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Tandoori Chicken and Tandoori Paneer Tikka Recipes Using an Electric Tandoor

With their unique smoky flavours and insanely delicious taste, tandoori foods are every foodie’s delight. Tandoori meals add zing to the wedding feasts, barbeques, or lavish dinners. No wonder food lovers throng the tandoori meal counters for enjoying sumptuous meals. Tandoori foods have carved a special niche for themselves in the Indian cuisine space. Don’t […]

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Best Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a rich source of nutrition and adds a rich taste to your food. A problem ensues however when you step into your food store and can’t decide on the best product to pick from the shelves. To makes things easier for you, here are some of the best mayonnaise. All you have to […]

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How to Make Distilled Water at Home?

Don’t we all remember the term “distilled water” from our high school science lessons? In most simple terms, it is the water boiled to produce steam, and then steam is cooled to make water again. What if you run out of your distilled water supply and need it badly? Simple, you can create distilled water […]

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Pavitra Guggal Agarbatti Review

Pavitra Guggal Agarbatti Review is a popular online wellness platform that employs millennium-old rich knowledge of Sanatana Dharma for promoting panchagavya products. It is committed to spreading awareness and educating about the significance of Indian indigenous cows and organic forest herbs. Cowkart helps the manufacturers in branding and marketing of proven natural panchagavya products […]

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