Samsung Air Conditioners

Brand value, versatility, and quality are key features that consumers associate with the Samsung brand when it comes to air conditioners. Samsung has been introducing many innovative changes in its air conditioners to make them more appealing to modern consumers. The wind-free triangular model from Samsung is an excellent example of that. 

Due to the increasing temperatures with each passing year, and the increasing aspiration preferences of the young Indian workers, air conditioners sales figures have seen double-digit growth in the last few years. The Samsung brand has come out strongly to bring new innovative models in the Indian market.

Before you make an investment in air conditioners, it is vital that you understand the important points to ensure you have made the right decision.

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Key Technologies/ Features of Samsung Air Conditioners

  • Wind-Free Triangular Designs

The Samsung brand released a superior air conditioner model in 2018 with the innovative wind-free triangular design. These modern Samsung air conditioners are astutely designed to be very efficient in all perspectives. They come with bigger fans, larger v-blades, and wider inlets which draw extra air inside, providing more cooling

The wind-free triangular design air conditioners ensure faster cooling of the air and quicker circulation to the farthest corners in the rooms requiring air conditioning. 

 Does cold air hitting your head directly from the air conditioners make you feel irritated? Well, these modern air conditioners from Samsung come with the wind-free cooling technologies that deliver the preferred temperatures by getting rid of direct airflow. They achieve this by circulating air through 21,000 micro holes as opposed to the direct airflow blades in ordinary air conditioners. 

  • Smart Control Features

With the rise of internet use in the modern age, consumers are giving preference to smart functionality in the appliances that they purchase both for commercial and residential uses. 

Most of the high-end Samsung air conditioners have the Samsung Smart Home app, which allows users to control the air conditioners using their smartphones. These features allow users to monitor their louver swing, fan speed, and power usage.

  • Self-Diagnose Features

New models of Samsung air conditioning units also come with Smart Installation Features that carry out self-diagnosis which offers peace of mind to the users. These features automatically check for any installation faults, including the integrity of the refrigerant flow, air pipes, and any communication mismatch in the outdoor and indoor units

Both the ODU and IDU perform self-checks and revert any installation errors. The self-diagnose procedure takes place in about 10-15 minutes; if any error is detected, they offer the troubleshooting steps to be followed in rectifying the same. 

  • Fast Cooling and Comfort Modes

Air conditioners from Samsung come with fast cooling modes that cool you fast and comfort you for long. These modes run the compressors at the maximum levels, using the fastest fan speeds for about thirty minutes; this cools the room temperatures quickly, converting your spaces to cool surroundings. 

After the air conditioners have cooled your rooms for thirty minutes, they switch to the comfort modes automatically to offer the preferred temperatures without making further temperature changes. These features get rid of the hassle of changing settings manually by users to get their preferred temperatures.

  • Dehumidification Modes to Remove Unwanted Humidity

Air Conditioners tend to overwork in the summer season, which often results in water leakage. In the rainy seasons, ordinary air conditioners consume more energy and make rooms uncomfortably cold. 

This can cause health ailments like headaches, common colds, and sneezing. To counter these problems, modern air conditioners from Samsung come with the dehumidification features which expedite the refrigerant cycle, extracting humidity from the rooms rapidly. 

  • Full HD Filters with Auto-Clean Functionalities

Modern air conditioners from Samsung come with full HD filters with innovative filter designs capable of getting rid of microscopic impurities, cushioning users against the menace of air pollution. These filters create dust-free air supply since they have improved density. 

Additionally, these filters don’t wear out even when they come into contact with corrosive elements. These air conditioners also have the Virus Doctor Features, which gets rid of harmful airborne viruses and contaminants, including Corona, subtype H1N1, and influenza viruses. 

These air conditioners come with filters that have the auto-clean features which allow automatic cleaning, which ensures that their cooling capacity isn’t reduced. Upon activation, the auto-clean features expel moisture and dust from the heat exchangers, contributing to better performance of the air conditioners. 

  • Biosleep and Single User Modes

The cooling capacity of air conditioners is dependent on the room size and the number of people in those rooms. There are instances when you will be alone in the room, which can make you feel cold even if temperatures are set at higher levels. 

The single-user mode in Samsung air conditioners allows you to save on electricity consumption by changing their capacity and allowing their inverters to work at lower frequencies. 

The Biosleep mode in Samsung air conditioners provides users with comfortable environmental temperatures that give comfortable sleep during the night. 


The Samsung brand has introduced many new models of air conditioners with supreme features in the Indian market, making it one of the most sought after and popular brands among contemporary consumers.