Godrej WS 900 PDS 9kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Review

Here comes India’s first and finest semi-automated washing machine from the renowned Godrej brand. The WS 900 PDS is a semi-automated washing machine from Godrej. The machine comes with innovative technologies that have come to the users’ laundry problems rescue.

Coming from one of the most reliable and trusted home appliances dealers in India, users need not worry about easier and thorough wash experiences any longer. The machine comes with a quality exterior that guarantees durability.



This washing machine comes with two years of manufacturers’ warranty on the product and five years warranty for the motor. Users can easily access after-sales-services from the many Godrej retail outlets across India in case the machine or motor becomes faulty within the outlined warranty period after purchase.

Construction Material

The tub in this washing machine is made of stainless steel material, which is highly resistant to corrosion, making it very durable. Bacteria have zero percent survival rates on stainless steel, ensuring that your laundry is 99.9% free from germs. Additionally, the body is made of Polypropylene, which is 100% rust-resistant, prolonging its life-span.

Toughened Glass Window

The toughened glass window in this washing machine allows users to see inside as the wash cycle is ongoing. Additionally, it is resistant to scratches and breakage, therefore maintain its attractiveness for many years.

Active Soak Feature

This washing machine comes with the Active Soak feature that allows you to soak your fabrics before washing for twenty minutes, removing stubborn stains very effectively. When your fabrics are soaking, the dirt is gently loosened by the pulsators, making it an ideal wash method for heavily soiled fabrics.


The washing machine comes with a 9kg capacity, making it ideal for a large family setup; users with large families can conveniently and cost-effectively do all their laundry with a few loads, saving on time, electricity, detergent and water costs.

Water Level Indicators

The water level indicators in this washing machine alert users when the water levels go below safe levels; this protects it from slow burn out of the inlet valves, saving users on energy costs.

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What Do We like

High Spin Speed

This washing machine comes with a high spin speed of 680 rpm, ensuring quicker washing and drying of laundry, saving greatly on energy and water costs.

Child Lock

This washing machine comes with the Child Lock feature that enables you to keep its settings safe; you only need to disable the control panel using this feature to prevent children from tampering with the settings, which could greatly interfere with the wash cycle and the overall wash results.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Level and Vibrations

This washing machine produces noisy vibrations while the wash cycle is in progress; this can be an irritation for users who prefer their quiet or for users who are keen on reading a book or watching a movie.


This washing machine is unique in that it comes already installed; users need not worry about any installation procedures or costs. What’s more, what beats getting super clean, super fresh, sanitized, and bright laundry in just a matter of minutes?

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