Air Conditioning Replacement – Things To Consider

The performance of Air Conditioners deteriorates with time. Servicing the equipment to boost performance may stop yielding results after a certain period. In such situations, you would have no other go but to replace the existing air conditioning equipment. 

Air conditioning replacement could prove to be expensive. One needs to make the right choices to get the best value for money and to ensure the best performance of the new air conditioning unit.

Things to Consider

Important Questions That You Need To Ask

Before you start your search for your next air conditioning equipment, you need to ask a few vital questions. Why are you thinking of replacing the air conditioner? Did anything in your environment change?

Changes in the environment could be due to various scenarios. For example, alterations to the size of the space, which needs to be cooled, higher occupancy rate, or more footfalls, could contribute to environment related changes. 

If your existing air conditioner has become old and is not delivering without any change in the environment, you can choose an air conditioner with the same capacity. If there are environmental changes, you may need to consider upgrading to higher capacity systems.

At times, both factors, namely – poor performance of the existing unit and changes to the environment, could be at play.

Power Consumption

Look for the BEE star rating of the air conditioning system. Air conditioners with a 5-star rating should be preferred to reduce power consumption. Depending on the star rating, the cost will vary. 

If you are going to use round the year daily for several hours, then it is worth paying more for energy-efficient AC with a higher BEE rating. While comparing prices, you need to take into account immediate and also future savings.

Some air conditioning systems could appear cheaper initially but will have higher running expenses. Be mindful of such factors when comparing costs.

AC Type

Are you planning to change the type of AC, for example, from window-AC to split AC? If you are changing the AC type, what are the additional costs you are likely to incur make financial sense?

Right Time To Purchase

Do not wait until the peak summer season to replace your air conditioning equipment, because the prices shoot up. To get the best deals, shop for your replacement air conditioning systems during off-seasons when the AC sales levels are low. 

AC With The Latest Features

Select an AC brand that features all the latest functionalities at the time of buying. Remember, you will not replace your AC for another 10 to 15 years, so get all the latest features.

Look for a smart Air conditioner with IoT (Internet of Things) technology so that you could control it through the internet.

Other Important Features

Pay attention to the noise factor; several low noise models are available these days. Along with that, you should also take into account the air throw and airflow, which determine the performance. Choose Air Conditioners with inverter technology for optimal use of electricity.

AC Guarantee And Post Sales Support

The guarantee period varies from brand to brand and from model to model. Go with models that come with the longest guarantee.

During festival seasons, brands offer extended product guarantee; it is worth waiting. Do not forget to review the guarantee terms and conditions. What exactly does it cover?

The free servicing period and the frequency of free servicing visits vary. Do not forget to check with the dealer before billing. Also, do not forget to check whether the brand has an excellent post-sales service network in your city.


You will not run out of options when you go in search of your replacement air conditioning system. It is best not to rush through your decision. 

Your air conditioning system should serve you for at least the next ten years. Therefore, invest adequate time in screening the options. 

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