Sanyo Air Conditioners

The Sanyo brand is a well-known company that has been in operation since the early 1900s, providing cooling and heating solutions for over four decades. Sanyo specializes in producing highly technical air conditioners that can be matched and controlled remotely with innovative scheduling features. 

Sanyo manufactures cooling and heating solutions for both commercial and residential purposes. Most of these air conditioners from Sanyo rely on heat pumps though it also manufactures compressor cooling units. The air conditioning units from Sanyo come in different capacities and features and are highly efficient. 

Before you make an investment in air conditioners, it is vital that you understand the important points to ensure you have made the right decision.

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There are many types of air conditioners from Sanyo including:

The ductless and Mini Split air conditioners from Sanyo rely on heat pumps to provide cooling and heating to users. These air conditioners are suitable for commercial and residential units. They offer to heat and cooling off between 9,000-42000 BTUs/hour; this allows them to provide efficient cooling in a wide range of room sizes.

  • Ducted Air Conditioners from Sanyo

Most of the air conditioning units from Sanyo are ductless. However, the larger units have designs that connect to central ducts. These models offer more effective and better cooling and heating solutions in many rooms within a building. 

  • Recessed Ceiling Air Conditioners

The Sanyo brand manufactures recessed ceiling units designed to blend excellently with the surrounding environmental conditions. Upon installation, they appear like furnace grates and are unobtrusive in comparison with ordinary cooling and heating solutions. 

Key Features/Technologies of Sanyo Air Conditioners

  • Quiet Operation

Air conditioners from Sanyo stand out from ordinary units since they use twin rotary compressors instead of the ordinary single cylinder compressors. The twin rotary compressors offer more balance and result in less vibration, resulting in silent operation in comparison with other brands available in the market. 

  • High Efficient Operation

All air conditioning units from Sanyo have all received an efficiency boost from the manufacturer by switching to R-410A refrigerants. All units now come with a minimum efficiency of 13 SEER, which makes them very efficient. 

  • Wireless Control

Sanyo air conditioners come with infrared remote controls that can be operated wirelessly. The wireless control feature allows users to control their units from anywhere in the rooms requiring air conditioning.

 These features allow users to set and adjust fan speeds, night setback, timers, louver control, and temperatures wirelessly. 

  • Continuous Drainage Features

For the proper running of ordinary air conditioners, they have to be drained regularly because of water accumulation from the air during the cooling or heating cycle. Sanyo air conditioners come with drain pumps that pump out all the accumulated water automatically, allowing the units to run continuously. 

  • Flawless Switch Between Cooling and Heating

If you live in areas where temperatures fluctuate between high and low, it’s advisable to have both heating and cooling functions available. Sanyo air conditioners switch between cooling and heating at all times, maintaining the desired temperatures. Whether you require cooling or heating solutions, Sanyo has quality units to cater to your needs. 

  • Dehumidification Modes

Sanyo air conditioning units come with the dry mode features that help in reducing humidity in the air; this cushions users from health complications that arise because of dampness. They have microprocessor-controlled features that ensure the humidity and temperature levels remain comfortable.

  • Automatic Fan Operations and 3 Fan Speeds

Sanyo air conditioners come with convenient microprocessors that adjust fan speeds to either low, medium, or high automatically, depending on the room temperatures. These features play a crucial role in maintaining comfortable airflow to all corners of the rooms. 


Air conditioners from the Sanyo brand come with various features that enable them to provide quality and efficient cooling and heating solutions.

Having been in existence for many decades, you can always be assured of quality and durability when it comes to Sanyo air conditioning units. The best part is that they come with manufacturers’ warranty which gives you the guarantee of after-sales-services in case your units get faulty after purchasing them.