iBall Booster Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker Review

Are you looking for a perfect multimedia speaker for a great home theatre package for that ultimate listening experience with family and friends? Upgrade your ultimate listening experience with this iBall Booster BTH – 5.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker from iBall boasts its Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology for that superior performance.

Pick your favorite music or choose your movie for your movie date and enjoy while using this multimedia speaker and witness a theatre-like experience. These speakers give you an exceptional music experience that is an excellent deal for the price. Stream music easily with this wireless multimedia speaker from iBall.

Superior Sound Output

This multimedia speaker produces a high-quality sound with its 240W total sound output. You’ll be guaranteed to enjoy every moment of using this speaker. It provides a very loud and clear sound for that exceptional music listening experience.

Commendable Design

This speaker from iBall is made from high-quality materials to ensure you get the quality worth of your money. It has a wooden chassis to give it a sturdy and durable look but with an elegant and classy touch with glamour to suit your modern style.

It does not only improve the physical appearance, but it also enhances the quality of the sound, giving you an exceptional music experience with these speakers. It also comes with an LED display that shows you details such as the volume and other settings and modes of the speaker.

Multi-input connectivity

Stream your favorite music without worrying about the compatibility because this speaker enables you to connect to almost all devices, which are Bluetooth compatible devices.

Easy Control

Operate and control the entire multimedia system with ease and convenience through its fully functional wireless remote control. This makes your overall music listening experience convenient.

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What Do We like


This multimedia speaker comes with a 5.25-inch subwoofer driver and 3-inch full-range speaker drivers for a high-quality sound to define and enhance the low-frequency range of the speaker. This feature is a great deal, especially for those who are bass savvy.

Added features

This multimedia speaker has high power output and low distortion circuit so you can turn the volume to the maximum level without worrying too much about the quality of the sound to distort. It has also magnetically shielded satellites to bar other signals to interfere with the sound output it produces.

What We Don’t Like


This multimedia speaker is great for home use; however, if you are looking for a more portable speaker, this is not a great option because it is bulky and heavy. It weighs 8.54 kg and has a dimension of 38.9 x 36.8 x 42.1 cm, which makes it inconvenient for bringing in picnics or other outdoor activities.



The iBall Booster BTH – 5.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most advanced technology in terms of its system and quality sound output. This is perfect for your home theatre for the ultimate music listening experience. If you are looking for a good quality speaker that is affordable, you should try considering this speaker as one of your top choices.

Intensify your movie marathon sessions and home party activities with the high quality of music that this speaker from iBall can provide. Considering the features, the quality of sound, and the price, this speaker is a great steal, especially for those who want to bring their home experience to the next level. Get yours now, and see how this speaker can change your overall music experience.

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