What Is The Best Temperature For AC?

Have you purchased a new air conditioner? Do you want to know what is the best temperature to be set in your AC? 

There is no easy way to give a one-word response to this question. A number of factors need to be taken into account before we could arrive at a figure.

What needs to be taken into account to set the ideal temperature for AC?

  • Always keep in mind individual temperature preferences will vary from person to person.
  • Some will feel 22° C pleasant, while others will find this temperature setting to be very cold.
  • Are there any infants in the house? If yes, then you need to ensure that the temperature you set is not too cold for them.
  • Do you have any pets that like to keep themselves warm?
  • Do you have an active lifestyle and keep yourself agile inside the house, or do you lead a very sedentary lifestyle?
  • Are you living alone, or how many people share the space?
  • Do you use the air conditioner mostly during the day or at night or both?

The temperature settings that will make the environment comfortable for everyone in the house is the ideal temperature for your AC. 

Instead of trying to arrive at a magic figure and a quick response, review your specific living conditions. 

Where To Get Started?

  • The best place to get started is to find out which is the most comfortable temperature for human beings. 
  • Of course, we are going to consider the average temperature because individual preferences will vary.
  • It is said that 24° C is the best temperature to consider and to get started.
  • Remember, there is no hard and fast rule that the temperature that you set initially should be a rigid figure. 
  • You can keep trying different temperatures keeping 24° C as the median.
  • Explore a few degrees on both sides of the median to establish the best temperature setting for the people that share the space. 
  • Try the combination of ceiling fan and AC to see how it helps in creating the most comfortable indoor environment.
  • Using a ceiling fan, along with AC, will make the place feel cooler. This will let you set a higher temperature for the AC and ceiling fans also help you save energy.

Why Should You Look For Ideal Temperature For Your AC

  • If you can find an ideal temperature for your AC, you will be able to instantly create the most comfortable indoor environment.
  • You do not have to keep switching between one temperature setting to the other to find the most comfortable settings.
  • Your indoor environment will never turn unpleasant either because it is too cold or too warm.
  • Reducing the energy bills is possible by setting a temperature that is just right.
  • Finding the ideal temperature is one of the easiest ways to Improve Air Flow In Overcrowded Office


There is no hard and fast rule that your AC should be set at a single temperature. There is no such thing as an ideal temperature. Individual preferences and environmental parameters keep changing. 

You need to find a temperature that is best suited for everyone in the house, including your pet that shares the space.


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