10 Best Helmet Locks

A helmet lock for a bike is an important accessory while you are riding. Helmets provide us with complete protection. Also, you know that a rider without helmet found will be charged, sometimes even be punished.  Yet carrying the helmet while shopping or visiting a doctor or stores will be difficult. Hence, helmet locks are used to secure your helmets at one place.  Also, helmet locks provide hands-free shopping.

Moreover, losing your helmets or forgetting them when it is placed somewhere safely is the common problem observed with many riders. Hence, helmet locks were introduced to solve such problems.

Helmet locks come in handy if you have the habit of losing your helmet frequently.  Also, helmet locks are considered as multipurpose tools that can be used to lock your luggage, bicycle, motorbike, baby carts, and more.

Now, comes the point how necessary is your helmet lock? Helmet locks not only secure your helmet at one place but also allows you to be free from losing it. It is now easy to find a motorcycle helmet lock, as you can find all the information needed in this article itself.

In this article, we have provided you with information like different types of Helmet lockshow do the lock workswhen and where to use them. Lastly, we have also mentioned a comprehensive buyers guideour Top 10 recommended products as well as few frequently asked questions to help you select the right product.

How Do Your Helmet Locks Work?

The helmet lock is easy, convenient to use, and secure your things correctly. For locking your helmet, you can simply pass the cable or D-ring through the visor. Now, lock the helmet using key or number or even with the combination action. Helmet locks assure to hold chin bar perfectly. This works fine with full-face helmets and open-face helmets but what about locking your open-face helmet and half helmets.

To lock open-face helmet and half helmet use chin strap as a base to lock the helmet. Now, you feel that chin strap might be cut easily and helmet can be removed. However, a helmet without a chin strap is useless, and it can not be stolen. Also, helmet locks must be used to secure the helmet only for a few hours but not full day or long hours.

Helmet lock works on a simple mechanism. If you are using a number lock, then the lock must be set to a different combination of numbers to lock the helmet safely. A cable lock type or strap type works similarly. On attaching either ends or fitting either ends into one another, you can lock the helmet with the help of a key. If you are using combination type, then the number locking system and basic cable locking system must be correct to lock the helmet or open it.

When to Use Helmet Locks and Where to Lock Your Helmet?

Helmet locks must be used only for securing your helmet for a few hours. It is not necessary to lock your helmet when you are parking your vehicle at your home safely and place your helmet inside your home. Use the helmet lock when you are parking the bike at private parking and leaving the helmet. You can use the helmet lock when you are shopping at a shopping mall for one to two hours. Also, you can use the helmet lock when you find difficulty in carrying the helmet and moving around for a walk. Moreover, when you are visiting any stores or friends place and park the bike on the driveway.

You can lock your helmet at different parts of the bike. You can lock your helmet securely at the center of the handlebars. You can lock your helmet either to the side where a ring is provided for the luggage to be hanged out. Also, you can lock at the back seat of the motorbike where a small provision is provided or under the back seat. Moreover, you can lock your helmet to license plate.

Never take mirror support for locking your helmet as this might cause damage to the mirror. Ensure that the helmet must not be placed near the ground, even to the passenger pegs. When you place your helmet near the ground, there might be a chance that your helmet catches the road dirt easily. Also, if it rains the padding inside the helmet will start absorbing the water gradually and damage the helmet ultimately. Moreover, street dogs may damage the helmet.

Types of Helmet Locks

Number Helmet Lock

The number helmet lock secures your helmet when the correct combination of numbers is adjusted and opens in the same manner. Usually, Number Helmet Locks will have either three-digit or four-digit numbers to adjust. Also, different types of helmet lock can be found where every lock works on number mechanism. Their bodies may be different.

A few numbers of helmet locks have a cable body while few have a strong and sturdy metallic body and look like D-ring. Number helmet locks are considered to be safe and secure as the person who tries to steal the helmet must match all combinations of numbers, and it takes time to do so.

License Plate Helmet Lock

License plate helmet locks ��స� �ిత్ర ఫలిత�

It is the trending and innovative helmet lock type. The helmet lock is not multipurpose and can be used only for helmets. We find a few helmet locks that can also be used for securing your luggage. The license plate helmet lock has a simple construction, where one end of the license plate has a simple, secure lock, and the other ends of the plate are empty.

To secure your helmet simply allow the chin strap to pass through the provision provided and lock it, to hold the helmet. It opens only when a correct key is used.  This kind of helmet locks can be used easily for every type of helmet. In India, we have Kuryakyn 4248 helmet lock which has the functionality of locking the helmet to license plate


Strap type is the most flexible helmet lock, and it is the multipurpose helmet lock. Other than your helmet, you can also secure your jacket or even luggage some times. Generally, the strap is made from nylon, which cannot be cut easily or torn apart easily. Yet, there might be a chance of cutting the helmet lock. Hence, use this type, only when you need to go shopping, leaving behind your helmet or visiting doctors or stores for a shorter duration of time.

Cable Lock

Usually, Cable Helmet Locks have a cylinder at the center to lock your helmet. The cable is strong and made from steel. Also, it comes with an additional coating layer for extra protection preventing damage. Often, the cable locks are easy to use, and they can easily flip or pass through the attachments and helmet. Most of the cable locks follow simple key mechanism. Moreover, the cable locks come with either short cable or a long cable.

Combination Lock

As the name itself suggest, the combination locks have two different types. Usually, the combo lock has a D-ring with number locking and a steel cable. The steel cable can be extended for easy positioning and D-ring to hold the helmet secure. Once, the helmet is attached properly; you can use the combination of numbers to lock the helmet. These types of helmet locks can be used for a longer duration of hours. They keep your helmet more secure than other types of locks.

Buying Guide

Material used

It is the key factor to be considered while buying a helmet lock. Your helmet lock must be cut-resistant, dust-proof, water-proof, saw-resistant. Hence, to match all these requirements, many manufacturers use strongly build stainless steel, which is hard to break. Apart from the steel, your helmet lock cable will also be coated with PVC for providing complete protection. Also, the cable must be effective to lock the helmet or luggage.

Few solid helmet locks like D-ring, handlebar helmet lock are made from sturdy steel for security and rust-free. Apart from steel and PVC coating your helmet lock also made from high-quality plastic, especially in W-shaped helmet lock. Also, nylon sheaths are provided for a few helmet locks. It is advisable to opt for a helmet lock that is strong enough and made from stainless steel rather than plastic or nylon strap as the stainless steel based helmet locks last long.

Lock type

We have two types of locks used in helmet locks they are number based locks and key-based locks. Both the locks serve the purpose, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. A person must never forget his key when he is traveling because, without a key, your helmet lock cannot be opened. Similarly, if a person forgets the password he set with a different combination, then it will become harder for him to open the lock. However, both types of locks can be used and choose the one you prefer.

How secure is it?

If you are opting for a helmet lock, the key factor to consider is security. Your helmet lock must be made from good quality material by providing total security. Helmet thieves are most common, especially when you park your vehicle for the longer duration of time leaving behind the helmet. Always check the product you opt must be cut-resistant. Locks like W-shaped lock can easily be removed as they use a simple screw fitting.


Check the weight of the helmet lock as well as how much weight the lock can bear. Few helmets which are light in weight yet bare more than 8 kg of weight. Such lightweight helmets are easy to carry. While helmet locks that weigh higher than others are difficult to carry along with you. Also, we have helmet locks available in the market that can carry two full-face helmets easily without causing any damage to helmets.

Easy to use and clean

It is the basic requirement one must look into when you are buying helmet locks. A helmet lock must be convenient to use yet effective. Also, the locking mechanism must be easy, simple, and must not need any additional technologies to go with. Moreover, the helmet lock you opted must be convenient to clean. However, they do not require much maintenance or cleaning. The only thing required is they must be cleaned regularly to keep away dust and oil them when required.


It is highly difficult to find a helmet lock which offers a warranty. If any helmet lock that matches all your requirements and also the company offers warranty then wisely choose the product. Very few companies provide a warranty of one year or even six months only. A warranty helps especially when your product gets damaged soo after one month or two months of use.  This helps in replacing the product easily.

Top 10 Helmet Locks

1. Wintech Heavy1 Resettable Cycle Helmet – Our Best Pick

WINTECH Heavy1 Resettable Lock For Cycle Helmet Bike And Luggage
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WINTECH provides good accessories and beautiful products, including bike helmet lock, cycle pump, kitchen fan, desktop CPU, and much more. All their products are designed well to satisfy customer needs.

It can be used to lock your helmet, gate, bicycle, sports equipment tools, and much more. The 3.5 feet long strongly build helmet lock cable is cut-resistant. Also, it comes with a PVC coating for more security.

Main Features
  • The product comes with one year warranty
  • The cable is strong, flexible and cut-resistance
  • Length of the cable is 3.5 feet and is made from braided steel
  • Also, the cable has PVC coating
  • PVC coating helps to keep the cable durable and prevent scratching
  • It comes with multipurpose functions. It can be used for locking helmets, gates, sports equipment tools, ladders, and bicycles
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to reset the code
  • Quality of the cable is good and is thick
  • Works for the long duration of time
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quality of the holder lock can be improved
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2. Pivalo Helmet Lock – Cut resistant and sturdy

Pivalo Helmet Lock
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While buying locks, you should be looking for something user-friendly to be used in things other than motorcycles. Pivalo Anti Theft Security Lock is a new addition to the market in the ranges of Helmet locks.

It is made up of finest-quality Manganese steel which prevents it from getting cut or broken. The Nylon sleeves prevent it from corrosion and moisture, thus making it a durable purchase for users. 

Have a look at the features of this product.

Main Features
  • The product comes with 2-secure lock keys that help you to keep your helmets safe. The keys are wear-resistant, and you need not have to fear about them getting worn after several uses.
  • The cable is made up of finest quality Manganese steel that makes it durable and robust to be cut or broke.
  • The length of this cable lock is 80 cm which makes it sufficient enough for you to turn around and lock in your way.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is equipped with unique patterned keys that make it tough for thieves and robbers to open easily.
  • Apart from being made from the finest quality Manganese steel, it also has nylon sleeves that protect it from moisture and corrosion.
  • It is a user-friendly product as it can be used on bicycles, gates, scooters, fences, grills, lawnmowers, sports equipment, wagon, etc., to protect it from theft.
  • The lock is designed for heavy-duty use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is little expensive
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3. Autotrump Combination Helmet Lock – Premium quality

AUTOTRUMP Export Quality Multipurpose Number Changing Lock
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Autotrump is the leading car and bike accessories seller in India. They provide more than 52 brands and 2000 products. Category of their products includes helmets, bike accessories, car, and bike care, care accessories. All their products offered are of good quality and have the highest user ratings.

Autotrump premium quality number changing lock is light in weight and cable is flexible to fold. The teeth of the lock are made of steel for secure protection and easy interlocking possibility. The cable is coated with a high-density rubber material. A plastic wheel is provided for resetting the password.

Main Features
  • The product comes with inside steel and outside high-density rubber coating
  • Premium quality plastic is used for the numbered rings
  • Also, numbered rings have a rotational mechanism
  • For best interlocking possibility steel teeth is used
  • Easy password setting facility
  • A wheel is provided for resetting
  • Moreover, the product is light in weight
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy locking steps and come with instructions
  • The lock is compact and sturdy
  • comfortable to use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The cable is thick and cannot be folded easily when not in use
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4. EASY4BUY  Helmet Lock – Easy lock/unlock

EASY4BUY Bike Heavy Duty Helmet Lock
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Easy4Buy provides with different kind of accessories including helmet locks, wheel locking, adjustable cap, anti-lost device key, stretchable elastic rope, and much more. All the products are made from high-quality materials.

Now, you can use your heavy-duty chain lock to lock your helmet, cycle, luggage. The helmet lock is water-resistant, dust-proof, and saw resistant. The multipurpose helmet lock comes with a pair of keys. Now, locking and unlocking have become easier and secure with an excellent quality lock.

Main Features
  • The helmet lock comes with high-quality dual keys
  • The heavy-duty lock is made of heat-treated stainless steel
  • The chain is covered with non-slippery nylon cover ensuring water-proof, dustproof, hammer-resistant, saw-resistant, and drill-resistant
  • Also, the heavy-duty helmet lock can be used for helmets, bicycles, sports equipment, and ladder
  • It comes with link lock keeping the things secure and safe
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to lock and it provides a secure lock
  • The product is worth for money
  • Quality of the product is good
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons were observed
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5. AllExtreme Helmet Lock – Lightweight

AllExtreme Anti-Theft Heavy Duty Helmet Lock
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AllExtreme was established in 2012, and they provide quality gloves, bike accessories, mobile accessories, bathroom products, and much more. Also, they provide quality products with on-time delivery. Category of their products include gloves, bike accessories, mobile accessories, beauty, and personal care.

The lightweight multipurpose helmet lock is made from fine grade iron. It has nylon covering for good security. The helmet lock is easy to use and comes with a pair of keys. Also, the lock can be used for bicycle, luggage, motorbike.

Main Features
  • All extreme heavy-duty link lock can be used for multiple functions
  • The lock is made from high-grade quality material and is covered with a nylon sheath
  • An anti-slip nylon sheath ensures dust-proof, hammer-resistant, saw-resistant
  • Also, the lock is convenient to use and comes with dual keys
  • Moreover, it provides durable usage
PROS (What we liked)
  • The chain is sturdy
  • it is cut-resistant
  • Holds the luggage easily
  • Quality of the product is good
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The chain  might get rust
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6. BuyBack Helmet Lock – Multi-function

BuyBack Blue Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Helmet Lock
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BuyBack provides customers with all innovative and well-designed products. Their products include wallets, LED parking bulbs, smart key finder, and much more. Also, the products have good user ratings and preferred by many users. They try to provide budget-friendly products.

The multi-function cable locking is capable of locking your helmet, bicycle, baby carts, door handles and much more. It comes with PVC coating which helps the helmet lock to look new, preventing rust, and corrosion. Also, the heavy-duty lock comes with dual keys and has easy opening and close. Moreover, the cable is sturdy.

Main Features
  • The helmet lock comes with multi-function locking
  • The heavy-duty lock can be used to lock your helmet, bicycle, baby carts and much more
  • It has a protective durable PVC coating
  • Also, the coating helps to look the helmet lock new and effective
  • Moreover, the coating prevents rusting, corrosion and surface scratching
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is strongly build
  • Comes with dual keys
  • Available in other colors too
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quality of locking can be improved
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7. A2D Helmet Lock – Combo locks

A2D Helmet Protection Bike Helmet Lock with Bike Disc Brake Lock with Keys-Royal Enfield Classic 500
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A2D provides products like a backrest car seat, LED light strip, bike Sleekamber indicator, bike fog light lamp, and much more. All the products they provide are related to vehicles.

Now, A2D provides complete protection with disc bike and helmet lock. The Number Helmet Lock is easy to use, safe and secure. Also, the helmet lock is dustproof, waterproof. The helmet lock is flexible, foldable, and easy to carry.

Main Features
  • It includes a number helmet lock and bike disc brake lock
  • A2D helmet lock is foldable and easy to carry
  • The disc lock fits in your pocket easily
  • The combo locks provide complete protection to your bike
  • The cable of the helmet lock is durable, ultra-reliable
  • Also, the helmet lock is dustproof and waterproof
  • The helmet lock has a number locking mechanism
  • Reset the lock and set a password to lock your helmet by adjusting the numbers or rotating the numbers
  • Keep the password in mind and use it when you want to lock the helmet
PROS (What we liked)
  • The cable lock can be used for locking helmet, cycle
  • Also, the product comes with disc lock providing additional security
  • Moreover, it is easy to use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is available only in one color
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8. eSwaraa Helmet Lock – Anti Theft Security

eSwaraa Anti Theft Bike Security Lock
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eSwaraa offers a wide range of products like lunch box bag, oil dispenser, anti-theft locks, and much more. All their products are of high-quality material.

The heavy-duty, multipurpose helmet lock is convenient to use and follow simple plug and play mechanism. This multipurpose lock can be used for bicycle, helmets, gates, bags. Also, the weight of the product is 798 grams and easy to carry.

Main Features
  • The heavy-duty, multipurpose lock is made from stainless steel
  • Also, the chain is strong and robust
  • Moreover, it can resist sawing, prying, hammering
  • The helmet lock can be used for locking helmet, luggage, bicycles and much more
  • The lock comes with dotted keys which have an efficient design and highly secure
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to use and made from high-quality material
  • Looks sturdy
  • Quality of locking is good
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Length of the chain is small
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9. Starvin Helmet Lock – Dual Helmet Lock

Starvin Premium Quality Universal W Shaped Helmet Lock
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Starvin provides you with all necessary products like table fan, electric iron, U shaped neck pillow, whiteboard and much more.  The W-shaped helmet lock is durable and made from quality plastic. It can bear up to 10kg of weight. Now, you can lock two full-face helmets easily.

Main Features
  • The well-designed w-shaped helmet comes with a dual key and made from high-quality plastic
  • The helmet lock can bear up to 10 kg of weight, and you can lock two full-face helmets easily
  • Now, you can fit the helmet lock to your bike and no need to carry it
  • Also, the lock is strong, durable and follow simple mechanism to lock and unlock
  • Ideal to be used in a safe parking
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to use
  • Holds strongly
  • Can lock two helmets at a time
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • You can not leave your helmet for the longer duration of time
  • Keys are tiny
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10. FASTPED Cable Lock – Low Budget

FASTPED Multipurpose 4 Digit Numeric Cable Lock
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FASTPED is the leading company in providing cycle accessories. They maintain high-quality products, and the list includes a plastic cycling water bottle, bike horns and lights, mobile mount holder, and much more. All their products are well designed and satisfy customer needs.

The portable low budget helmet lock is easy to use and comes with fixed code. Apart from locking the helmet, the lock can also be used for locking grills, gate and baby carts. Now, your helmet lock can be rust-free, scratch-resistant and cut-resistant.

Main Features
  • The lightweight helmet lock can be used to lock the helmet, bicycle, gas cylinder, grill and much more
  • It comes with a fixed lock code
  • The cable is strong and has a PVC coating
  • The coating helps the cable to be free from rust, scratching
  • Also, the helmet lock is portable
PROS (What we liked)
  • Cable length is sufficient to lock the helmet
  • Can be used for locking your helmet securely
  • The cable comes with a coating
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not durable the numbers are not easy to use
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best helmet lock?

The best helmet lock available in the market is Pivalo Helmet Lock

2. Is combination lock a better option?

No, combination locks are less secure as compared to any other locks. Keyed locks can only be opened if you have a key that matches the lock. But, combination locks can easily be opened by anyone who tries different combinations.

3. How to install a helmet lock on your bike?

There are different places in which you can keep your helmet locked on to your bike.

  • Near the end of the seat, there is a handle on which this lock could be tied with your helmet.
  • If there is a knee/leg crash guard, then it can be easily tied over there.
  • Another option would be near the side carrier (if you have).

4. How to set the number lock?

Every brand that provides a number locking system provide instructions on how to set the password or how to reset it when you forgot. Few helmet locks do not have the possibility of resetting the password. In such situations, you must try every combination until you find the correct three or four-digit number that opens the lock.

A few simple steps are when you receive the helmet lock first set all the digits to ‘zero.’ The lock opens and now set different combination of numbers, which is easy to remember. Set that number as a password to lock the helmet lock and other to unlock. Note the numbers carefully and use them whenever you require them to lock or unlock.

5. When to replace my helmet lock?

Replace your helmet lock when it got damaged completely. Also, replace it when the lock is not working perfectly even after oiling. It is time to replace the helmet lock when the cable is broken apart, or cable has cut. Moreover, replace the lock when the numbering is not working perfectly, or it can be opened easily.

6. Does your helmet lock need any sort of maintenance?

Usually, helmet locks are low maintenance tools. Always, make sure the lock must not be wet. Oiling, once in a while, will help with easy locking. Ensure that the lock is rust-free. Your helmet locks are designed to work fine in every weather condition and different temperatures.


If you are reading the conclusion part, then you must be searching for a good helmet lock. I hope this article provided you with the complete information regarding the types, a buying guide, how necessary the helmet lock is, cleaning and when to use the helmet lock. Also, the top picks from the market may help you to choose the correct helmet lock without difficulty.

We found WINTECH helmet lock as the ideal one and also it provides a warranty. If you are looking for easy locking and unlocking helmet lock, then you can opt EASY4BUY heavy duty helmet lock. Otherwise, A2D helmet lock will be the best option for those who need bike disc lock as well as helmet lock.

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