Powermax Fitness TDM-100M Treadmill Review

The Powermax Fitness TDM-100M Treadmill is a high quality and space-saving treadmill all in one. If you have conserve space in your home or gym and still want a treadmill, then this treadmill will be the right choice.

It has a Hydraulic Soft-drop System (HSS) folding so that it can be folded by simply kicking a tube and lowering the treadmill. It can be stored in less than one square meter without disassembling in your space.

Adding lubrication oil to your treadmill has been a hectic job for its user, but in Powermax Fitness TDM-100, you don’t have to stress about it. It has a feature called Semi-Auto Lubrication that makes the maintenance job simple and easy to complete.

Dual Spring Shock Absorption & Double Layer Running Board

The Dual Spring Shock Absorption System is a precisely engineered shock absorber. This shock absorber will provide the perfect amount of cushioning by reducing the shock. The double-layer running board will adjust the belt speed to match the slowing and accelerating natural movement of your foot to reduce stress on your knees, ankles, and hips.

Anti-Skid Running Belt

Now you can run with comfort for long durability because the treadmill has 2.8mm thick 6-ply polyester and PVC non-slip surface. It also has rebound resilience and anti-skid function.

It is engineered to feel safe while running on it because the treadmill has a 6-Ply running board damping system that will provide you a slightly bouncy surface.

Big LED Display

The treadmill has a 5? LED display that will be helpful for you to watch while running. It has the function to show Distance, Speed, Incline, Time, Pulse, and Calories also. You will get a phone, water, and accessories holder on the operating panel.

Maximum weight capacity of User

The Powermax treadmill has a maximum capacity of 105 Kg of the user. Powermax recommends to its user to buy an extra 25 Kg buffer to run. Like if you have 75 Kg weight, then buy a treadmill at least with a max user weight capacity of 100 Kg.

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What Do We like

Pre-Set Programs for Workout

It possesses a pre-set workout Program that is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer for you. It will help you to do a great workout while keeping fun and challenges every day.

Multi-function utilities with Built-in Speaker

The treadmill has multi-function utilities such as powerful massager for different body parts. It also has a sit-up bracket. It comes with a built-in speaker with AUX input to listen to music during workout. 

Auto-Stop Function

It comes with a built-in auto-stop function for safety purposes. All you need to do is while running; you need to attach the safety clip to your clothes. This function will automatically stop the treadmill if you fall out or drift on it to reduce the risk of injury in your body.

What We Don’t Like

Wrong Heart Rate Sensor Reading 

The grip pulse sensors enable you to monitor your heart rate while placing your palm om the sensors. It’s heartbeat sensor sometimes does not provide accurate readings. 


Despite providing the wrong heart rate sensor reading, it is an excellent choice to buy the Powermax Treadmill TDM-100. This con can be neglected while comparing the price with other features of this running machine.

This treadmill will help you to burn your extra calories and achieve a healthy lifestyle. The in-built speakers will help you to keep your mind in an ethical and encouraging state.

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Komal Pandey

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