Tips to beat exam stress

Everyone has experienced those tense moments where our hearts fluttered at breakneck speed and suddenly every question seemed like out of syllabus. 

Our unrealistic expectations of performing exceedingly well coupled with expectations from parents, teachers, and family members; build up high levels of stress. 

The bouts of anxiety hinder our exam preparation and make it difficult to focus on studies. 

This exam stress proves counterproductive to our efforts at acing our exams. Thus managing exam stress is as essential as studying your course lessons. 

Let’s learn some cool tips for beating exam stress

Practice yoga and breathing techniques

Practicing yoga postures is a great stress-booster. It teaches you efficient breathing techniques for utilizing the maximum capacity of your lungs. 

The meditative yoga postures make you aware of your surroundings and allow you to experience mindfulness. 

The pranayama breathing exercises improve your concentration levels and release your stress with every exhalation.

Taking long and deep breaths calm your nerves and restores mental stability.

Every student must incorporate yoga postures as an integral part of his daily routine to stay focused and stress-free.

You just need a yoga mat to start practicing it. It is that simple!

Declutter and clean your study room

With so many study notes and books spread everywhere in your study room, you are likely to get distracted often. It adds to your anxiety when you can’t find the book you need to study.

A cluttered desk clouds your mind. It hampers your ability to focus and think clearly.

Try decluttering your room and organize all the books, notes, and other study materials.  Also, organize and declutter your study room

Clean your room to dissipate negative energy and allow some fresh air and sunlight to lift your mood.

Get proper sleep

Although you might be losing your sleep at preparations for your exams, you must ensure to get proper sleep every day.

A good night’s sleep keeps your brain fresh and active for engaging in studies throughout the day. 

On the other hand, lack of sleep burdens your brain, and you will feel lousy and tired during your study hours.

Don’t reduce your sleeping hours to studying for long hours. The reduced sleep leads to increased stress levels. 

Adopt a proper sleeping routine with a fixed time to sleep and get up every day. This would set your internal biological clock and make you ready to perform at your peak when awake. 

Also, ensure to keep away electronic devices from your bedroom. 

Make positive affirmations

To beat the exam stress, you must occupy yourself with positive affirmations. Don’t let any negative thoughts take control of your mind.

With repetitive positive affirmations, you can create positive vibes around yourself. This way you can reduce the adrenaline flow and prepare yourself to face any challenges with a tranquil mind.

Next time you feel those butterflies in your tummy, repeat these lines within yourself:

  • I’m doing great at my studies
  • I’m getting better at learning lessons
  • I’m motivated to work hard for exams

Read some books for leisure

When you continuously study for long hours without a break, your brain gets tired and cannot function at optimal capacity. 

You need to take a break and shift your focus from your studies to relax your cognitive capabilities. 

To recharge your brain and restore its peak functionality, you should read some books purely for leisure that do not stress out your brain.

Reading books for pleasure relaxes the muscular tensions in your body and lowers your heart rate. It gives soothing comfort to your mind.

Next time you feel stressed about taking over your study session, give yourself a 10 minutes break, and read an interesting book to relax your mind and body.

Reduce time spend on a smartphone

Staying away from your smartphone is easier said than done.

We are all addicted to our smartphones, that thought of being away from it can trigger a panic attack.

However, the smartphone is a potent source of stress in our lives. It not only wastes our valuable time and energy but also raises our anxiety levels.

With so much happening every passing moment over social media, there is an emergent need to embrace social media detox. 

Practice reducing time spent on your smartphone usage. Check your emails and social media feeds only once at the end of the day during exams.

When you are studying, keep your phone on silent or busy mode. Turn off all notifications and uninstall apps that eat up your time.

Sing your heart out

Music calms your mind like no other thing. It is even more potent stress-buster if you sing aloud your favorite songs.

Singing lifts your spirits and calms your nerves which reduces the stress levels. It releases a feel-good hormone called endorphins within our body that makes us happy. 

If you like playing musical instruments like guitar or drums, take some time out and play those instruments. 

Singing lowers the stress-causing hormone cortisol. Thus, next time anxiety takes over, sing your heart out to beat the exam stress. 

Listen to quiet and soothing music

Apart from singing, listening to quiet and soothing music works wonders for reducing your anxiety.

The calming music has immense therapeutic value as it revitalizes your energies and brings in fresh perspectives.

The comforting music generates an immense relaxing effect on our minds and bodies.

It improves our ability to focus, lowers our blood pressure, and reduces levels of stress hormones.

Thus, put on your favorite classical or calming musical track, use headphones, and immerse yourself completely in music for bidding goodbye to anxiety.

Manage your time effectively

By effectively managing your time, you always have sufficient time available with you.

When you need not rush for things to do or accomplish the tasks, you stay relaxed and stress-free.

As a student preparing for your exams you must learn time management techniques for keeping out exam-related anxiety attacks.

With proper time management techniques, you can take out enough time for sleeping, studying, exercise, yoga, and leisure activities.

Take a short walk

Sometimes taking a short walk of 15-20 minutes provides the much-needed break from the exhausting routine. 

If you are feeling tense and find it difficult to concentrate on your studies, Put on your walking shoes and move out for a short walk in the wilderness.

Talk to yourself in the silent pathways and practice mindfulness. A short walk brings a fresh perspective and helps you to unwind by beating out the stress.


Keeping your nerves under control assumes even greater significance if you are preparing for fiercely competitive exams for admissions to medical, engineering, MBA, and other high profile courses.

It would be hugely unfair if your year-long hard work goes down the drain only because of your heightened stress and anxiety levels during exams time.

Remember, your emotional development is as crucial as your intellectual growth. Thus, practice the above tips for strengthening your emotional quotient and beating the stress. 

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