Cello Glorious Gas Stove Review

Cello is a company that excels in manufacturing a variety of kitchen products, stationery items, bedroom appliances, and bathroom utensils as well. The quality and performance of its products are much better than a lot of other brands in the market.

Cello Glorious Glass Top Gas Stove is a 2-burner gas stove with an elegant design. It has been specifically designed to provide an efficient cooking experience.

Innovative Toughened Glass Top

The toughened glass top of this stove protects it from any sort of damage during operation. It can resist corrosion, and it is scratch-free as well. It is capable of withstanding the heavyweight of the cooking pans.

Durable Supporting frame

The body of this stove not only provides elegance but also ensures the longevity of the stove. It ensures sufficient strength of the stove under heavy weight cooking pots.

Anti-Skid Legs

The leg supports of this stove have been manufactured using high-quality polymer. It ensures steadiness during cooking and avoids any sort of sliding or slipping effects.

Innovative Knobs

The knobs of this stove have been designed in a sleek and minimalistic style. These knobs provide a firm grip to the users so they can efficiently operate the stove even with wet hands.

Strong Pan Supports

The pan supports of this stove are rigid enough to facilitate cooking in heavyweight cooking pans. They have a unique design which equally holds the pan from 4 sides.

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What Do We like

Compatible with LPG

This stove is compatible with LPG fuel, and its efficiency doesn’t get disturbed by changing fuel. The thermal efficiency of the burners is much better in this stove.

Long-lasting Brass Burners

The burners of this stove are made up of brass. Brass offers rigidity and protection against rust. It facilitates fast cooking requirements by consuming minimal fuel.

Easy to Clean

It can be cleaned quite easily because of its simplistic design. There are no complicated curves which can create hindrance in its cleaning or maintenance.

What We Don’t Like

The product is small in size


Cello Glorious Glass Top Gas Stove has a 2-year warranty, and it facilitates fast cooking requirements. It is a perfect addition, especially in small kitchens. The performance of the burners is much better than the rest.

The price of this stove is also economical. It has a variety of possible fuel connections, which makes it a versatile stove. The durability and longevity of this stove are incredible.

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