Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Fresh Car Air Purifier Review

Being the major concern of the world regarding the increase in the pollution level, there is often a need for taking proper measures just to make sure that you don’t breathe the pollutants in the air. We are all aware of the result of breathing the air pollutants and mostly this affects the babies. In such a scenario installing an air purifier becomes a great choice to absorb the pollutants and offer pure air.

Often we take measures for our home you need to take measures for your car as almost we spend 2 hours a day in our car. Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Fresh Car Air Purifier is a known car purifier that can offer a great solution to take care of the pollutants. It has been integrated with a number of features along with a compact design which makes this car purifier a great choice for people. So let us have a look at some of its great features.

Active shield

This ActiveShield purification procedure inbuilt I this device help in eliminating the sub-micron particles which we breathe and also the microbes carrying infection.  This technology ensures the wellbeing of you and your entire family travelling with you.

360 degree air flow

The prime reason for the aerodynamic 360 degree design is to make sure that you breathe healthy air no matter wherever you are sitting in the car. The prime reason for this design is to enable you to breathe fresh air along with your entire family if they are travelling with you.

Active carbon filter

The active carbon filter present in this pourifier is efficient in removing thr foul smell, benzene, VOCs and other harmful gases from the ir. Hence, it offers pure and fresh air to people

Active oxidation cell

The UV lamp present inside this device will help to activate the photocatalysis process. This happens by neutralizing the protein cells and thereby eliminating the microorganism present in the air along with sterilizing it.  This is one of such procedure which also deodorizes the VOCs present in the air by eliminate fungi and bacteria. It is a powerful cleaning procedure that enables you to breathe pure air.

Honeycomb Carbon filter

The carbon filters present in the purifier enables excellent absorbing qualities that again becomes effective in eliminating the repulsive smell, odor and other toxic gases. Thereby you are left with breathing fresh and pure air.

HEPA filters

This car air purifier has been integrated with the High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter which helps in removing the ultrafine particles along with the airborne pollutants like pollen, mould, and bacteria. This is one of the unique feature of this air purifier that differentiates it from others.

Anion Generator

This is again a great technology that ensures you breathe fresh air with no positive ions thereby leaving the rest zone with no impurities. The negative ions produced by this purifier easily bins with the air borne pollutants and eliminate them thereby leaving fresh and pure air.

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What Do We like

Great for cars

This car air purifier is designed with the only motive to offer you fresh and pure air. This is the reason why this purifier is great for installing on your car. Moreover the compact size becomes a positive point.

Gets rid of bad odor

If there is any foul smell on your car this purifier is highly effective in getting rid of the bad smell in the air. You can feel the difference instantly.

What We Don’t Like

No indicator


It would be great if this car air purifier has an indicator to show the status of the air quality inside the car. This could have made it much effective.

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Fresh Car Purifier is a great air purifier that enables breathing fresh and pure air. SO now that you have known the quality of this car air purifier, you can purchase this device and ensure breathing fresh air even when you are in a metro city with huge pollution around you.

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