Godrej Air Conditioners

With the summer season approaching in India, many of you will want to purchase air conditioners to bring some calm into their households or offices. Amidst the thousands of air conditioner brands in the Indian market available, the Godrej brand offers supreme and reliable ACs that provide excellent cooling services while observing energy efficiency. 

The Godrej brand is among the most popular brands in India because of its innovativeness; Godrej introduced the first inverter air conditioning unit in 2005. Recently, the brand has introduced the NXW series of air conditioners that exceed the 5-star BEE recommendations of 2019. 

The Godrej brand offers a wide array of modern air conditioners with unique features that provide users with suitable choices for their unique needs.

Godrej offers window air conditioners as well as split for your needs. Before you make an investment in air conditioners, it is vital that you understand the important points to ensure you have made the right decision.

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Key Features of Godrej Air Conditioners

  • Purification Filters

Modern air conditioners from Godrej come with silver Ion and catechin purification technologies and filters which cushion users against harmful/ unwanted elements like bacteria, dust mites, fumes, pet dander, and hair. Catechin filters get rid of ugly odors since the have antioxidants. 

They get rid of odors such as pet smells and tobacco smoke owing to their anti-bacterial and anti-dust properties. Additionally, these filters exterminate and trap microscopic viruses and bacteria which cause respiratory disorders. 

Silver ion filters release silver ions that sterilize bacteria very effectively; they not only kill bacteria but also prevent the growth of microbes such as fungi, spores, and viruses. These air conditioners from Godrej come with auto clean technologies that purify them by allowing them to clean themselves. 

  • PPC Condensers and Aerodynamic Grid Fan with Nano Coating

Godrej air conditioners have fans with aerodynamic grid design which provides better heat exchange. Because they are made from high-quality materials, aerodynamic grid fans have longer durability and better efficiency. 

Godrej air conditioner’s latest models use Parallel Flow Condenser (PFC) design leading to more power-saving and superior heat exchange. The condensers of Godrej Air Conditioners have special gold nano-coating leading to protection from corrosion and increased life of the condenser.

  • Hurricane Modes and Cool Technologies

Many times you will spend a laborious day at work, and you want to get home to an atmosphere that is cool and refreshing; you are yearning for temperatures that can allow you to feel refreshed instantly. 

Thankfully, modern air conditioners from Godrej come with the Artic cool technologies which cool rooms instantly. They come with non-invertor fixed speed features known as the hurricane modes, which allow a larger supply of cool air in quicker successions. 

  • 4-way Air Features with UDAT and IAT Modes

Most modern air conditioners from Godrej come with the 4-way air technologies, which facilitate the movement of air in several directions, which ensures proper cooling in the spaces needing air-conditioning; this ensures the uniform supply of cold air in both horizontal and vertical directions. 

So, whichever the position of the user in the given room, he will enjoy optimum cooling while using modern air conditioners from Godrej.

Air conditioners from Godrej come with the UDAT and IAT additional features to add more weight to the 4-way features; they enable the ACs to sense temperatures automatically and adjust the air flows accordingly in an energy-efficient way.

  • Instant Cooling Feature

Most of the modern air conditioners from Godrej come with the smart iSense technologies, which provide instant cooling even in large rooms, unlike their ordinary counterparts. They have two sensors, one in the remote controls and others in the main units. 

The air conditioners adjust to the preferred temperatures depending on the information recorded from the sensors on the inside. 

  • Dry Mode Features

Air conditioners by Godrej come with the dry mode features which control humidity in the air, preventing water leakage in the rainy seasons. 

They consume less energy and ensure that the rooms aren’t intolerably cold, which can cause health conditions like headaches, common colds, and sneezing. Upon switching on, the air conditioners soak up unwanted moisture from the air and allow users to breathe more comfortably. 


If you are searching for air conditioners that will provide optimum cooling effects while consuming minimal energy, then the Godrej brand air conditioners should be your choice. You will always get value for your money upon purchasing Godrej air conditioners.