Benefits of cleaning – Physical and Psychological

Even though cleaning your home, office, desk or anything else is a painstaking process, it does bring immense joy and satisfaction to create a pure, tidy, and hygienic environment in our vicinity. 

The benefits of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene are immense.

It not only keeps your house clean and visually appealing but also gives you healthy surroundings to live in. 

Let’s discuss the physical and psychological benefits of cleaning.

Physical Benefits

Vacuuming your home leaves it healthy by removing disease-carrying dirt, microbes, and debris. It is vital for the health of people with respiratory complications like asthma and allergies.

The regular deep cleaning with vacuum cleaners ensures clean and healthy air in our homes to breathe. It also avoids risks of air-borne chronic diseases.

Regular cleaning or vacuuming keeps your physical fitness and provides similar benefits to doing exercise. It reduces blood pressure, reduces body fat, increases heart rate, and improves body metabolism.

Some of the prominent physical health benefits of keeping your home clean are as follows:

Offers effective protection against allergies

Vacuuming your house specifically with cleaners featuring HEPA filters provide effective protection against dust, dirt, and a score of other allergens. 

These filters pick even the minutest of dirt and microbes and prevent them from releasing back into the home.

Thus cleaning your home including surfaces like carpets, cushions, sofas, beds, and blinds with vacuum cleaners prove to be a boon for allergy sufferers as it removes allergens that cause flu-like symptoms.

Sanitizes your home and surroundings

Vacuuming your home regularly and wiping off the floors and other surfaces using disinfectant solution results in effective protection against microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. 

Thus, cleaning sanitizes your home and surroundings by avoiding the growth of germs that causes infectious food, water, and air-borne diseases.

Helps in losing weight

A clean home is an organized home. Living in an organized home leads to an organized mind. You will have a clean mind devoid of distractions.

You get influenced by the meticulousness reflected in your cleanliness and exert a more mindful and organized approach in planning your food.

You get inspired to eat more nutritious meals. You would have more time available for engaging yourself in preparing healthy diets that are rich in fruits and vegetables. 

On the contrary, an unorganized and filthy house would only inspire you to eat unhealthily and package foods that result in obesity.

Helps you to stick to your workouts

The habit of regularly cleaning your home develops you into an organized person. The cleanliness opens your mind and inspires you to set your goals, make plans to achieve them, and record their progress.

Going to a gym and continue your workouts requires planning and committed efforts that are pre-requisite of maintaining cleanliness in your home, office, and elsewhere. 

Thus, if you have a knack of cleaning, you are more likely to stick to your workouts. 

Helps you to sleep better

Cleaning your bedroom and making your bed with fresh bed sheets invariably puts you to relaxing and refreshing sleep. You tend to sleep better when your house is clean, organized, and less messy.

On the contrary, sleeping on a dirty bed or pillows disturbs your sleep and peace of mind. 

Vacuuming is more effective against cleaning small dirt, dust, and microbes from the surfaces of your bed sheets and pillows than traditional cleaning methods. 

An organized home cleaning promises uninterrupted, sound, and comfortable sleep.

Psychological Benefits

The cleaning has its own remarkable psychological benefits in addition to physical benefits.

After a tedious daily cleaning routine, when you look at the shining floors, eye-pleasing carpets, blinds and sofas, and superbly placed furniture; you are left with an immensely satisfying and gratifying experience.

Keeping a neat, tidy, and organized home makes your body release a feel-good hormone called endorphins that instantly lift your mood.

Helps in reducing stress and depression 

A messy, dirty, and cluttered home enhances your stress levels and invokes feelings of sadness and depression. 

How would you feel when you reach home at the end of the day only to find a pile of unfinished tasks? It only increases your fatigue, spoils your mood, causes sleep disorders, and takes a heavy toll on your health.

On the contrary, a neat, tidy, and organized home keeps you happy and relaxed. 

Individuals with untidy houses have higher levels of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in their bodies than the ones who have clean and organized houses. 

Thus, cleanliness helps in reducing stress and depression in individuals by making them feel and relaxed and ample time to enjoy and living the intricacies of life.

Helps in boosting your productivity

When you have messy, dirty, and cluttered surroundings, it is likely to cause distractions and hampers your ability to focus. 

As per the Journal of Neuroscience reports, when you have too many unfinished tasks to do, your brain gets overloaded and reduces its optimal capacity to perform.

When you embrace cleanliness and de-cluttering at your workplace, you will be more successful at managing your work. It will enhance your productivity and reduces stress levels.

Not only you can finish your tasks on time but also have spare time for leading quality personal life.

Helps in developing healthy eating habits

As per a study in the journal Psychological Science, individuals who work in a clean and organized environment have better and healthy eating habits as compared to ones who work in messy and cluttered office spaces. 

As clutter increases the stress levels, individuals resort to overeating or unhealthy foods like chocolates as a measure for coping with the stress. While clean workspaces keep one relaxed and stick to healthy eating habits.

Helps in improving your relationships

A messy, disorganized, and cluttered house often leads to increased tension and conflicts between the family members. They have higher stress levels that reflect in their behavior and lead them to depression.

Rather than spending quality time together, the family members are busy looking for missing items and make some sense out of the clutter.  Moreover, a dirty house creates an unfavorable impression on the guests.

Cleanliness brings an organized way of life where you learn to keep things in order. It de-clutters your mind and life by removing unwanted debris, dust, and dirt. 

The individuals living in a clean house are happy and de-stressed. They have more time for developing personal bonding and better relationships with each other.


Cleanliness is a healthy and holy routine that brings immense health benefits if it is maintained regularly. All you need is to set a cleanliness schedule and stick to it rigorously every day. 

With ever-increasing dust, pollutants, and other contaminants, maintaining cleanliness has become a challenging daily chore and necessitates the usage of high-tech cleaning appliances like vacuum cleaners.

By embracing the cleanliness in your life, you can reap its rewards in your personal and professional space throughout your lives. 

Aniket More

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