Effective Ways To Improve Air Flow In Overcrowded Office

Renting commercial spaces has become very pricey. Overcrowded offices have become the order of the day. Moreover, the ventilation system is poor in most of the buildings in the top cities. 

Overcrowded office and poor ventilation could result in unhealthy and unproductive work environments.

What Can You Do To Improve The Air Flow In An Overcrowded Office?

  • Air conditioners of the right capacity should be installed. 
  • Do not block the air vents and windows with storage shelves or any other tall obstacles. 
  • Consider having indoor plants in the office. 
  • Move all tall furniture close to the walls so that they do not obstruct the airflow.
  • Ensure that your air conditioner is well maintained. 
  • Replace your old inefficient air conditioners with new and more powerful ones.
  • Clean or replace the AC filters regularly.
  • Ensure that the air ducts of the centralized air conditioner system are free from dust and debris.
  • If there is a power shutdown, ensure that your air conditioners are continuing to operate with the use of a generator.
  • If you are in the process of selecting a new office space, look for offices with excellent cross ventilation. 
  • Reduce tall partitions as much as possible in your office design.
  • Consider using exhaust fans, but this will make your air conditioner unit slog harder to maintain the optimum indoor temperature.
  • Keep the windows open at least during the early hours of the morning if this is possible in your office.
  • Make certain the indoor environment is clean and free from rancid odors. Use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air which could cause odors. 
  • If it is within your scope, go for larger windows in your office.
  • Install oscillating fans on the walls along with your air conditioner. 

Secondary Approaches

  • You could consider reducing the number of people that work at any given point of time through the shift system. 
  • Your staff could take turns working from home. This will reduce the number of people in the office.
  • Instead of the same day weekly off, your staff could take rotational weekly off. This again will reduce the number of people working on any given day.


To conclude, we need to work with certain limitations with regard to overcrowded offices. We cannot totally do away with those limitations, but we can certainly work a way around those problems. 

Providing your workforce with a clean indoor environment with good airflow is vital. You need to make consistent efforts to ensure good airflow within your office. 

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