Simple Home Organization Tips

An organized home makes you healthy, safe, and more efficient in your life. It is never easy to manage and maintain a whole house on your own. You should always compartmentalize while organizing so you don’t feel like doing all the work at once. Today we will be talking about a few easy tips regarding home organizing that will be a quick project. Follow these steps and get your job done by a little bit every day.

Home organizing steps

Make your bed

The most basic step of organizing your home starts with the place you sleep on. Start by making your bed every day and make it tip-top. The bedsheets should be straightened, pillows in covers, and fluff them up. Keep the bed clean from unnecessary things that will take about a minute or so.

Clothes on the floor

There should not be any clothes on the floor lying around in any room of your home. Take a bucket and collect any clothes lying around. Put them in laundry to wash them off or put them back to their places if you think it does not need cleaning and is still pretty clean.

Clean up the closet

Everyone has one or two closets in their house. You must keep the clothes organized, folded, and to keep the almirah clean. Most of the people just store the clothes into it in an unfolded manner, which also makes the clothes damaged and wrinkled.

Fold and iron the clothes properly before you put them into it and make sure to place them in a way, so when you open the almirah, everything does not come to you falling on the floor.

Shoe racks

The shoe racks in your house is a very simple object that serves a higher purpose than you could imagine. Make sure there is no mountain of shoes in the entrance of your home or outside of your home. Keep the boots on the rack to keep it organized and clean too.

Sometimes if you come back home with dirt on your shoes, then do not put them directly on the rack, as that will make it dirty. These are very few simple steps to follow for a cleaner and organized home.

Remote controls

In the modern era, every gadget comes with remote control, whether its a television or air conditioner or home theatre speakers, etc. If you have lots of remote floating around your house and you face difficulty finding them every single time, then you know its time for a permanent solution. Gather every remote lying around the house and put them in a box, so you know where to find them.

Kitchen organization

Keeping the kitchen organized is one project you won’t want to put off. Start by cleaning the gas stove you are regularly using for cooking purposes. Clear out the shelves and keep every utensil in an organized manner. Wipe off the chimney and clear the oil, deodorize the microwave oven, and keep the storage bin of the kitchen clear.

Bathroom organization

Keeping the bathroom organized is a step towards living a healthy life. Start by hooking the towels in their place and install a mirror with storage hidden behind it to store essential items. Clean the floor and the restroom to keep them bacteria-free and hygienic. Use coat hooks than rods to hang clothes behind the door. Don’t leave the products in your bathroom messy; instead, keep them in an organized manner.

Chargers and headphones

If you have a typical family of four persons in it, then it is very natural to have four smartphones in the house and their chargers and headphones as well. Organizing the headphone and charger cables are a real hectic task.

First of all, start with the chargers and unplug the cables from the charging device. Put them differently, but in the same place, so it is easier to find. Place all the headphones right next to them after tying them up properly, so they don’t create a mess. This way the cables will last longer and your home will also be organized.

Key placement

Every typical household has some set of keys for different things. Suppose a pair of your home keys, or maybe your car keys, motorcycle keys, etc. Place some hooks on the back of your door, so when you come home you can hang the keys on the hook right after you close the door, or when you are going outside you don’t forget to take your car keys as it will be right in front of you hanging on the door. This way, your keys will be organized, and you won’t face any difficulty finding them.

Keep your refrigerator clean

Most people have a habit of storing leftovers in the fridge without even noticing that they have expired and are not hygienic anymore. Like this, there are many products that we sometimes miss to see that the expiry date is over, and storing them in the refrigerator does not mean anything as they cannot be consumed anymore.

So first things first, toss out every food or any vegetables or any other kinds of stuff that are expired and cannot be consumed.

Organize a few minor factors

In a household, there are far too many things to be organized. There are some minor things to be considered, as well. Like there is always one drawer in the house that is full of junk items, you need to clean the drawer immediately. The utensils that you do not require daily, clean them once a year and place them in a secured place in the storeroom.

Always make sure to clean the waste bins regularly because if you don’t and they start to pile up, it will start smelling. Keep the cosmetics and your wallets organized in the desk in a way, so they don’t look messy.


Getting organized may seem like a huge task, but if you follow these simple steps that we mentioned above in this article, then it will be a task that takes minutes. Complete these tasks regularly to make your household organized, healthier, and cleaner.

Koushik Mondal

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