Are Microwaves Lined with Lead?

Whether it’s about cooking sumptuous dishes, baking cakes, heating meals, or defrosting your dinner, a microwave provides a world of convenience with super-quick recipes in our busy lives.

Notwithstanding its amazing benefits, we must not overlook any safety concerns related to microwave usage. The critics of microwaves have voiced their concern against microwave usage, citing that microwaves are lined with lead.

Before you begin to hit the panic button and blame the microwave as being a hazardous appliance, take a moment to think if your microwave is really lined with lead. In this article, we discuss this safety concern and alleviate your baseless fears regarding microwaves.

Are Microwaves Lined with Lead?

No, the linings of microwaves do not contain lead. Also, the materials that are used for manufacturing microwave interiors are free from lead.

So, if the lead is not used to line the microwave interiors, then the next question that comes to your mind is what materials are used to line the microwave and prevent radiation from escaping out.

Keep reading this article as we will answer your safety concern backed by scientific reasoning.

What are Microwaves Lined With?

Your microwave oven is lined with galvanized or stainless steel. It is further coated in acrylic enamel for imparting an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the casing and lining of your microwave.

The metal is used for lining the microwaves as it plays a vital role in the microwave’s functionality. The metallic walls bounce off the radiation inside the microwave oven to fill its internal chamber with microwaves for cooking the food.

Moreover, your microwave oven also features a mesh wire “cage”. This mesh cage keeps the long microwaves within the oven chamber and prevents their release outside the chamber through the glass.

Why Are There Rumours That Suggest Microwaves Are Lined With Lead?

The rumours that suggest microwaves are lined with lead originated when people used to heat food on lead-lined plates in a microwave oven.

When you heat food in plates or cookware lined with lead in a microwave, it could reach into the food and result in the ingestion of lethal amounts of lead in the body.

In earlier times, the lead was commonly used to manufacture most of the ceramic dinnerware and bakeware. If you have any such vintage kitchenware, ensure to avoid placing them in your microwave.

Should I Leave the Microwave Door Open After Use?

You need not leave the microwave door open after use because it does not cause the radiation to escape into your kitchen surroundings. Moreover, there is no need to cool down your microwave as it does not stay hot for long after use.

As such, there is no reason why you should leave your microwave door open. On the contrary, doing so will keep the interior light on unnecessarily and quickly burn out the microwave’s bulb.

Some people argue that microwaves emit EMF (electric and magnetic fields) and exposure to EMF may cause harmful health consequences. However, microwave emits non-ionizing EMFs that are entirely harmless.


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