14 Best Motorcycle Helmets

Riding a bike is thrilling. Motorcycling on an open road and the wind running across you is an inexplicable feeling. However, along with freedom, comes responsibility to ride with a safe and suitable bike and safety gear.

ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) is important when you are riding. Among all the safety gear, the first one that comes to mind is a helmet.

Whether the law states or not, wearing a helmet is always necessary.

Are you confused about choosing the best helmet? Here, in this article, we have given you complete information about how helmets work, their benefits, components which safest motorcycles helmets include, types, different helmet certifications, do’s and do not’s, and cleaning & maintenance.

Also, we have provided you with different factors to be considered before buying the best helmets. Moreover, we have provided you with the 14 best helmets and FAQs for doubts and queries.

Top 14 Motorcycle Helmets in India

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Three-layer protection
Glossy finish
Men’s only

How Do Helmets Work?

Helmets are used for securing your head from injury in unexpected accidents. Also, helmet stops brain damage when you hit hard to the ground, or sudden rotation of head happens.

Helmets are designed well to safeguard your life. They have a foam cushion that stops the head from hitting hard to the ground.

Also, the foam part controls the crashing energy, and you will be saved. The hard shell outside avoids sudden neck jerks during a skid.

Apart from the outer shell and foam cushion, straps help in keeping the helmet in place when you meet with an accident. Suppose if you wear a helmet but do not strap it, there might be chances of slipping off your helmet in accident sequence, which in turn may cause damage. 

At the top of all, it is good to opt for a helmet that meets with helmet standards. Parameters like strap strength, visor attachment, shell configuration, etc. are tested.

Benefits of Wearing Helmets

  • Helmets protect us from life-threatening injuries. As per the statistics, most deaths caused by accidents are due to head injury.
  • Helmets protect your head and brain from injury.
  • They protect us from hot winds or cold winds at a different temperature.
  • Helmets provide total protection to your head, ears, and eyes. They do not allow any dust or debris to enter inside the helmet.
  • Apart from protecting your eyes, many of them experience that wearing a helmet with high-quality visor improves visibility while riding.
  • A perfect fit helmet avoids noise and other distracting sounds.
  • Also, a helmet does not allow insects or any flying objects to enter inside.

In many states, if a person is found violating the rule of wearing helmets, his/her license will be canceled. Moreover, statistics from NHTSA show that more than 1000 lives saved only due to the reason that the person was wearing a helmet while riding.

Many riders avoid wearing helmets when police are not around during their ride. Also, many avoid wearing helmets on Sunday as they think the police will not catch them. Remember, all lovely riders’ helmet is to be used for your safety and not someone else safety.

While riding a motorcycle, you will be responsible for any kind of head injury caused in a mishap. Wearing helmet just prevent this kind of injury. Moreover, your life is more precious than anything else. So, do not make yourself fall in danger by just avoiding the helmet.

Safest Motorcycle Helmets Includes

Your helmet may use different materials to make them safe. Also, with an increase in technology and customer needs, your helmet comes with a lighter material to avoid neck strain and Bluetooth speakers for easy navigation.

Though it may feel things are changing, yet the necessary things to be included in the helmet remain the same. A helmet that has all the below-mentioned parts and certified is treated as the safest one.

Outer shell

It is the basic part that helps to keep you free from head injuries during accidents or mishaps. Usually, it is a colored, attractive part and can be seen easily.  

Materials like molded plastics, polycarbonate, Kevlar, carbon fiber may be used or even sometimes the combination of the materials mentioned.

Absorbing Liner

It is foam based absorbing liner, which helps in reducing the jerk when you fall. Also, it absorbs energy shock caused during an accident.

It protects your head as well brain. It is said that helmets without absorbing liner may become prone to cause damage to the head and brain, even brain hemorrhage.

Plenty of helmets are available in the market, either with a single-layered absorbing liner or dual-layer absorbing liner.

Comfort Layer

This layer provides you with the comfort of wearing the helmet. Also, it can be seen inside a helmet.

Usually, it is made from an open-cell foam wrapped in a cloth material to absorb sweat. It keeps cool while riding. This padded layer can be removed for cleaning purposes.

Few brands also provide interchangeable padded layers to match your head size.


The visor is also known as a face shield. It helps debris, dust, bugs, and other materials on the road from entering the helmet. Your visor must be clear for easy driving.

Visors are available in the market with customizable colors for use in different environments.  Moreover, they are washable, and you can wash them with mild soap or shampoo by removing the visor.

Cheek Pads

To provide additional comfort to your head wearing a helmet, extra safety helmets are provided with cheek pads. Also, they help to fit the helmet easily.

Cheek pads can be removed for washing. They can be seen only in full-face helmet and open-face helmets.

Chin Strap

Chin straps help in fixing the helmet in a place on the head while riding. The chin straps come with comfort liner to absorb the sweat, and also it provides comfort when the strap rests against the skin.

Different Helmet Certification

A certified helmet will have a certification logo on it. For example, any Indian helmet which is certified will have an ISI symbol on it.

ISI stands for the Indian Standards Institute. The Indian government made a strict rule to wear only certified helmets. A helmet with ISI 4151 prevents the skull from damaging during mishaps. If you are choosing a helmet that is made by India, then it must have an ISI certificate.

A foreign or imported helmet may have a certification like ECE, DOT, and SNELL. Many racing organizations prefer ECE certified helmet.

ECE stands for Economic Commission for Europe. Also, this standard is adopted over 50 countries. A helmet must undergo rigorous testing to get ECE certified.

DOT stands for Department of Transportation certified by the USA. Standards are enforced by them for helmets to be used in their country.

SNELL is an international standard, and a helmet to be certified by SNELL must undergo rigorous testing. Also, they are preferred by the racing organization.

Both DOT and SNELL is from the USA. DOT is for the helmets that can be worn while riding on the public roads. SNELL is for racing.

Also, SNELL is the world’s roughest certification apart from impact testing. They undergo huge rigorous tests.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Never put a sticker for the attraction on the lid of your motorcycle helmet. This may damage your helmet.
  • Always opt for a helmet that correctly fits your head. It is better to try it before buying it.
  • Always say no to an uncertified helmet.
  • Your helmet material may be degraded if they are placed near excessive heat, gasoline, and cleaning fluids.
  • Never use furniture polish to clean the helmet. Always keep them in dry places.
  • Once you clean the helmet, keep it in sunlight for complete drying.
  • Do replace your helmet as per the guidelines of the brand.
  • Do check if your helmet needs any touch-ups. Never use a helmet with torn foam or damaged strap.
  • Do wipe your helmet’s visor from one end to the end to avoid scratches.
  • Do stay away from regular soaps for cleaning helmets. It is better to clean your helmet with a soft cloth after the end of the use for a day.
  • Though your helmet meets, all standards do not drop them carelessly.

Cleaning and Maintaining your Helmet

With proper maintenance and cleaning, helmet life can be used for a few more days effectively. Also, your helmet catches a lot of dust, sweat, stains, and mud particles.

For cleaning the helmet, you require mild shampoo or soap, microfiber cloth, cotton swabs, and a bucket filled with warm water. Never use ammonia-based cleaners or hard detergent to wash the helmet. They damage very soon.

The microfiber cloth must be clean and neat. Cotton swabs are used to clean the vents.

  • Cleaning the helmet may take some time and must be done gently, not damaging the helmet. Remove all the parts that can be washed separately like a visor, pads, and even liner.
  • Few helmets come with a removable liner, and few come with a non-removable liner.
  • Use mild shampoo or soap and mix it with warm water to clean the outer shell.  Do not use a scrub or any hard materials to remove the stains. Gently rub the fingers or use a cloth to wipe the dust, dirt or stains, etc.
  • Repeat the process for liners as well.
  • If your helmet liner is attached to the shell and can’t be removed, then soak the helmet in warm water with a mild shampoo mixture for few minutes.
  • Gently rub the fingers on the shell and liner by removing the helmet from the water.
  • Take another microfiber cloth or cotton towel and lay it on the liner to remove the water and moisture. Allow it to dry in sunlight but not in the complete hot sun.
  • Wash the parts that can be removed separately and allow them to dry. Now, using cotton swabs, clean the vents, and attach all the parts only after thorough drying.
  • Never scrub helmet visor or the shell, which leaves them with scratches.

Types of Helmets

As the demand for helmets increased with different customer requirements. Different types of best helmets in India are as follows:

Full Face Helmet

It is the traditional model and most commonly known helmet type. As soon as you think of helmet, you get a picture of the full-face helmet rather than any other kind.

Full-face helmets protect to head, ears, chin, and complete face. A chin bar is essential as when you met with an accident, it is the most affected part. Hence, a full-face helmet only will provide complete protection, including chin and jawline.

Many bike racers tend to opt for a full-face helmet as they provide complete protection, and racers will have high speed in racing. Full-face helmets will also have vents for ventilation.

These vents allow the sweat to evaporate by avoiding visor fogging. However, people who sweat a lot will have the problem of fogging.

Open Face Helmet

Open Face helmets protect the head, ears leaving behind chin and jawline. They are preferred mostly by people who sweat a lot. Open face helmets are also known as ¾ helmets.

Usually, these open face helmets have a visor that is partial or full-face to cover the face.

They do not have chin bars to avoid the fogging problem caused in full-face. Yet they avoid fogging problems, they do not protect against debris, dust, cold winds, and hot winds as full-face helmet do.

Half Helmet/ Skull-cap

A half helmet does not have a chin bar and visor. Also, they offer minimal protection to your head, face, ears. As visors are eliminated, the fogging problem is resolved.

For safeguarding your eyes, one must use cooling glasses or shades to protect the eyes. Also, they offer even less protection than an open-face helmet. Generally, a cycle rider tends to use this type of helmet.

Modular/Flip-Up Helmet

A modular helmet looks similar to full-face helmets. Yet they provide less safety when compared to a full-face helmet and more safety than an open-face helmet or half-helmet. 

A modular helmet can protect the head, ears, face, chin, and jawline. They are designed in such a way that visor and chin bar can be flipped up.

Here, in this type of helmet, the visor and chin bar may be combined or may be separate for greater flexibility.

Off-Road Helmet

Usually, off-road helmets look similar to full-face helmets, but they have angular chin bars. Few off-road helmets do not have a visor for good ventilation.

Often goggles are used when an off-road helmet is used. These helmets are not best for highway riding and city riding.

The weight of the off-road helmets is less compared to other types. Moreover, they are ideal to be used in summer and warm climatic conditions.  

Off-road helmets are also known as dirt bike helmets as the helmets are widely used in dirt areas.

Dual Sport Helmet

Dual sport helmet is also known as the crossover helmet. It is a hybrid of an off-road and full-face helmet. They have all the features of a full-face helmet and provide complete protection.

While coming to visors, they have a large visor, and few can also be flipped up for goggles space.

They provide larger ventilation for easy airflow and have good noise protection. They are preferred by those who ride on highways as well as off-road.

Buying guide

As helmets save us from injuries in mishaps, several factors need to be considered while buying a helmet.

Safety Certification

It must be given top priority while buying a helmet. As you know that helmets come with different certifications ensure that you opt for a helmet that is certified only.

Few helmets come with false safe certification do not use such kind of helmets.

You are only responsible for yourselves while riding, and hence you must take care of your head by wearing a certified helmet. Cross-check the helmet you opted has a certification or not.

Material used

It is the key factor to be seen. Depending on the material used, the weight of the helmet also varies. Usually, materials like Polycarbonate, Fibreglass composite, Carbon fiber, Expanded polystyrene (EPS) are used.

Polycarbonate material is less expensive and flexes easily on absorbing energy.
Fiberglass composite is more expensive, and it flexes splits and crushes easily.
The most expensive and lightest material is carbon fiber, and it distributes energy evenly upon impact.
While EPS is foam-based and absorbs shock energy

Shape, Size, and Weight

Different type and different material used makes the weight of the helmet different. In general, the modular helmet weighs more than a full-face helmet. Also, the shape and size fitted perfectly defer from person to person.

Helmets come with different head shape like round, oval and intermediate shape. Depending on your head shape, chose the helmet.

Now, coming to the size, it should be measured using a measuring tape. Wrap the measuring tape simply around your head with the fullest part. This determines the size of your head. A properly fitted helmet provides more safety.

Also, you need to buy a helmet lock according to the size of the helmet you wish to purchase.

Different strap buckling

Your helmets come with different strap buckling types, which help in securing the helmet in a proper position.

The basic buckling type is a double D ring system, which is considered as the basic buckling system. It has a simple mechanism, yet it is the safest one.

The next type is the quick release buckling type. In this type, one end of the strap comes with a metal end and another end to catch the metal end when you place the metal end strap into a catch that is operated by spring, helmet locks.

The final buckling type is micrometric. One end will have spring-operated ratchet while the other end has a toothed strip. Also, micrometric is considered to be the easiest buckling system.


Great visibility comes with a good visor. For proper visibility, your helmet visor must be clear and must not have a fogging problem. The fogging problem occurs only when proper vents are not provided to the helmet. Also, visor must be large for securing your eyes.

Moreover, few helmets are available with the option of lifting the vents. At the top of all, your visor must not have any stickers; otherwise, visibility will be reduced.


Vents aids in easy airflow and thus avoiding the problem of fogging. A good helmet will have a well-designed structure with well-built vents.

Also, they allow removing sweat easily. Improper airflow causes heat to head and result in bad effects. Usually, vents may be located near the chin bar, above the visor, and to the sides/side. Few vents have the facility of an open and close mechanism.

Purpose of the helmet

What is the purpose of the helmet you are buying? If you are riding a motorbike on off-road, then it is advisable to choose an off-road helmet; otherwise, an on-road helmet serves the purpose.

Few tend to use their sports helmet while riding on roads or vice versa.

Never exchange your helmet. A sports helmet must be used only during sports while a normal helmet must be used while riding on roads or off-road.


Your helmet will be comfortable only when all the mentioned factors like material, weight, size, shape, vents, visor are good. Also, as soon as you try to wear a new helmet, you feel it a little bit tight.

To check the correct fitting helmet, do finger testing. Finger testing is done by placing two fingers after you wear a helmet. Your helmet must travel smoothly.

The padding inside will be adjusted only after using it two to three times.

1. JPW Full Face Helmet 

The JPW full-face helmet offers complete protection to face and neck. It is very effective against dust, flying stones, and insects.

The helmet provides excellent sound insulation and keeps you warm in cold weather. It is made from superior quality material which reduces impact and offers stability and toughness.

Main Features
  • The helmet is certified to meet and exceed ISI standards.
  • It is made from high impact ABS shell which is constructed from injected thermoplastic resin. It offers maximum protection.
  • The visor is made from polycarbonate and is scratch resistant. The helmet has a clear and tinted polycarbonate visor that you can use according to your preference.
  • The helmet has a visor locking system via latch in the closed position. It keeps the visor in place even at high speed.
  • It has a quick change face shield mechanism.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The inner lining of the helmet is antibacterial and anti-odor which keeps your skin safe.
  • The chinstrap has a micrometric buckle that can be easily tightened and released with one hand.
  • The visor can be easily dismantled without any tools.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The overall looks of the helmet are average.

2. Royal Enfield Open Face Visor Helmet 

Royal Enfield was founded by Albert Eadie and Robert Walker Smith in 1901. The company is popular for its study and high performing motorcycles. It also manufactures bike accessories.

The Royal Enfield open space visor helmet is an ideal product for riders who look for the classic MLG signature style along with the ease of open helmet. It has a long face visor that lets you drive your motorcycle while protecting your delicate eye area from dirt and small particles.

Main Features
  • The helmet’s shell has the strength of a single unit ABS shell.
  •  Its visor style is semi jet open with a long visor.
  • The visor is made from a hard-coated visor surface, which is equipped with UV treatment and is scratch resistant.
  • The inner side of the helmet has a comfort liner made from polyester.
  • It has chinstrap retention, which is adjustable and enabled with a lock system.
  • The helmet gives enhanced comfort as it has an EPS inner liner.
  • The helmet is 1.59 kgs.
  • It is an XL size helmet with a circumference of 60 cm.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its matt black outer surface looks classy.
  • The helmet is perfect for all seasons, even in heavy rainfall.
  • It is very comfortable and ideal for long time wear.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.

3. Studds Chrome Eco Full Face Helmet

Studds Chrome Eco Helmet is a full face helmet with clear visor that comes in different sizes and colour options. It provides head protection during any uncomfortable impact.

Studd Chrome Helmet comes with an outer shell that is injected from a special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic.

It comes with an optically true injected polycarbonate visor hard coated for scratch resistance properties.

Main Features
  • Regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti allergic material
  • The spare visors are available in different options
  • The helmet comes in various sizes and graphic options
  • Outer shell finish provides scratch resistance
  • Inner lining of microdenier polyester fabric
  • Comes with dynamic ventilation system
PROS (What we liked)
  • Comes with excellent wicking, wetting and water absorbency characteristics
  • The quick release chin strap ensures safety and ease of usage
  • Provides comfort to the rider by reducing heat
  • Keeps the rider safe from infections and allergies
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed

4. Sepia Open Face Helmet 

The Sepia open face helmet is effective against dust, flying stones, insects and offers the best protection to the head and neck. It has excellent sound insulation and keeps your head warm during cold winters.

It is made from high-quality ABS material that reduces impact and offers extreme stability and toughness.

Main Features
  • The helmet has an easy fitting visor, which is anti-fog and anti-scratch, which does not curb the vision.
  • It has a chin strap with a clip mechanism.
  • The helmet is padded from inside for utmost comfort. The soft inner foam may take about 7-10 days to adapt to the rider’s head.
  • It has a square type D-Ring for a snug fit.
  • The aerodynamic design of this helmet provides the utmost comfort and safety.
  • The wide vision of the visor ensures large proper visibility during rides.
  • It is green in color and has a matte look.
  • The size is 58 cm.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The inner foam is well-ventilated, which provides breathability.
  • The helmet is ideal for everyday use, road trip, or casual ride.
  • It is a lightweight helmet yet durable.
  • Very affordable.
  • It is ISI approved.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It takes too long to adapt to the rider’s head.

5. Vega Crux Flip-Up Helmet – Our pick

Vega Crux Flip-Up Helmet
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Vega auto accessories private limited is the leading manufacturer company in India with a wide range of high-quality helmets. It was incorporated in 1982.

Also, the company is established all over the world and surpassed the certification standards like ISI, DOT, ECE. All their products are well-designed and well-maintained. Their category of products includes helmets and accessories.

Main Features
  • The black-colored motorbike helmet is ISI 4151 certified
  • The modular flip-up helmet has ample ventilation
  • It is designed especially for youth
  • The helmet comes with an odorless mouth guard
  • It comes with internal padding for more comfort
  • Also, the helmet is compact and light in weight, it only weighs 1.5kg
  • Additionally, the helmet has a visor locking system
PROS (What we liked)
  • Quality of the product is good
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy visibility
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.
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6. Studds Open Face Helmets – High-quality

Studds Open Face Helmets
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Studds Accessories Limited is the leading manufacturer and well-known brand throughout the world. They have two flagships Studds and SMK. SMK helmets are sold in 23 countries while Studds helmets are sold in 21 countries. 

They were granted certification, including IS:4151, IS : 2925, ECE 22:05, SLSI.

The open face helmet is attractive, sturdy, and made of high-quality material. It comes with an adjustable visor, quick release chin strap, and has EPS padding.

Main Features
  • The scratch-resistant outer shell of the helmet is made from high-grade material
  • It has an anti-scratch visor, which can be adjusted in a different position.
  • Proper airflow is provided with a dynamic ventilation system
  • Moreover, for easy operation the, chin strap has quick-release mechanism
PROS (What we liked)
  • Available in different colors
  • it comes with EPS padding that is anti-allergic
  • Also, XS size is available
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No colors are available
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7. Steelbird Full Face Graphics Helmet – Attractive Graphics

Steelbird Full Face Graphics Helmet
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Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd was founded on March 13th, 1964. It is the leading manufacturer in India with a wide range of helmets, accessories, and pannier boxes.

They have a wide variety of helmets available in the market. Each variety has its features. Also, Steelbird helmets have ISI certification.

They provide an innovative experience to their customers.

SBA-1 Full-face helmet is available in different colors with good finishing. Apart from the color of the helmet, even visors are available in different types.

Also, graphics on the helmet are attractive and are not distractive. It comes with multiple layers of EPS and has a high-impact ABS shell.

Main Features
  • The full-face helmet is available in different colors and available with a different type of visors including a smoke visor, night vision visor, and plain visor
  • Graphics on the helmet is attractive
  • The design of the helmet is Italian.
  • Also, it has an ISI 4151 certification
  • For good safety, it comes with multiplayer EPS
  • For ease airflow, vents are provided at chin guard, front and top area
  • Also, the upper part of the helmet’s vents follows Air Booster System
PROS (What we liked)
  • Detachable padding helps in easy cleaning
  • It is light in weight
  • It comes with a high-impact ABS shell
  • Quality of the visor is good
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Padding quality may be improved
  • Riding at night will be difficult due to black visor
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8. Vega Verve Open Face Motorbike Helmet – Ladies Special

Vega Verve Open Face Motorbike Helmet
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The open-face helmet is the product of vega auto accessories private limited, which was incorporated in 1982. They have various types of helmets; each has its specifications.

Vega is spread all over the world, and their products have surpassed the certifications like ISI, DOT, ECE.

The helmet is specially designed for ladies to provide the comfort of wearing even in a ponytail. It comes with chin strap lock, and visor is scratch proof.

Also, it is ISI certified product with light in weight. Moreover, it provides plenty of ventilation.

Main Features
  • An open-face helmet is available in three different colors
  • It is specially designed for ladies, and now, your ponytail will not create a problem while wearing the helmet
  • The visor of an open-face helmet is scratch proof and has stylish goggles look
  • It comes in medium size and the person having 57 to 59cm can use this helmet easily
  • Also, the helmet has ISI certification
PROS (What we liked)
  • Light in weight provides comfort in using
  • Comes with helmet lock vent
  • Transparent visor for clear visibility
  • Comfortable to use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Padding can be increased for perfect comfort
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9. Steelbird Helmet – Micro-metric

Steelbird Helmet
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Steelbird is 50 years age-old company providing wide varieties of helmets with superior quality. It was founded in 1964.

 It has the facility of manufacturing based on cutting-edge technology. Their products include helmets, pannier boxes, spare parts.

SBA-1 helmet is ISI certified. It fits perfectly by providing ample ventilation. Also, the outer shell is made using ABS material and is hard. Graphics on the helmet is very attractive.

Moreover, the helmet is available in different colors.

Main Features
  • SBA-1 helmet is available in different colors but in only two sizes medium and large
  • It comes with high-impact ABS material shell with multi-layer EPS for more safety
  • Micro-metric buckling system
  • Also, the helmet has a good ventilation system
  • Moreover, the product is designed in Italy with superior quality and better performance
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to wash and clean due to removable inner fabric.
  • Comfortable to use
  • Attractive look
  • The visor can be changed to clear and dark
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The visor was found difficult at night times
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10. Autofy TROUPER Open Face Helmet – Three-layer protection

Autofy TROUPER Open Face Helmet
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Autofy provides the best quality products at affordable prices in automotive accessories and riding gears. They have a huge range of product categories, including helmets, anti-theft bags, mobile bike holders, headlights, and much more.

The TROUPER open face helmet comes with a clear visor and is ISI 4151 certified. It comes with a quick release locking mechanism strap.

The size of the helmet is medium. Also, the helmet has three-layer protection. A vent is provided at the side of the helmet for easy airflow.

Main Features
  • The open-face helmet comes with an ISI 4151 certification
  • The color of the helmet is dessert storm
  • It comes with premium quality and adjustable high-resistance visor. It provides wide-angle visibility
  • Also, the visor can be replaced with mirror visor or tinted visor
  • The helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap with a quick release mechanism
  • The outer shell is highly durable and has three-layer protection for better absorption of shock energy
  • Moreover, the helmet has anti-allergic resin material inside for long-lasting usage
PROS (What we liked)
  • The design of the helmet is compact and designed ergonomically
  • Easy to use
  • It is ideal for men, women, middle-aged, teenager, youth
  • Available in different colors
  • Worth buying
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The product is not as sturdy as it looks.
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11. JMD HELMETS – Glossy finish

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JMD helmets established in 1999, and it is an Indian company, leading manufacturer as well as wholesaler of two different types of helmets full-face and open-face.

Also, they provide customized helmets. Their products include trusty mirror visor full-face helmet, wonder with peak glossy helmet, and much more.

Main Features
  • The grey full-face helmet uses fiberglass material and has a glossy finish
  • ISI certifies it
  • The helmet comes with a free anti-pollution mask
  • Vents provide easy airflow
  • For comfort, the helmet is provided with premium quality padding which is anti-allergic
  • Also, the chinstrap is easy to use and has a pull-up mechanism
PROS (What we liked)
  • Provided with good vents for easy airflow
  • A visor is provided with adjustable locking
  • The helmet is comfortable to use and lightweight
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Mirror is hard
  • Quality of the chin strap can be improved
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12. Motofly Galaxy Motorbike Helmet – Men’s only

Motofly Galaxy Motorbike Helmet
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Men’s only full-face helmet is from Motofly Galaxy, and it is ISI certified. It comes in a combination of blue and black. The helmet is available in large sizes.

All Motofly products are designed well and satisfy customer needs. Their products include a waterproof spotlight, helmet locks, an open face, and a full-face helmet.

Main Features
  • The full-face helmet is in blue-black color
  • It is suitable only for boys and men
  • It comes with clear visibility visor
  • Also, the helmet is ISI:4151 certified
PROS (What we liked)
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable to wear
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Finishing of the product can be improved
  • Quality of the inside padding can be improved
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13. LS2 Helmets – Youth

LS2 Helmets
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LS2 helmet undergoes huge quality checks before the helmet is out for sale. Also, they ensure that their helmets meet the standards.

The design of the products is done uniquely with the help of good technicians and engineers. Also, they try to provide high-quality products to match customer needs. Category of the helmets includes road, urban, off-road, mini.

Main Features
  • The outer shell is made of KPA-Kinetic polymer alloy
  • It has well-padding inside
  • Also, it is designed without a visor so goggles can be used easily
  • Enough vents are provided for easy airflow
  • The helmet weight is light so easy to wear, and also, it has the perfect finishing
PROS (What we liked)
  • Look and feel of the helmet is sturdy
  • Comes with attractive design shell
  • Proper airflow
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The price of the product is a bit high
  • Not recommended during winter
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14. AutokraftZ GERMAN-STYL Half Face Helmet – Unisex

AutokraftZ GERMAN-STYL Half Face Helmet
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Autokraftz provides motorbike and car accessories. Their range of products includes winter riding gloves, motorcycle gloves, sunshade for cars, mobile holders for bikes, and much more.

DOT approved unisex half helmet is light in weight. It is durable and has a stylish look. It provides comfort positioning with Y-strap and chin strap.

The helmet has a hard outer shell. The helmet has a classic German style. Moreover, it is available in three different sizes and three different colors.

Main Features
  • The unisex half helmet comes in medium, large and XL sizes and also it is available in three different colors
  • The outer shell is hard with ABS
  • It has comfort fit padding internally
  • An adjuster is provided along with the Y-strap retention system for better positioning
  • Design of the helmet is a replica of world war II
  • Unisex helmet follows a German-style
  • To hold the helmet securely a chin strap and adjustable D-ring is provided
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a strong build-up an outer shell
  • Easy to use
  • Quality of the product is good
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The inner portion of the helmet is not up to the mark
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of helmet is best?

If you are more concerned about safety, then a full-face helmet is best that provides complete protection. Otherwise, you can opt for a modular flip-up helmet, open-face helmet. Above all, a perfect fit helmet is ideal to use.

2. When must I replace my helmet?

Any helmet must be replaced every five years. Every brand provides a few years of life to the helmet only.

Few brands may also ask you to replace the helmet for three years. Apart from this, whenever your helmet is damaged, try to replace it immediately.

3. How to find the best fitting helmet?

It is easy to find a perfect fit helmet. First of all, one must measure the circumference of your head and note the size. Look at the size you noted in the size chart provided by the brand.

Now, buy the helmet as per your size. At first, the helmet may feel tight. It became comfortable only after using it a few times.


If you have reached this part of the article means you are looking for a helmet to buy. We hope this article is well explained and provided you with the complete information.

Always consider factors like certification, the material used, size, visor, vents while buying a helmet. We considered Vega Crux as the best pick helmet and for ladies Studds open face helmet.

Vibha Navarathna

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