame with an aluminum finish that will fit into any space. The slice for living design makes it blend in with the aesthetics of your living room in a way that enhances its overall look. It allows you to relax in the comfort of your couch and watch your favorite shows.

Built-In Wifi Connector Type

It has a built-in wifi connector type that lets you connect with your home network to browse through. It enables you to find movies, videos, and more efficiently on channels like YouTube. This feature gives you access to stream unlimited content from various sources that to in a wireless manner.

Motionflow XR

This is a technology that helps in the creation and insertion of extra frames between the originals to compare visual factors on the successive frames. It also does a subsequent calculation of the seconds of action that is missing in the structures. It ensures that you obtain frames that are blur-free, clear, detailed with smooth, fast motion sequences.

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine

The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine as the name suggests it is a technology that restores the lost high frequencies. This retains a natural sound of the contents you view. It also enhances the sound compressed audio files like internet videos with low resolution and catch-up videos.

Seamless Connectivity

The TV can access your smartphone’s network so that you can browse through the internet while your phone charges. You can also enjoy your favorite content by connecting the smartphone to the TV.

Clear Audio+

With the ClearAudio+ feature, you get a complete immersive surround sound as it ensures fine tuning of the TV sound. You can enjoy your music and movie dialogues with more clarity. This provides you a more realistic and live viewing experience.

Let us look into the specifications:

Screen Size49” or 123.2 cm
Resolution4 K UHD, 3840 x 2160 Pixels
Display4 K X-Reality Pro, 4 K HDR
Refresh Rate60 Hertz
Audio24 Watt Output, Bass Reflex Speakers, ClearAudio+, DSEE
Connectivity Ports3 HDMI, 3 USB
Connector TypeBuilt-In Wifi
DesignSlice of Living Design, narrow frame with aluminum finish
Smart FeaturesScreen mirroring, Smart Plug and play, NetFlix and YouTube buttons on remote, Opera Store, Big Flix, and Sony Liv
Motion TechnologyMotionflow XR
WarrantyOne year

What Do We like

  • Clean Cable Management- The induced cable holder keeps the cables in place and hides them from the view of people. This ensures a more tidy and neat appearance to the corner at which your TV is placed. It also allows you to enjoy watching your favorite content on TV without the distraction of cables sticking out.
  • Unlimited Access to Netflix and YouTube- It provides you access to YouTube and NetFlix with the press of a button on your remote. This allows you to enjoy watching videos, Netflix series, TV shows, movies and more. The remote control allows you to browse through these apps much more conveniently.
  • Unlimited Entertainment- You can gain access to endless entertainment with Opera Store that let’s choose applications or games as per your preference. You can watch more than 2000 blockbuster movies in different languages using Big Flix. On the other hand, Sony Liv allows you to watch your favorite shows and more than 700 movies from Sony Entertainment.
  • Screen Mirroring- This feature allows you to cast all your memories, videos and more on the big screen of your Sony TV. This will enable you to enjoy watching your favorite content from your smartphone on a wider viewing display alongside your friends and family.
  • X-Protection Pro- The advanced protection protects your smart TV against surges while the primary capacitor shields it against unstable electricity. The circuit board, on the other hand, prevents short circuits due to moisture because of its anti-humidity coating.
  • HDR Gaming with PlayStation- You can team up your TV with your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 pro consoles to obtain the best gaming experience. The drama and fantasy of the game are brought to life with vivid colors, textures, and details.

What Don’t We Like

  • Does not come with a wall bracket- This TV does not come with a wall bracket that allows you to mount your TV on the wall. It only comes with a table stand that makes installation possible on a table top.


The Sony Bravia Smart TV KD-49X7002F comes with some great features and pros that make it a suitable option for you to consider buying. The TV comes with a 4 K UHD display with X-Reality Pro technology to provide you with the lifelike viewing experience. It also ensures unlimited entertainment and faster browsing of the net on the big screen. This high-end TV is worth its price in every way.

Anaida Sutherland

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