Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 500/43 Watt HEPA Air Purifier Review

In today’s world when the world is fighting with the extreme pollution level, taking proper measures of your home is a necessity. Breathing such pollutants present in the air along with the virus and bacteria can cause serious damage to the health. Definitely you cannot take measures to fight with the worse condition of the environment outside, but you can definitely take care of your home. Installing an air purifier can be an apt choice in such a condition.

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 500/43 Watt is the perfect device that can help in such a condition can be a great addition in your home. This is the perfect blend of innovation and performance. The air pur4ifier is capable of producing a healthier environment irrespective of the environment outside. Its features are designed to perform effectively in the polluted environment so that you can breathe fresh and pure air.

Unique 3 stage filters

Keeping in mind regarding the need for fighting with the extreme air condition, this air has been designed with a 3 stage filter. Hence, you can stay assured that this device can absorb almost 99% of the pollutants and proffer fresh air.

Cover 602 sq ft

The air purifier has the ability to absorb pollutants from a large space of 602 sq ft. upon absorbing the harmful gases from its corners. It produces purified and fresh air to make sure you stay healthy.

Ozone free

Unlike other air purifiers that emit ozone while working, this air purifier is being designed in a way that it will not produce harmful gases, Due to the advanced filtration technology integrate into this device, it can easily outperform your expectations.

3000 hours of filter life

Keeping in mind regarding the problems faced by the owners when it comes to filtering replacement, this air purifier has been designed with a filter that has a huge lifetime of 3000 hours. Hence it can world for a year even when you keep it on for 8 hours a day.

Air quality indicator

The air purifier has the inbuilt three lights indicator which denotes the quality inside your home. With the three colors, you will be easily able to identify the condition s the green lights show good air quality, the yellow is for moderate conditions and the red is for worse conditions.

A reminder of filter replacement

With the only aim to proffer filtered air, this air purifier has been designed with an intelligent mode. This purifier has the ability to inform you regarding the need for filter replacement. It has the indicator with says about the filter life is over and immediately requires replacement.

Child lock features

Keeping in mind regarding the kids present in your home and the chances of them changing the settings because of its extreme curiosity, this air purifier has been built with a child lock. One-touch and the air purifier will be locked from taking any action or alteration with the settings.

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What Do We like

Value for money

This purifier is available at a very affordable price yet its top features are able to fight with the challenging environment. Hence at such low cost, you can enjoy its features making it a great investment.

Amazing technology

This brand has implemented innovative technology in its design and filter technology making this device an apt inclusion in the areas with high pollution.

Great performance

When it comes to performance, certainly this device will top. Even at such a low budget, this device offers some of the unmatched features. Its performance speaks for this device and hence can be a valuable inclusion for your home.

What We Don’t Like

No  such cons were obsereved.


Anymore risks and wait for your family members to suffer from different types of problems cause due to extreme air pollution. Bring in the new Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 500/43 Watt HEPA Air Purifier (White) and enjoy breathing fresh and purified air.

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