Cello Super Sandwich Maker Review

Cello Company has existed for more than 60 years, serving its clients. Cello is among the leading companies that export a wide range of household appliances.

Cello super sandwich maker is among the products manufactured by Cello. The product is black, and it has a compact design. The product is made from sturdy die-cast aluminum. This product has wonderful features, and some are discussed below.


Light indicator

Cello super sandwich maker comes with a light indicator that is red and green. The red indicator shows that the power is ON, while the green light indicator shows that the product is heated and ready to be used.

Power rating

This product has a power rating of 750 W. With the low power consumption of this product; your electric bill will be less.

Non-stick plate coating

This sandwich maker plates are coated with non-stick plates. This will give you convenient cooking because your sandwich won’t stick on the plates. The plates will also be simple to clean. With non-stick plates, less oil will be utilized when cooking.

Heat resistance body

The body of this sandwich maker is made using a heat resistance Bakelite material. The body will remain cool, making it safe for you.

Ergonomic handle

This product has a handle that is made using material that resists heat. This will protect your hands from getting burned hence operating with the product comfortable.

Power cord

This sandwich maker has a power cord that has a length of about 2 feet. The cord is well made and coated to safeguard you from the risk of electric current.

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What Do We like


This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year, which begins the time you will buy the product.


This sandwich maker is made using die-cast aluminum material, which is strong. This makes the product hardy and serves you for a long time.

Lockable plates

The product can be locked to retain heat for your sandwich to cook properly & evenly.

Slip-resistance feet

This product comes with a slip resistance legs to hold your sandwich firmly on the countertop. This will give you a convenient operation with the product.

Elegant design

This sandwich maker has an elegant black coating design making it attractive to the eye.

What We Don’t Like

Short power cord

The power cord of this sandwich maker is very short


Cello super sandwich maker is a compact product with excellent features. Some of the features include non-stick coating, made from a heat resistant material, and it comes with a warranty of one year. With the help of a user manual, you will comfortably operate the product. It is made using strong aluminum material hence more durable.

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