10 Best Full Face Helmets

On-road full-face helmet, Off-road helmet and dual helmets are some of the helmets that we have reviewed in this article.

Riding on roads, going for long drives is fun. For you to enjoy it completely one must need to be secure and protected. So, for happy and safe riding, it is mandatory to use helmets.

Helmets are invented to protect your head, neck, chin, jawline, face. During the manufacturing of helmets, many different materials are used for the outer shell to provide protection. Also, to reduce the injuries caused, comfort and cushion padding is included.

Research shows that many lives are saved in accidents due to the reason that the rider was wearing a helmet. A bad road, rainfall, improper driving skills, distracted driving are a few reasons for accidents to happen. So, a helmet saves you from bad injuries whatever the reason may be.

To have a happy life even after unexpected mishaps, use helmets. A full-face helmet is one of the most popular helmets when compared to the other types like a half-face helmet, open-face helmet, sport-bike helmet, modular helmet, etc.

In this article, we have discussed different types of full-face helmets. Each has its specific reason to use. Also, in this article, we have mentioned buying guide for you to pick the best motorcycle helmet, advantages of a full-face helmet, care for your helmettop picks of best helmets, helmet replacement, and FAQ.

Top 10 Full Face Helmets

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Light weight
UV protected
Scratch resistant
In built googles
Twin shield system
Bluetooth compatible
Clear night vision

Advantages of the Full-Face Helmet over Other Types of Motorbike Helmets

  • Full-face helmets are safe to use and provide maximum protection, safety.
  • Full-face helmets protect the head, chin, neck, and entire face.
  • They protect you from wind, noise, rain, bugs, dust and other particles.
  • The padding inside the helmet provides comfort.
  • Though the full-face helmet is heavy to wear it provides safety when compared to other types of helmets. Full-face helmets lock in a position even at higher speed and thus stay in a place.
  • Due to difficulty in wearing the helmet in hot climatic conditions many full-face helmets are provided with extra vents.
  • By using full-face helmets, you can avoid using shades or goggles as they even protect your eyes.
  • A full-face helmet can be used for a longer duration of time as the visor and chin bar are sealed at a place. Moreover, full-face helmets can be made to be aerodynamic and lightweight.

Care for Your Helmet

A well-maintained helmet will provide great performance. It is mandatory to take care of your helmet as you do for your bike.

Never place your helmet in hot climatic conditions. This may reduce the life span of your helmet.

A full-face helmet requires general and simple maintenance. It is ideal to do a quick clean after the end of the use for a day. A quick clean is to wipe the helmet completely with a soft cloth.

For full cleaning your helmet you need water, mild soap, soft cloth to wipe.

If you can remove the inner shell completely then remove it before you start cleaning. Now wash the inner padding shell with mild soap water and normal water. Allow it to dry completely to reuse again. Also, remove the parts that can be removed easily like a visor. Wash the visor and allow it to dry in the sunlight.

Never keep your helmet under direct sun for drying. Now wash the outer shell with soapy water and normal water. Wipe the outer shell with a wet cloth to remove leftover stains or minute dust particles. Allow it to dry. Re-assemble all the parts once they are dry.

I can say if your helmet inner padding shell cannot be removed then never remove it. Wash full helmet with mild soapy water and normal water.

Remove the excess water from the padding using a cloth that absorbs water easily. Ensure that water is not excess. Now keep the helmet under sunlight for drying but not under direct sun. Once your helmet is dried completely start using it.

Helmet Replacement

On average, the life span of the helmet is five years. Also, it may vary from 3 to 5 depending on the brand.

If your helmet has no scratches or not even a minute damage, then replace your helmet as per the company. A helmet that is dropped accidentally may also absorb shock impact and sometimes the damage may be invisible.

Also, if your helmet ever meets with a crash or mishap, then it is the time to replace your helmet.

Few cracks or damage may be invisible, yet they reduce the performance of shock impact. Scrutinize your helmet whenever you raise a doubt.

If you have ever seen a slight crack on visor or chin bar, do not hesitate, replace it as soon as possible. Even little damage caused to the helmet will affect the performance of shock impact. However, any damaged piece of product is not considered safe to use.

Types of Full-Face Helmets

A full-face helmet is the basic type of the helmet which is seen on the roads daily. Many prefer this helmet over other kinds of helmets due to safety and security.

Also, it is the ideal helmet while riding. Statistics says that many people saved their lives in mishaps as they were wearing a helmet and were less injured especially wearing full-face helmets.

We have two different types of a full-face helmet, and both cover the entire head and provide complete protection.

On-Road Full Face Helmet

Image result for full face helmet image

The design of the on-road full-face helmet is a bit different from the off-road full-face helmet. Generally, a full-face helmet has a high-impact protective outer shell with transparent plastic face shield called a visor. This visor can be moved up and down for aeration.

Also, the inner padding is provided for extra comfort. Many full face helmets come with breathable padding for easy air flow. Moreover, for proper air flow vents are included to full face helmets.

The on-road full face helmets protect eyes, head, brain, chin, jaw and whole face. They must be used only on roads, and they cannot resist to off-road dust.

If you travel most of the time on roads rather than off-road, then choose on-road helmets.

Off-Road Full Face Helmet

Image result for off road full face helmet image

An off-road helmet is designed primarily to meet the dust and other dry, wet climatic conditions. Off-road helmets have elongated visor and chin bars. Also, the chin bar is angular rather than round as seen in on-road helmets.

The angular chin bar provides extra impact protection and saves from debris and dirt while the elongated visor offers protection from sun rays.

For more aeration, a vent is provided to the chin bar. An extended peak is provided to the helmet to cut out the dirt easily.

Also, off-road full-face helmets allow using goggles easily. Off-road helmets can easily resist the dust, wind and do not allow to pass through the helmet.

Dual Sport Helmet

Dual sport helmets are the combination of on-road and off-road helmets. These helmets can be used both on roads and off-roads. They have good resistance to dust, pollution, debris, flying objects. Also, they provide the comfort of good air flow. These are modern helmets.

Buying Guide

After knowing different types of full-face helmets, it will be easier to choose the kind of headgear you are looking for. Never use an off-road full-face helmet while you are riding on roads and vice versa.

Do remember that if you wish to use the same helmet for both on-road and off-road, chose dual sport helmet. However, apart from the type of the full-face helmet here mentioned a few different features to be looked while buying a helmet.

Vents and Air Flow

Every rider needs proper aeration to avoid fatigue and this is must especially when you are using full-face helmets. Many manufacturers provide vents at the upper part of the helmet, top of the helmet, on the chin bar and the back of the helmet.

Vents must be included to your helmet in such a way that the fresh air must pass in and the stale air must move out.


A full-face helmet can never be visorless. Visor protects your eyes. Also, visor saves from flying objects, dust, and other debris.

Few brands provide different types of visors like smoke visors, night vision visor, clear vision visor, an attachable/detachable visor. Ensure that your helmet visor offers clear vision and broader vision.

Comfort fit

Your helmet will be comfortable only when it fits you correctly. How to pick a perfect fit helmet? It all depends on size and measurement. When you plan to buy a helmet buy as per the size chart of the brand.

To measure your size wrap the measuring tape around your head. Mark the point and note it down. Now, the size you received must match with the chart. Pick the perfect match size.

This allows you to feel comfortable using the helmet. However, it takes time for every user to fit correctly.


Ensure that your helmet comes with proper padding, breathable padding, anti-bacterial or anti-allergen padding. Also, the padding must be in such a way that the rider must fit feel comfortable.

Now, many helmets are available in the market that has removable padding for easy washing. Moreover, the padding must be of high-quality and must not create a headache for the rider.


Helmet securing and locking is the most important thing to be considered. An unlock helmet is similar to the rider without a helmet.

The quick release mechanism, metric buckle mechanism is used to lock the helmet on your head properly.

A perfectly locked helmet will stay in place rather than moving from here and there. Also, it provides clear visibility without any obstacles.


Always it is mandatory to buy a helmet that has ISI or DOT or ECE certification. As they are tested well and have great resistance to shock.

Also, a certified helmet comes with premium quality materials. For a helmet to have the certification it must undergo several tests in the laboratories.


An off-road helmet will have a more stylish look than on-road helmet due to the design of the helmet. However, to attract the customers’ many on-road helmets come with attractive and stylish graphics over the helmet.

Ensure that the style of your helmet never creates a problem in protecting you in mishaps.


An aerodynamic helmet has lesser drag pressure and it helps a lot in accidents by saving the rider. It reduces the head injuries caused due to jerk.

10 Best Full Face Helmets

1. Steelbird 7Wings Full Face Helmet – Our pick

Steelbird 7Wings Full Face Helmet
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Steelbird is an aged old company founded in the year 1964. All their products are exported around the world to 50 different countries. Also, the products maintain a high-quality and perfect finish.

List of their products includes full face helmets, half helmets, open-face helmets, visor, Lock, Mouth Guard and much more. Moreover, they emerged as leading manufacturers of Pannier boxes, helmets, and other accessories.

SA-1 7 Wings full face helmet follows NACA Duct airflow technology. The helmet comes with inlets at the top and back respectively.

The top inlets allow easy air flow while the back inlets allow the stale air to flow out.  It has a micro-metric buckle for accurate securing. Also, the helmet comes with a Matt finish and clear visor for easy visibility. Moreover, it is ISI certified.

Main Features
  • The product comes with a plain visor
  • Weight of the helmet is 1.2 kg
  • It has a micro-metric buckle for securing the helmet
  • It is made from high impact ABS
  • The helmet comes with ISI certification
  • It comes with well-built paddings and vents for easy air flow
  • Also, inlets at the top of the helmet allow maximum air flow
  • Inlets at the back allow stale air out
PROS (What we liked)
  • Perfect fit helmet
  • Light in weight
  • Also, has goods vents for easy air flow
  • It is available in different colors and visors
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • View angle can be improved
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2. Shiro SH-600 Full Face Helmet – Heavyweight

Shiro SH-600 Full Face Helmet
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Shiro Helmets is Spain based company founded in 1964.  The company is represented in more than 60 countries. Their products have safety-quality-design. List of the products includes Full-face helmet, Flip-up helmet, jet helmets, kids helmets and shades. Moreover, their products are certified.

The attractive full-face helmet comes with a matt finish and provides UV protection. The visor has anti-scratch properties and provides good peripheral vision.

The inner shell of the helmet is removable and washable. It has an aerodynamic design and has 4 vents for easy air flow. Also, it has DOT and ECE certification.

Main Features
  • Shiro helmet outer shell is made of ABS resin
  • It provides UV protection and has an aerodynamic design
  • The inner shell is removable and washable and made from multi-density polystyrene
  • To reduce cervical fatigue the helmet is designed ergonomically
  • To keep the rider cool the helmet comes with 4 vents
  • Moreover, the helmet is DOT and ECE approved
PROS (What we liked)
  • Quality of the visor is good
  • Finishing of the product is excellent
  • provides value for money
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • weight of the helmet is heavy
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3. ACTIVE FAST Full Face Helmet – Light weight

ACTIVE FAST Full Face Helmet
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Active Fast full face helmet is in an elliptical shape with an attractive look. It has hard ABS outer shell. The visor and helmet is scratch resistance. Design of the helmet is compact and light in weight.

Moreover, the helmet has Matt Finish. The black colour full-face helmet has vents and locking knob for easy adjustment of the visor. Also, to position the visor at different angles.

Main Features
  • It comes with hard ABS outer shell
  • Active Fast helmet is ISI certified
  • Visor and helmet is scratch resistant
  • Design of the helmet is compact and light in weight
  • Also, the helmet has an attractive look with an elliptical shape
PROS (What we liked)
  • the helmet is durable and of tough quality
  • Available at affordable price
  • The helmet is available in five colors
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons found
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4. Vega Cliff DX Pioneer Full Face Helmet – Elliptical

Vega Cliff DX Pioneer Full Face Helmet
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Vega auto accessories private limited incorporated in 1982. They have a wide range of helmet collections.  Vega products are tested well before they are out in the market. Also, their company products are spread across the world in different countries. Moreover, their products have ISI, DOT, ECE certification.

Vega Cliff DX is ISI certified helmet and has an attractive color combination. The outer shell of the helmet is made of ABS material and the inner lining is removable for cleaning.

It comes with 3 vents one at the front and two at back. Adjustable knobs are provided to adjust the visor at different angle position.

Main Features
  • Cliff DX helmet is an elliptical shape
  • Cliff helmet is ISI certified
  • It has adjustable, lockable knobs on the helmet
  • The outer shell is made of high-quality ABS
  • The helmet is available in two different sizes medium and large
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to use, comfortable and light weighted
  • Looks good and attractive
  • For good aeration 1 vent at front and two at back are included
  • Visor has clear visibility and fits easily
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • inner lining can be improved
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5. Royal Enfield Full Face Helmet – UV protected

Royal Enfield Full Face Helmet
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Royal Enfield is a renowned and age-old company. Royal Enfield motorcycle was first produced in 1901. They deliver high-quality products and they are preferred all over the world.

Royal Enfield a Matt finish full-face helmet is designed ergonomically and has high-grade ABS shell. The inner padding has knit mesh cushioned liner. The visor is UV protected and has a hard coating. Also, it is scratch-resistance. Micro-metric adjustable lock is provided for secure-fit.  Moreover, the helmet is DOT and ISI certified.

Main Features
  • The helmet provides complete protection with EPS linings
  • Royal Enfield helmet is built as per ISI and DOT standards
  • Good comfort is provided with the knit-mesh cushioned liner
  • The helmet has a micro-metric adjustable chin strap for a secure fit
  • Also, they are easy to maintain
  • The helmet has 7 vents five for intake and two exhaust ports for easy aeration
  • Moreover, the visor comes with UV protection
PROS (What we liked)
  • Good ventilation
  • The outer shell of the helmet is made of ABS/fibreglass/ carbon fiber
  • Royal Enfield helmet undergoes rigorous tests
  • Available in different sizes
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It requires frequent cleaning due to the black color
  • The inner padding is not antibacterial
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6. Steelbird Off Road Racing Helmet – Scratch resistant

Steelbird Off Road Racing Helmet
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Steelbird was founded on March 13th, 1964. Their vision is to provide well-planned, innovative products with good technology. They export their products over 50 countries around the globe. Also, they provide high-quality and safe products.

The major brands of Steelbird Hi-tech India Limited are Steelbird, Steelbird Air and Ignyte Air, Ares. Moreover, all their products are well designed and have good quality.

The Steelbird off-road helmet has an odorless mouth guard and is made of high-impact ABS. A neck protector is provided for additional protection.

Main Features
  • The helmet comes with an odorless mouth guard
  • Helmets upper part ventilation uses air booster system
  • The shell is of high- impact ABS
  • Also, the helmet has multilayer EPS for safety with air channels
  • For additional comfort, the neck protector is included
  • The visor is scratch-resistant and made from polycarbonate
  • Multi pore easily breathable padding is provided for good air flow
PROS (What we liked)
  • Quality of the visor is good
  • The helmet comes with Italian design
  • Also, build-up quality is good
  • Design is attractive
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The paint on the helmet easily comes off
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7. Vega Off Road Full Face Helmet – In built googles

Vega Off Road Full Face Helmet
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Vega auto accessories private limited is an Indian company incorporated in 1982. It is the leading helmet manufacturer company. Their wide range of products is spread across the world. All their products are well-designed and tested. Design of the product is convenient as per the user. Moreover, the products have DOT, ISI, ECE certifications.

The off-road helmet has a good number of vents for easy aeration. The elongated peak over the helmet provides good protection from dust.

Vent to chin bar avoids fatigue. The off-road secret helmet is available in two different sizes and different colors. It provides complete protection to your head, neck, face, and chin.

Main Features
  • Vega off-road helmets are made using ABS material for roughness and impact resistance
  • It is ISI certified product and available in two different sizes medium and large
  • Also, the helmet comes with 7 vents that include two at the back, two at top and one at front
  • The helmet is designed in such a way that it fits comfortably
  • The inner padding of the helmet is removable and attachable for easy wash
PROS (What we liked)
  • The visor is scratch resistant
  • Easy to use and fits comfortably
  • It comes with twin shield for eye protection.
  • The helmet has special graphics beautifully designed for riders
  • Provides good ventilation
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Weight of the helmet is bit heavy
  • Quality of the goggles and inner lining can be improved
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8. LS2 Full Face Helmet – Twin shield system

LS2 Full Face Helmet
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LS2 has a wide range of collections and the product includes jackets, bags, helmets, fog visor, fashion bag and much more. Their products are produced with high quality and also they are certified. The helmet is available in different sizes and colors.

LS2 on-road helmet comes with an attractive color combination. It has ECE and DOR certifications. The quick release chin strap helps in securing the helmet perfectly.  Comfort padding or liner is provided for chin, head, and ears. This comfort liner is washable and easy to maintain. The in-built twin shield system is provided to protect eyes.

Main Features
  • The helmet meets ECE and DOT standards
  • LS2 helmet inner liner is removable and washable
  • For secure-fit, it comes with quick release chin strap
  • The helmet has in-built twin shield system
  • The face shield is scratch resistance and fights against fog
PROS (What we liked)
  • The visor is scratch proof
  • Looks attractive and is durable
  • Helmet perfectly fits
  • Easy to maintain
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons found
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9. SMK MA261 Full Face Helmet – Bluetooth compatible

SMK MA261 Full Face Helmet
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SMK Helmets provides a protective helmet with European designs. Their helmets are marketed across the world. SMK products have advanced technology and innovative. They have a wide range of products including hybrid Evo, Force, Swing, Cooper and much more.

Main Features
  • The helmet is moulded in Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic
  • Helmet outer shell is aerodynamic
  • It comes with a removable, washable inner lining that has an inner Resil coating that allows the fabric to be cool and breathable
  • Adjustable vents are provided
  • The helmet has quick release buckle for easy fitting
  • It is ECE certified product
  • Moreover, the helmet is compatible with Bluetooth
PROS (What we liked)
  • The helmet comes with a removable nose guard and lower wind stop
  • Scratch resistant visor is provided for wider visibility
  • Build quality is good
  • It is compatible with Bluetooth
  • The helmet has a comfort fit
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Graphics on the helmet can be removed easily
  • Not suitable for long rides
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10. JMD Full Face Helmets – Clear night vision

JMD Full Face Helmets
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JMD Helmets Private Limited is a Delhi based helmets company founded in the year 1999. They are manufacturers as well as wholesalers. They have two categories of helmets they are full-face and open-face helmets. Also, they provide customize helmets using high-quality materials. Moreover, they provide the products throughout India.

The product comes with a handle grip cover. The outer shell of the helmet is made from ABS. While for the inner padding anti-allergic materials are used. Mirror visor is provided for easy riding at night time. Locking is provided for positioning of the visor. Also, vents allow for easy air flow. Moreover, the product is ISI certified.

Main Features
  • The product comes with acupuncture rubber handle grip cover
  • The helmet is available in three different colors
  • Also, full-face helmet comes with polycarbonate mirror visor which has hard silicone coat
  • The visor is scratch-resistant and adjustable locking is provided for positioning the visor at different angles
  • For easy operation, the helmet has chinstrap with a quick release mechanism
  • To have proper fitting the padding comes with good cushioning and anti-allergic material
  • For greater life, the helmet has ABS shell
PROS (What we liked)
  • it is light in weight and easy to use
  • Visor provides good visibility even at night
  • It is very affordable
  • The ventilation is superb
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quality of the padding can be improved
  • Size is small than mentioned
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How a full-face helmet can save you from injuries?

Basically, a helmet saves your life when you meet with an accident or fall down on road due to various reasons. Many surveys show that rider death caused due to traumatic head injuries.

Helmet avoids this situation with less or no injury. A full-face helmet has a high-grade outer shell that absorbs shock impact and the padding inside reduces the injury caused due to jerk. Also, a full-face helmet saves the chin, jawline and give complete protection to your face.

2. Do certified helmets expire?

Yes, every helmet irrespective of certifications expires as per the brand mentioned. Few helmets expire for five years few for three years.

A certified helmet provides security as per the standards mentioned. Also, a certified helmet protects from injuries during mishaps.

Every helmet comes with the date of manufacture, it will be mentioned either inside a helmet or comes with a warranty card. Calculate the expiry from the manufacturing date.


Now that you have reached the end part of the article hope you will be clear with different full-face types of helmets, buying guide, maintenance. As we have mentioned different top helmets you may feel easy to pick your required helmet. We have picked Steelbird SA-1 as the best pick. If you want to choose a lightweight on-road helmet then you can pick ACTIVE FAST helmet.

Looking for built-in goggles then pick vega off-road helmet.  For Bluetooth compatibility, you can pick SMK helmet. For buying any kind of helmets you can simply click on the link mentioned.


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