Best Bike Pumps

Having a flat tyre could be very annoying. So what happens when you have a flat or puncture right in the middle of nowhere? You begin to question and why you never invested your money in a good and solid bike pump that is compact, foldable, and handy enough to carry around.

Tyre puncture or flats are common occurrences that could happen anytime or any day and without forewarning. Therefore, as a cyclist or a lover of riding bikes, it is highly recommended that you buy or budget for pumps in cases of emergency.

A bike pump is one of the necessary, essential tools to own when you have a bike and wish to carry out proper maintenance of your bike. It serves a significant purpose of inflating that is, pumping air back into deflated tyres.

Investing in quality and best bike pump equates many times of happy riding. Research has been done and proven that road bikes which require the highest air pressure should be pumped once a week, hybrid bikes should be pumped every two weeks, and mountain bikes are pumped less frequently than that

Also, a bike pump has a multipurpose use, if using the right adapters; it could pump airbeds, children’s deflated toys, sports balls, and pool floats. Bike pumps are useful and effective in any and every situation you find yourself. It helps in providing freedom in riding safely and efficiently.

You will learn how a bike pump works, its advantages, different types of bike pumps and comprehensive buyers guide along with the top 10 Best bike pumps and FAQs.

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
The most effective bike pump
A multipurpose bike pump with great quality
Fastest bike pump with great resistance against rust
A very compact bike pump that can be stored easily
A durable and sturdy bike pump
A multipurpose bike pump, value for money
A very powerful bike pump, value for money.
Flexible bike pump, quality on a budget

How Bike Pumps Works

The first thing to know before pumping your tyre is the type of valve your bicycle has. This determines the inflation or deflation of your tyre. Typically, there are two valves: a Schrader valve and Presta valve. The valve is also referred to as the inner tube of your bicycle.

Schrader Valve

Presta Valve

The former (Schrader) valves are identical to those in car tyres and are used on hybrid bikes or children bike while the latter (Presta), valves appear thinner and longer and have a threaded tip which has to be opened before it can inflate a tyre.

Also, you need to know the Optimal Bound per Square inch (PSI) for your tyre. A bike owner should note that the thinner the tyre, the more air pressure is required to fill the tyre perfectly. Most bicycle tyre has its own optimal bound PSI written on them.

But usually, road bikes should be pumped between 80 and 120 PSI, hybrid and city bikes need to be pumped between 50 and 70 PSI while mountain bikes should be pumped lesser so as to navigate easily on the different rocky trail. So they are usually pumped between 30-50 PSI.

Basically, the operating principle of a bike pump is that you increase the pressure in the pump until it exceeds the one in the tyre. This excess pressure forces air into the tyre. In other words, when the cylinder is compressed, the air is pushed down the tube of the pump, in turn, inflating the tyre via the valve.

Below is a description of how to inflate your bicycle tyres using the two most important valves; Schrader valve and Presta valve.

Inflating Schrader Valve

Step I

In the above image is an example of a Schrader valve. The first method of inflating this kind of valve is to uncap the black cover in the picture. This cover distinguishes this type of valve from the Presta valve. It is used to cover the valve, thereby preventing dust.

Step II

You easily unscrew the dust cap anticlockwise.

Step III


Then you attach the nozzle of your pump to the opened valve. This is where excess air is pumped through to the tyre.


Step IV

This picture describes the increased air pumped when the cylinder is compressed. Therefore, you are to note that you inflate the tyre to the minimum or maximum value written on the sides of the tyre.



Step I

If your bicycle has a Presta valve as in the picture above, then you simply remove the cover

Step II

The apparent removal of the plastic cover will reveal a threaded cover which conceals the valve

Step III

Then you have to unscrew the thread carefully in order to avoid irreparable damage to the thread

Step IV

Furthermore, you attach the head of the pump to the open valve and pumping in the compressed air in the cylinder to the tyre. You must note, as stated above that when inflating the tyre, you take into consideration the minimum and maximum value written on the sides of the tyre.


Step V

Pump the tyre to the normal pressure and then remove the pump


Step VI

Lastly, lock the valve by screwing it in a clockwise direction and put back the plastic valve cap

Advantages of Bike Pumps

As stated above, bike pumps are the most significant bike accessory a bike owner should have. If you own a bicycle, just as you have budgeted for a helmet, knee guard, you should also budget money for a bike pump.

In order to enjoy a good day ride, be it in the neighborhood, deserted roads or on a track, it is of utmost importance to carry along your bike pump anywhere and anytime. In this case, it is strongly advised that one owns a mini pump as a result of its portability.

A fully pumped tyre allows for a smoother, faster, and enjoyable ride. Also, a flat tyre or puncture could ruin a great day of riding. So it is necessary always to have a well-pumped tyre because they are prone to puncture when underinflated.

In other words, the more you ride your bike without duly pumping the tyres, the more pressure escapes slowly from it. Even without a continuous ride, the bike air pressure slowly seeps out of it because temperature, the quality of your tube and also the grounds or surface it rides on, to a maximum extent impacts the deflation of your bike tyres.

The following are the advantages of Bike Pumps:

  • They are reliable
  • They are portable with respect to mini-pumps.
  • They are handy when you have a flat or puncture
  • They are useful in emergency situations
  • They are performance and safety-centered
  • They are fast with respect to CO2 inflator and Electrical pumps
  • They are durable
  • They are easy to use

Types of Bike Pump

Pumping your tyres is a quick and easy job to do in order to make your ride more enjoyable. There are three main types of pumps, and there are others. Below are the types of bicycle pumps available:

Track Pump

This type of pump is also referred to as Stand Pump or Floor Pump. It is regarded as the fastest and easiest and efficient way to pump your tyres. This bike pump prevents and eliminates the trouble the mini pump or frame pump brings, which requires a lot of exercises to inflate air into the tube.

This pump has like it a feature a long and flexible hose, pressure gauge and a large chamber for air transfer. Every well-seasoned cyclist is positively advised to invest in the floor pump as it does not wear out or damage quickly. Track pump fits into both the Schrader valve and the Presta valve.


  • It is fast
  • It a small and lightweight pump making for easy carriage
  • This pump has a solid base for stability
  • It is sturdy
  • It comes with a gauge that measures accurate inflated air into the tyre


  • It is most of the times costly

  Mini Pump

Mini pumps are frustrating and tiring to use, but they work. However, a mini pump with a hose is more preferable as it reduces stress and potential damage to the valve. They are compact and portable to carry out and around all the time in case of emergency. Mini pumps are meager hand pumps made in such a way that they can fit in bags or on your bike.

Because of its size, the volume of the pressure of the mini pump produces somewhat limited to the floor pump. So a lot of pumping will be needed. These pumps are compact, easy to use and very affordable to purchase.

It takes more time and effort compared to other pumps to inflate tyres. It is however not a long- term bike pump


  • It is light in weight
  • It can fit in pockets or bags due to its small size


  • It requires a lot of strength and strokes to pump enough pressure suitable for riding

CO2 Inflator

Another type of bike pump is the CO2 inflator pump. This pump uses compressed carbon dioxide in a small cartridge to inflate or fill the tyre quickly. It is efficient and effective in case of an emergency. This pump weighs very little and can fit anywhere be it a bike bag or saddle.  This type of inflator is used by mountain bike riders or road bike racers who need to save weight and time if there is a puncture during a race.


  • It inflates quickly
  • It is light in weight
  • It is small in size
  • Less effort is needed  in pumping


  • If used often, it is costly to refill
  • If the cartridge get damaged or runs out, there will be a lack of air
  • It is less friendly

Hand Pump

This type of pump is of two types: tubed and integral.

The tube hand pump requires a separate tube to connect the pump to the valve. It is advantageous only in saving cost. However, it is poor in the fact that they are a lot of connection involved and this, in turn, leaves opportunity for excess spaces where air could escape.

The integral hand pump is well sealed and rigid, unlike the tubed one. It is compressed on the valve by an extra lever. It is efficient because it leaves no passage of air volume while pumping. These pumps are not expensive and can inflate tyres up to 120 PSI. However, a lot of effort is required in pumping than the floor pump. It is a simple and efficient way of pumping.

Foot Pump

This type of pump is not specifically designed for bicycle but cars. They do not generate enough high pressure on a road bike. They fit Schrader valves because they are mostly designed for cars. This pump is designed to be pumped with the foot. They are most times equipped with a gauge which shows and measures how much air he is pumping into the tyres.

Electric Pump

In addition, there is also the Electric Pump; they are a 12- volt compressor for automobile tyres. They could also be used for bicycles too. This pump is large and heavy and should only be made use of at home. It is used if you do not want to exert a lot of physical strength for the pumping of air pressure.

They are the best type of pump if you want to accurately pump enough air into your tyres. This pump serves a multipurpose use in inflating many things such as – air beds and mattresses, inflatable pools, toys, car tyres, etc. it has a gauge so that the user would know how much pressure he should use. These pumps inflate tyres faster than the usual pump. They are used by people who wish to save time and are stay-at-home pumps due to the weight.

Shock Pump

This type of bike pumps is not designed for tire inflation but for pushing air into your mountain bike suspension. This type of pump is designed to pump out incredibly high pressure with a minute volume and this is perfect for precision pumping of the bike’s suspension. They are small in size but deliver up to 300 PSI. These pumps have a gauge for easily reading the pressure of air being pumped.

Buyers Guide in buying Bike Pump

As stated earlier, bike pumps are one of the basic and mandatory accessories to run and invest in once you own a bike in order to be cultural in maintenance. Below are the important details to consider when buying a bike pump:

Pressure needed

The main purpose of buying a bike pump is the fact that we are in an emergency situation and there is a need for a quick pumping. Therefore, as a newbie, you might consider buying a pump that has a high-pressure air pumping.

Also, there are specific pressure volumes already made available to specific bikes such as road tyre bikes should be pumped between 80 and 120 PSI, hybrid and city bikes are to be pumped between 50 and 70 PSI and lastly, mountain bikes should be pumped less between 30 and 50 PSI. Not many people need a pump that has a pressure of 260 PSI.

Gauge Accuracy

The gauge is mandatory when buying a bike pump as it measures and detects the amount of pressure needed for a specific bike. They are the most accurate instrument when you are trying to accurately inflate your tyres. Only a few hand pumps include gauge but every decent floor or track pumps must have a gauge whether analog or digital.

The pump head and valve types

Also, you need to take into consideration the type of valve you want your bike pump to have. There is the Presta valve (racing type) and the Schrader valve (car-style). Some bike pumps have both valves and the valves are the most common of the valves. The rest include Dunlop or wood valve.

Nearly all bike pumps today cater for both valves, this situation is known as twin-head bike pump. It will have separate slots for either of the valve heads to fit in, while there is the “smart head “which is automatic and switches instantly without hassle.


A large volume pump is also critical when considering buying a bike pump. It case you have a tubeless tyre bike, a pump with a massive volume output may be enough to pump up a tyre without the need of an air compressor.


As a bike user, you consider the size of the bike pump if you are planning to carry it around. But if otherwise, it should be of no concern if it were of a heavyweight.

You need to factor your decision and purchase a mini pump. This can have a little disadvantage of lower pumping volume


In relation to the size, the weight of your bike pump, if meant to be carried around, should be light in order to facilitate easy and quick carriage. As a result, most expensive pumps are made of lightweight aluminum alloy or carbon fiber and also plastic.


You need to take into consideration the dependability of the pump you are purchasing.

1. Krevia Bike Foot Pump – Most effective bike pump

Krevia Bike Foot Pump
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This pump has an accurate gauge and smart valve head. It has high pressure and is made of the aluminum body. This bike pump delivers up to 200 PSI/ 14 bars. It is made of sturdy iron frame, anti-slip footpad, and twin aluminum pistons.

These twin aluminum pistons are sized 4.2 cm x 12 cm with a lighter weight compared to other typical pumps. Also, this bike pump switches between Presta valve and Schrader valve instantly for more comfortable use.

The gauge of the Krevia pump is an analog pressure pump that gives an accurate reading all the time thereby, eliminating the hassle of changing batteries regularly. Because of its high PSI, it helps significantly in reducing the time taken to inflate anything.

Main Features
  • It is made with an imported aluminum piston with an iron base for easy solidity.
  • The foot pump size is 12 inches x 2.8 inches which equate 30.5 cm x 7cm
  • The foot pedal is made of plastic anti-slips coat which generates enough friction against the foot for easy pushdown
  • it  has a high pressure which means low inflation time
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a universal use that is, for bikes, motorcycles, cars, etc
  • It is easy, comfortable to use
  • It has a sturdy iron base fame for easy balancing
  • It is an excellent and quality product
  • It is handy (portable)
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is costly
  • Performance is not up to the mark
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2. Raj High-Pressure Chrome Steel Air Pump – A multipurpose bike pump with great quality

Raj High-Pressure Chrome Steel Air Pump
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This air pump is used for cars, bikes, sports ball and inflatable children’s toys or furniture.  It is a powerful, durable, exceptional and guaranteed air pump that functions perfectly and lasts a long time. This pump is comfortable to use as it has a 70 PSI pump capabilities. It has a heavy –duty head and easy to use or handle.

This bike pump inflates tyres swiftly as it contains Presta valve internals and Schrader valve internals. This pump has no adapters neither does it swap pump head parts.

Main Features
  • It has a heavy duty and strong oversized steel handles
  • High-pressure chrome plated steel air
  • It has an extra long hose with 360 degrees pivot
  • It includes ball and bladder needles for sports ball, etc.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a simple and easy bike pump
  • It serves a multipurpose use for not only bike but also cars, toys, balls- volley, basketball, football, etc/
  • It is a good quality product
  • It is compact
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is costly
  • Poor asethetics
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3. Breewall Supermall Portable Bike Pump – Fastest bike pump with great resistance against rust

Breewall Supermall Portable Bike Pump
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This pump has a double barrel foot inflator with an accurate pressure gauge. It is a floor foot pump made with aluminum body and has a high pressure. This pump has a PSI of 160/ 10 bar. It has a smart valve head and switches between Presta and Schrader for comfortable use. It has an anti-freezing hose that works in extreme temperature of 30 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

It is easy to use by just stepping on the lever of the floor pump with gauge to allow the flow of air. It is made from aluminum barrel and iron base frame. Also, this Breewall bike pump has a single needle adapter and 2 plastic valve adapters for inflating sports balls.

Main Features
  • The design is compact and foldable
  • It has an aluminum alloy outer tube and the high-quality inner pipe
  • It has an accurate pressure gauge of 160 PSI / 10 bar
  • It has a standard size
  • It has internal use of piston
  • It consists of 1 needle adapter
  • It consists of 2 plastic valve adapters for inflating sports balls
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is portable and easy to use
  • It is resistant against rust, dust, and wear
  • It has a multipurpose function of not only inflating bikes but also ideal for cars tyres, inflatable boats, basketball, air bed, footballs, etc.
  • It is fast and sturdy
  • It is a good and awesome product
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not applicable for cycles
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4. Rockbros Inflator Pressure Gauge Black – A very compact bike pump that can be stored easily

Rockbros Inflator Pressure Gauge Black
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This bike pump is a portable bicycle pump that is compatible with Presta and Schrader valve. It also has a smart adapter that is available for both Presta and Schrader valve. This compact size bicycle pump can be mount on the bike frame or take in the pocket, bike bag, tool kit which makes it useful in emergency cases.

It is made up of aluminum alloy with a durable and precise part that makes it a high-quality bike pump.

Main Features
  • Package dimension: 14.7 x 4.4 x 1.8
  • Shipping weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fast inflation
  • Convertible
PROS (What we liked)
  • Light and portable
  • Works well for cycles
  • Awesome quality
  • Perfect size
  • Strong build
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Bad packaging
  • It doesn’t come with the pin
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5. Supermall Mini Bike Foot Pump – A durable and sturdy bike pump

Supermall Mini Bike Foot Pump
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This bike is a foot activated pump which comes with an air pressure gauge. It is of lightweight thereby making it a lot easier to carry around in cases of emergency. It is compactable, foldable and handy.

This bike pump has a pressure of 230 PSI. It is made from aluminum alloy and nylon plastic making it last longer and of good quality last longer and of good quality. It consists of a long hose and a reversible valve head.

This supermall mini foot bike pump has an activated foot pump which makes pumping of air faster and easier. It has a base size of 88mm x 70mm. It has a dual pump head that is, Presta and Schrader valves and does not have a need to switch again and again like the former bike pump.

This bike pump is well equipped with an accurate gauge to detect the air pressure in order to avoid insufficient air or puncture.

Main Features
  • It is made of good quality aluminum alloy tube
  • It has a firm plastic base and solid pump head that last longer
  • It has a height of 170 x 231 mm (minimum to maximum)
  • This pump takes approximately 230 PSI
  • It has a considerable cable length of 420mm
  • It weighs 304g
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is lightweight in nature automatically allowing for portability
  • It is easier and faster to use
  • It is of durable and sturdy quality
  • It is reliable and dependable
  • It is compact
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The gauge might be ineffective sometimes
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6. Bast Outdoor Inflator Foot Air mini Bicycle Pump – A multipurpose bike pump, value for money

Bast Outdoor Inflator Foot Air mini Bicycle Pump
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This bike pump is a portable pump for cars, motorcycles and bike tyres. It serves a multipurpose use which is advantageous in numerous ways to the user.

The multipurpose pump is designed to inflate up to 100 PSI. It is compact and folds to a size of 9 inches x 3 inches x 2.5 inches. The pump consists of a standard nozzle for sports balls and nozzle for beach balls. It is made of a heavy duty steel design.

This pump works easily by stepping of the lever of the floor pump with a gauge which in turn triggers the flow of air. It is way better when compared to the hand air pump

Main Features
  • It has a quick release thumb lock valve
  • It comes with universal adapters and ball adapters
  • It has a foldable pump with gauge for easy storage
  • It has a standard size of 9 x 3 x 2.5 inches
PROS (What we liked)
  • It serves a multipurpose
  • It is convenient and  easy to use
  • It is useful in time of emergency
  • Value for money
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not so suitable for everyday use
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7. Air Pump Portable High-Pressure Heavy Compressor Pump – A very powerful bike pump, value for money.

Air Pump Portable High-Pressure Heavy Compressor Pump
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This bike pump is a heavy-duty barrel that is suitable for vehicles and bikes. This amazing bike pump has a single barrel foot-operated air pump, made up of heavy-duty all-metal construction that is durable.

This bike pump also has an easy to read dial pressure gauge with a fully rubberized pump pedal for better grip. It easily fits any size car and bike tyre, inflates up to 100psi and it’s also foldable.

Main Features
  • It has a Rubberized foot pedal
  • Quality pressure gauge
  • Inflating adaptors
  • Durable with a flexible air hose
  • Metal type: alloy
  • Size: standard
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to handle and use
  • It is durable and is made up of Good quality
  • Dual storage lock
  • Powerful
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Gauge measurement is not accurate
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8. Schrodinger15 70022 Portable Bicycle Mini Foot Air Pump – Flexible bike pump, quality on a budget.

Schrodinger15 70022 Portable Bicycle Mini Foot Air Pump
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This bike high-pressure pump has a material type made with rubber. It is made of a flexible rubber tube with up to 120 PSI pressure of air. This bike pump is portable which in turn makes it handy to carry around all the time in case situation where there is a flat or punctured tyre.

It is made with aluminum alloy tube with high-quality plastic and rubber.

Main Features
  • It has high-quality plastic and rubber material.
  • It has a net weight of approximately 330g and a gross weight of 355g
  • This bike pump serves a multipurpose use as it is ideal for not only bikes but also cars, air bed, inflatable toys, etc.  
  • It is a portable bike foot air pump which consists of a mini and 1 ball nozzles.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is light in weight
  • It is portable
  • Worth the money
  • It meets expectation
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No warranty
  • Takes time to fill large car tyres
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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Can you inflate a Presta valve without an adapter?

The Presta valve is usually on the left and they have the tendency to hold air better than most other valves. If you don’t have a bicycle pump that accommodates Presta valve, you can just screw on an adapter and inflate it using the pump at the gas station.

2. Isn’t it better to have a pump that has a gauge (I’m new)?

You are just using this pump to fill after a flat. Fill until tyre feels as hard as the other one. A bigger inflator with a gauge will add more weight to your bike.

3. Is it easy to pump?

Its super easy. I had not ever inflated a tyre and it took me 4 minutes to do so.

4. I cannot figure out how to telescope the pump, what’s the trick?

Pull the pump handle out, see the black ring with arrows on it-turn the ring to loosen-then pull out the telescope. Once you cannot put air in the tyre push the telescope back in, tighten the black ring and then put more air in the tyre with the short pump.

5.  This pump seems to put out air but I can’t get much pressure in the tyre with it. Were other users able to fully pressurize their tyres?

Sorry that you are having issues, are you switching from high volume to high pressure. Read the instruction of the bike pumps. If you are still having a problem, contact the seller support.


In conclusion, the art of purchasing bike pumps can be frustrating as most people do not know the first thing about buying a pump. New or casual riders are hereby advised to carry out comprehensive research in order to pick a more needed bike in terms of cost, speed, portability, and weight.

In addition to that, this review has to a large extent been a guiding principle in terms of selecting the type of bike pump to buy. It should be of note that while Mini Pumps are portable in case of emergency, CO2 inflators are faster and portable as well. Also, the floor pump is strong and sturdier, Electrical Pumps are more appropriate in terms of long lasting feature.

 Krevia Bike Foot Pump and Breewall Supermall Portable Bike Pump are our top picks. Bike pumps are useful, dependable, guaranteed and mandatory tools for all bike owners.


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