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Best Kajal and Kohl in India

It is really usual in Indian women to prefer putting bold colors around the eyes to provide more definition and beauty to their face. It also depicts a stronger personality once it is applied around the eyes. Since it is applied near the eyes, it is only mandatory to know the best kohl in the […]

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5 Best Colorbar Lipsticks

Colorbar is a popular cosmetics company, and they have top quality lipsticks for women. They have a variety of colors, which is one of the uniqueness Colorbar has over other brands online. The range of hues available for this brand makes them one of the choices for women, for you can find a suitable color […]

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Top 5 Best BB Creams

The term BB cream stands for a blemish balm cream, and these cream will protect your skin from UV rays and help remove blemishes and dark spots. These cream are rated BB, although most people may not readily understand this. Different companies produce BB cream, and we have a wide range of products. This cream […]

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Best Beauty Blenders in India

Whenever women apply makeup they see to it that it is evenly placed all over their face. However, there are times that they are having a hard time applying them because their applicator is not that efficient. Aside from that, even if they placed the makeup efficiently on their faces another problem arises whenever they […]

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Top 5 Mousse Foundations in India

A lot of women are using foundations as a part of their makeup routine on a daily basis. However, some of them have oily or sensitive skin that is why most foundations are not suitable for them as it makes their skin prone to acne and irritations. This is the primary reason why mousse foundations […]

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5 Best Concealers in India

When it comes to beauty particularly in women it is a must that the face must be free from blemishes. This is the primary reason why a lot of women want to hide those imperfections as much as possible. They got those blemishes from recently healed acne which produces acne marks, sun marks which are […]

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Best Makeup Kits in India

As we all know almost all women around the world uses makeup from their teenage years until they reach adulthood. This is why there are lots of makeup products that are available in the market. Since makeup beautifies the appearance of a woman it is crucial to have them in your bag or beauty kits. […]

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Best Face Primers in India

Putting makeup directly on the face is not always a good idea since makeup is very vulnerable to wearing out even in a short period of time. Some factors that we are talking about here are the oil and sweat aside from that external factors such as pollution. This is where face primers come into […]

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5 Best Nail Polishes in India

Every woman wants to be noticed because it uplifts their self- confidence and one way of achieving it is by having a nice set of nails. However, nicely shaped nails are not enough because it surely lacks the color to make them look promising. This is why we must be thankful that various nail polish […]

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