Best GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Tracking system is a combination of hardware and software bundle which helps in tracking your vehicles. It also records the driving habits of the people who are driving and alerts you when any kind of incident occurs.

Now, these services are actually built so that one can adhere to the guidelines by the government laws, like the electronic logging devices (ELD), the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR).

The function of these GPS tracking devices is to collect the data to improve the efficiency, safety of the people and also the overall functionality.

GPS tracking systems have helped and improved the performance of many services. This also has helped people in locating the exact location of the vehicle which has reduced the possibility of theft to a very significant level. It is now much easier as you can buy these tracking devices online.

Types of GPS Tracking Systems

Passive GPS Tracking Devices


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Passive GPS trackers are also known as GPS logger which gather information about the location of the vehicle but they do not send that information anywhere.

Passive GPS trackers just store the data on either a hard drive or a memory card which can be easily accessible whenever you want to look at it.

This type of device is a very common choice for most fleet vehicles that can record the location of the vehicles and also track how fast the drivers have gone and any other important pieces of information.

The advantages of Passive GPS trackers are –

  • The data is stored in the device directly so that you won’t have to pay heed to maintain a link, and just download the information at your own convenience.
  • It is one of the most simple devices which makes it easy to use.
  • GPS loggers won’t require any monthly subscription which makes it an affordable option.
  • The devices come with features like weatherproof that means you can attach to either the inside or to the outside of the vehicle.

Active or Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices


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Real-time tracking devices are another alternative which is responsible for sending the data continuously to the computer or your smartphone which allows you to keep tabs on the vehicle all the time.

Real-time GPS tracking devices are a good choice if you are very new to driving or want to keep track of the whereabouts of your driver on a regular basis.

You can look up the location of the vehicle and the speed anytime you want to. You have to install the device to use it. It involves plugging it into the port on the car and you have to subscribe to a particular service to receive the updates.

Advantages of Real-time tracking devices –

  • You can keep track of your vehicle at all times.
  • It is a convenient system that doesn’t require you to remove the device from the car to plug into the computer
  • The updates that you will receive will be through the internet
  • This device can be used by the policemen to track the location of the stolen vehicles



In order to find the right GPS system for your vehicle or for your business, here is a compiled list of the buying guide that will help you in looking at what are the points to be noted.  If you are looking for the right GPS tracking device , below mentioned buyer’s guide would help you and you can come to a conclusion about what to look for in a tracking device before you buy it.

The Right Company

There are many companies who offer GPS services for various types of usage. When you look for a GPS system for your vehicle, then search for the company that is famous for the same. Companies with experience and reputation might be able to offer you with the right device and better solution so that you can get the best out of the money that you pay.


When you are looking forward to buying a GPS device for tracking for any type of vehicle, then you should make sure that you properly specify what is your requirement and usage before you place the order for it.

While you make your selection, note down the type of vehicle and also the distance from the tracking point – these are two very important points.


The GPS tracking devices should have the right software that can locate the vehicles, that can set up routes and also give you the right directions to your destinations. These services should provide information about your vehicle, its maintenance, and also the behavior of the driver.

These features will help you in tracking the health of your vehicle and also understand your driver’s habits so that you can keep a track on the fuel efficiency. These end up boosting the customer’s satisfaction which provides accurate results.

Alert systems

Look at what is the availability of the alert services like is it via texts or emails. Choose a provider that can provide you with information for specific occurrences. For example, the driver is off the route or engaging in illegal activities.

Customer support

Choose the right vendor that will let you contact the representative any time you need help with something. It can be either through phone or chatbot.


The cost of the GPS tracking systems is based on a number of options and features that it provides you with. It does require investing in the hardware if you are going for the fleet tracking system. It depends on the type of unit that you install. It also depends on what type of reporting you pick. Like it varies for passive tracking systems and real-time tracking systems.

Accuracy and Display

When you go for purchasing a GPS tracking device, make sure that you pick the one that gives you the most accurate results. Also, you should prefer going for devices, that offer a wide display so that it is easy for you to look at the widescreen while you are driving.




GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0


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It is a perfect device for your car which is an Optimus tracker that syncs with your personal account and provides routine features. The service coverage is available in many countries and all over the world.

The website provides you with a piece of detailed information that tracks the location of your vehicle throughout the day, the time that you spend at each location, the parking time and also the time that is taken for movement.

The information provided by this tracking system outsmarts most of the other GPS vehicle trackers.

It also includes an SOS button that is meant for the driver in case of a true emergency which will send the location of the vehicle directly.


  • The dimensions of the tracking device are (W x H x D) – 1 x 1.5 x 3 inches
  • The weight of the product is 95.3 gms
  • It is an Optimus GPS tracker that can track people, vehicle, and items
  • You can customize the position to a frequency of 30 seconds while moving which can be upgraded to 10 seconds
  • The application is available on iPhone and Android for fast-tracking
  • You receive mail and text messages for alerts like movements, speeding, low battery
  • You can track the historical data which is saved
  • It requires 1 Lithium Polymer batteries


  • It gives detailed data
  • It has an SOS button for emergency
  • Good Tracking job


  • No updates on battery utilization.
  • Usage manual is not self-explanatory.




MasTrack OBD Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker 

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MasTrack tracking device is just like your personal auto technician. It connects directly to the diagnostic port which is under the dashboard and it monitors the location of the vehicle, tracks the excessive idling by the drivers, it also adds reminders for maintenance for example service, oil changes, etc.

It also provides a 12 months premium service for free after which the service charges might vary. It is a small device which plugs directly to the OBD port of any vehicle. It does not require any kind of tool, you just simply have to plug the device and all set to go.

It is mostly used by businesses to track vehicles that can reduce travel costs and fuel costs. It thus helps in improving customer service. It is also used by families that encourage the safety of the driver and also promotes healthy driving habits. You get unlimited access to keep an eye on the driver and thus this helps families monitor the whereabouts of their teen child.


  • The MasTrack application is available for download in both the Google Play store and Apple App store
  • The dimensions of the tracking device are (W x H x D) – 1.8 x 1 x 1.5 inches
  • The weight of the item is 45 gms
  • It has engine alerts
  • It includes a 12-month premium service free for real-time GPS tracking in just 1-minute updates
  • It required no installation
  • You can use any internet enabled device as it does not require any software
  • It includes a 24/7 live map update feature
  • Unlimited reporting and alert notifications


  • No installation is required
  • Easy to use and operate
  • It provides maintenance reminders
  • Comes with a 12-month premium service
  • It has multiple service levels for subscription
  • Real-time GPS updates up to every 1 minute.
  • Unlimited email and text message alerts for tampering, speeding, geofence, etc


  • The texts generated are not under the same thread which makes it confusing
  • Some users complaint of unplugging and plugging the device to make it work.
  • Customer service is not so good.



Spy Tec STI GL300 Real-Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker


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Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time vehicle tracker is a compact and a cutting-edge device which allows you to track your loved ones and track their location when you are not around them.

It keeps you up to date in real time. It provides the updates about the location every 5 seconds so that if the vehicle is moving fast, you can still keep track of it.

The website allows you to set geographic boundaries so that if the vehicle crosses the boundaries, you can get alerts sent to you.

The device’s battery life and its tracking accuracy are enhanced with the built-in accelerometer which helps in detecting the motion and also turns on and off the device depending on if the tracker is moving or not. This saves battery and doesn’t let it die.

You can track the whereabouts of anything and anyone, the whole 24 hours a day. You can keep it in a backpack or attach it to the vehicle. It comes with a waterproof case.

The battery lasts for more than 2 weeks which means you do not have to worry about charging it from time to time. It is the perfect choice.


  • It is perfect for tracking vehicles, your loved ones, or assets
  • Get text or email when a person leaves an area (geofencing)
  • The dimensions of the product are (W x H x D) – 0.9 x 1.5 x 2.7 inches
  • The device is compact in size and can be attached to anything easily
  • You can track with Google Maps in real-time with the help of the Internet


  • It comes with an SOS button which sends an instant notification when pressed
  • It has got great customer service
  • It is compact in size
  • It has password protection


  • The battery life can be unreliable as the device only turns on when the accelerometer detects motion


MOTOsafety OBD Vehicle Monitoring System


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MOTOsafety OBD Vehicle Monitoring System is the best tracking device which is equipped with a number of features. It features a daily driver’s report card which monitors the entire driving for the day.

You will receive the route update at the end of the day as well. The device monitors the location of the vehicle in real-time. You can set up a geofence which will give you updates when the vehicle has entered and left the location. It can be a virtual boundary anywhere you want.

It is not just a coach but also a tracker which is capable of locating the vehicle with the GPS tracker. Set up curfew alerts for your child. It installs easily by just plugging it in.

The real-time alerts will be sent for speeding, idling, crossing borders which will thus improve the efficiency of the driver. It also features its application so that it is easy for you to track on your phone which is available for both Android and Apple users. It is simple to use and you can check the guide to see the step-by-step process so that you can set the GPS device.


  • Monitor your driving activity with a full 100% accuracy with the help of Google Maps
  • You can track from anywhere using the free GPS tracking application with real-time texts and email updates
  • You can review the driving routes with the help of GPS tracking
  • Set geofences around any location to get alerts if the vehicle crosses the border


  • You get daily report cards based on the driving with the unique MOTOsafety Tracker
  • It provides fuel reminders so that you are aware of how much gas is there in the vehicle
  • You receive curfew alerts which is a good option for parents
  • It is very easy to install as it just requires it to be plugged-in


  • The speed alerts can be inaccurate
  • The acceleration rates are sensitive
  • The cancellation policy is a bit difficult


ABLEGRID GPS Vehicle Tracker


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The ABLEGRID GPS tracker is a great device that has a huge battery capacity which offers a powerful 3300 mAh battery life.

It is a bit large but still compact in size which allows it to be packed anywhere easily. The portable design allows the device to be swapped quickly and requires absolutely no installation.

The GPS is accurate that provides real-time detection on Google Maps. It also adds historical vehicle tracking data which detects travel routes.


  • It has an extra-long battery life 3300mA which is more than 2 weeks with continuous work and 180 days of standby time
  • It has the Global leading GPS technology which provides the latest technology that has a strong signal and high sensibility
  • It supports real-time auto tracking and also historical moving route record
  • This tracking device provides 24-hour customer service with a lifetime warranty
  • It requires no installation
  • It features Voice Surveillance
  • It has a magnetic back for attaching easily under the vehicle


  • It is small in size and has a portable design
  • No cancellation fees are charged
  • It has a long battery life


  • The coverage is not great



Now you no longer will have to worry about your vehicle, it is stolen or anything bad happening to it. With the best GPS trackers available which are an inexpensive option just makes it perfect for your requirement. It can be used by anyone from businesses, parents, everyday drivers which will help them in pinpointing the exact location of the vehicle along with accurate monitoring. I have listed the best GPS trackers that you can look forward to. I hope this article helps.

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